The Big D Breakdown
The Big D Breakdown

Episode 23 · 2 months ago

3 Biggest Disappointments From the 2021 Season


This week on The Big D Breakdown Show:

  • Is Mike McCarthy Being Undervalued in Recent HC Rankings
  • Von Miller Would Have Taken Pay Cut to Join Cowboys
  • 3 Current Cowboys Who Could Get Cut Before Week 1
  • Micah Parsons Believes He and Digs Could Become Better than Rams Duo
  • 3 Biggest Disappointments from the 2021 Season  


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This episode is powered by podds. PODEX are unique interview questions and episodes starting the prompts in the palm of your hand, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster, just to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations. We're gonna want to check out past. If you want to get ten percent off your orders right now, you can go to pex dot com typing coupon code. What's the shows? CHECK OUT DOT COM. Take your podcast to the next level. If you use that link you can help support the show in a small way. You know, als something to think pundex, you're sponsoring this episode. Check them out today. PUNDIX DOT COM. Come into the big your own order. Our first topic it's Mike McCarthy being undervalued in recent head coach drinkings. There's a lot unexpected out of you when you were the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones hired Mike McCarthy because of his success in Green Bay, despite that fact that critics felt the coach was only able to do what he did with the packers because of Aaron Rodgers. In reality, McCarthy has improved the cowboys. It's undeniable that he's made some questionable decisions, but he took a team that went six and ten to a team that went twelve and five. However, his team's frustrating playoff exit put a dark clowun over a much improved season and put the coach's job in question. And when you coach the cowboys, one loss, our poor play call puts you on the hot seat, even though the cowboys should have gone farther in the playoffs. Is Mike McCarthy wanted to blame? And even if he is, is it fair to consider him a coach at the bottom half of the League? That's what CBS sports writer and Cody Benjamin thinks. Out of all thirty two coaches in the NFL, McCarthy was ranked eighteen. Is the fifty eight year old the top five or ten coach? Probably not, but the bottom half of the league certainly feels like a stretch. Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni and Brown's head coach, Kevin Stefanski, were both deemed better coaches than the cowboys leader. Come on, Brown's really? He was also ranked seven spots behind Doug Peterson, the Jaguars new head coach. And Former Eagles head coach who hasn't coached the team since tell us. Also were worth pointing out that McCarthy's career win percentage, sixty, is higher than that of the eight coaches ranked above him. This is what Um Benjamin said to explain the cowboys head head coach quote. The pendulum has probably swung a little too far in terms of criticizing McCarthy. Even if you didn't have Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. He's now compiled nine different double legit win seasons, including with Dallas. He's also wisely given plenty of control the play caller and Kellen Moore. And yet, with so much talent it is his disposal. Ill timed, old school decisions have too often to do him. Maybe that's why team owner Jerry Jones publicly ponders about keening him for his own defensive coordinator. The problem for McCarthy is that the last thing fans have to remember him by was an absurd final fourteen seconds that booted his team out of the postseason after the loss to San Francisco. Nobody was thinking about a twelve and five record or a sweep in the NFCA East, but as Jerry Jones has said, at least when he decides to defend the coach, he wouldn't have hired McCarthy if he didn't believe in his ability to get the cowboys to the playoffs. The longtime coach is one of only eight head coaches the league with the Super Bowl win to their name. The other seven, we're all ranked the Leventh or higher on the list. Does the third year cowboys coach have a lot to prove? Absolutely, Sean Payton. Rumors are already swirling and he has an incredibly talented roster worthy of a postseason run. What is he worthy of being ranked number...

...eighteen in the league that's full of ton young coaches? No, he doesn't us on your comments in the comment section below. Do you think we should keep Mike McCarthy and where do you rank him in the coaches? I mean, I would agree that he's not the best, he's not the worst. I mean he took Dallas to the playoffs, so at least you got that far and hey, you give him a couple of years he might be able to go at least to the Super Bowl. I could see McCarthy bringing the cowboys to the Super Bowl I don't know if they'd win the Super Bowl, but I think they could take him there. But onto our next topic. Van millner would have taken less to play US always had end quite the off season. The team has lost many star players in the last few months, but perhaps no situation was quite embarrassing as the loss of Ramy Gregory. The Front Office was fully prepared to resign the better intensive end to a five year, seventy million dollar deal. Km's official twitter account even sent out a tweet welcoming back to Dallas. Minutes later, after the deal was made, Gregory backed out and was headed too the Brocos due to certain burbage he didn't like in the contract with the cowboys. Just left the team without their one wide receiver, one wide receiver three and starting defensive end. Even more frustrating than the last minute escape by Gregory was the fact that the cowboys had multiple opportunities to fill his spot with top tier free agent talent. For example, many assumed Dallas and bring in former seahawks and Bobby Wagner. Due to his prior experience with Dan Quinn, Wagner would eventually signed with the rams. Perhaps the most exciting almost of the off season was the idea that the Jones could sign reigning super bowl champion Von Miller. If only we had Vaughan in Dallas, man, that would that would definitely help. The outside longbacker would have been a great addition to the roster and the cowboys had it and a lay up given the thirty three year old physicist native. Current and former cowboys players even tried to help convince the Texas native to sign with Dallas. In the end, Miller would sign a lucrative deal with the buffalo bills. What we knew then is that the cowboys likely we're not willing to offer the Texas native that much money. But in a recent in depth article with the Atlantic, we learned that the Super Bowl Champ wanted to play with Dallas but said no due to a poor offer. Jerry and Stephen Truly missed out on this opportunity. Miller says Dallas then offered him the same contract negotiated with Gregory reported five years, seventy million dollar deal with two years guaranteed. He said he told him he was ready to come to the cowboys, even saying he would have taken a list to go to Dallas because it's Dallas, but I wouldn't take it that much less. The Front Office offered Miller the exact deal they were preted to give Gregory. Think about that. Miller is an eight time pro bowler, three time all pro, two time super bowl champ in a former super bowl MVP. How was the person with those accolades are worth the same amount of money as a player with zero pro, bowl or all pro nods to his name? The linebacker maybe thirty three years old, but he has only missed more than two games in a season one time in his career. We know that Jones family liked to shop in the bargain bin in free agency, but you'd think a player of Miller's caliber would be an exception to the rule. Not to mention that the linebacker literally admitted that he would have gladly taken...

...a pay cut to play in Dallas. There's a difference between a pay cut and a low ball offer. That is offensive given out a player's resume. But now bill blatantly admitted that he would have taken a list in the sixth year deal with buffalo that gives him fifty one million guaranteed. In fact, he told the Atlantic that he flew to buffalo that turned down the offer, but they were able to Consumeim we showed up losing out a player that seriously bolster your roster. Is always tough, but learning that he would take a discount and offer to play for the cowboys and the Jones still couldn't get a deal makes it even worse. Let us know in the common section below. Are you disappointed that von Miller is not a cowboy and do you think von Miller could make a difference in the cowboys roster? And Hey, before we move on, please smash that leg button Um, subscribe to the channel and hit that bell notification button to be notified of future videos. And now on to our next topic. Three current cowboys who could get cut before week one. Twelve wins in the regular season didn't mean much for the cowboys, since they got knocked out of the playoffs and the opening round at the hands of the forty niners. Now, Hey McCarthy is looking to take the next step, which could be a challenging after some of the issues on the roster this offseason. Will players such as Ray Cooper, Raindy Gregory and Cedric Wilson are all playing elsewhere in two. The cowboys did add more talent in several positions, although many were added to the roster before training camp, the front office eventually needs to decide on a fifty three man roster. These are three players that run the risk of getting cut during training camp or preseason they don't perform to their top ability. Number three to Real Basham fashion was an unheralded signing ahead of the one season and while he didn't make a massive impact, he did exactly what the cowboys hoped he would. The former third round pick played in all seventeen games and which was huge considering the injuries suffered by Gregory into Marcus Lawrence. With six starts. He finished with a career high thirty nine tackles in three point five sacks, which tied his highest output in the season. He was never a dominant force, but he was steady. So why would he potentially be on the block after Losing Gregory in Free Agency? That would be the addition of two new players who will be key contributors in after Losing Gregory, Dallas turned to Dante Fowler Jr in free agency. The former first round pick as a journeyman, but he's worked with Dan Quinn before. It isn't far too far removed from an eleven point, five sack campaign. However, they also have rookie Sam Williams as a primary reserve. The second round pick this season. Williams is very explosive and we'll be sharing time in rotation with Jauncey Golston and dorrance Armstrong. That's five players on the edge who are unlikely to be cut, which makes bash him the potential odd man out. Yeah, number two, Noah Brown. Another victim of the numbers game in two could barely will be Noah Brown, who has continued to battle against the odds and make the rosters since being taken in the seventh round of NFL draft. Brown was a favorite performer head coach Jason Garrett, who continually praised his ability as a blocker in the run game. Course, Garrett off and telegraphed with the team was running when he would put number eighty five of the game. But Brown has developed much more as receivers since then. The former...

Ohio state product recorded fourteen receptions for a hundred and fifty four yards. That had sixteen catches for a hundred eighty four yards last year. He has yet to record his first NFL touchdown, but it's impossible to miss how much he has improved as a player. Hitting in the off season it seemed likely he could have an increased role with Cooper and Wilson leaving. The problem is Dallas already had another developmental player on the roster, and see me apologies for puchering his name, Hoko, and added James Washington and Free Agency, and in addition to that they took Jalen Tilbert down to South Alabama, and he could prove to be one of the biggest steels in this class. Throw in the early positive returns undrafted white out Tye Freyfogol, and there could be too many players at the position for Brown sekier another season in big D and finally, number one, Tristan Hill. Over the past ten years the cowboys have actually been pretty solid in the NFL draft. They believe in developing their own talent and that has worked, since they've generally targeted and selected players who fit their system very well. Having said that, there have been some whiffs. None were worse when than when they took Taco Charlton over t j watt back in Oh my God, what was Jerry Thinking? They're not enough therapy sessions in the world to get over the hurt from hearing the selection announced. Well, T J watches sat there, but at least the cowboys moved on quickly. Another whiff, albeit not as bad as the Charlton one, came in twenty nineteen. That was the same season they were without a first round pick thanks to the trade for Cooper, and they decided to go ahead and like their round to pick on fire as well. In desperate need of safety, safety, Alice elected to skip on one. Third, Thorn Hill in Taylor rap in favor of yeah, okay, this hurts from being a USF student, her graduate, I should say. When they picked up defensive tackle Tristan Hill, the pick was immediately lauded, since hill barely saw the field in his final collegiate campaign due to his inability to get along with his coaching staff. Since coming to the NFL, the questions about his maturity only intensified he reportedly fell asleep during a meeting with Isaiah Thomas and found himself suspended for throwing a punch at John Simpson after a loss to the raiders. Even with the issues, Hill has somehow survived for three seasons. The reason for that isn't due to anything he's shown, however, since he's barely seen on the field over the past three years. He's never played more than seven games in a single season and has appeared in just eighteen overall. He's also barely made an impact, with twenty seven tackles and a half sacked to his name. The reason he has stayed, despite the lack of production or dependability is the issues of Dallas has has had, I should say at defensive tackle. They swung and missed on both tantari Po and Gerald McCoy and as they were using a patchwork line again due to injuries. Looking ahead to this coming season, Dallas has high hopes for second year players. I'm not eve gonna try to say his last name, Ossa Oh and Quentin Bohanna. They also have a villain, Gallimore, on the verge of breaking out and drafted John Ridgeway this year. Aren't throwing Carlos Watkins and it feels inevitable that hill were running time to prove himself. Let us know in the comment section below. Did we miss anybody that you believe will be cut by week one? And now on two comments made by Micah Parsons. Michael Parsons believes that he and Diggs can come,...

...can become even better than a certain rams duo. If there's one thing death cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons doesn't lack, it's confidence. To be fair, he's a right to be confident. In just one year in the NFL, the Penn state product emerged as one of the biggest linebackers in the game. He became the first player to unanimously win the defensive rookie of the year award after collecting thirteen sex, eighty four tackles and three force fumbles. Although there is a ton of pressure on the Linebacker to repeat his success in his second year, Parsons doesn't seem worried. He prides himself on his unique versatility and told reporters he plans to break the NFL sack record this upcome season. But that's not in his only lofty goal. When speaking to USA Today Sports, Parsons that he and defensive teammate Trayvon Diggs have the potential to become even better than the best defensive duo in the league, Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. Saying, quote, it's hard to say we're the best because I know we're young and we still make mistakes. It's hard to put us over Aaron Donald, the greatest defensive player in history, with Jalen Ramsey. So I won't do it yet, but I think we can become them, or even better, if we learn together and stick together. That's quite a goal. Not only are dot, excuse me, Donald and Ramsey a huge part of the reason the rams are the reigning NFL champions, but they are also individually, two of the best players in the league. Donald is widely considered one of the greatest defensive linemen and the sport has ever seen, and Ramsey has been viewed as one of the best corners in the game for many years. Two Rams have also the two rams also have several all pro and pro bowl selections to their names, but diggs and Parsons also made both of those lists this season. Given that both of these cowboys stars are only twenty three, imagine what a couple of more years on the Dallas Defense together can do. As the cowboys linebacker said, the Doo can continue to do what they both did. This guy is the limit for these two plus some analysts and outlets are actually ranking Parsons over Donald and a few categories. As far as the cowboys cornerback goes, some made down his greatness due to his risky style play. That bodes well for picks, but not so well for consistent coverage. Even though the album a product had the most interceptions in a single season, since he did give up an immense amount of coverage yards, persons doesn't see that as a flaw. The true difference between the cowboys duo and the rams duo is that Donald Ramsy have had enough years in the league to prove their consistently two of the best in the league. With Parsons only entering his second year and digs beginning of third, the two Dallas defenders will mean just one top notch season to be worthy of comparison to these all star veterans. Luckily for the cowboys, players are still early on in their rookie contracts, but the front office would be wise to make sure they use their money wisely to keep these two on the roster when that was expired. Parsons certainly wants to remain digg's teammate, as he believed the corner was one of the best NFL last year. So the question I leave with you can this cowboys do go down in NFL defensive history? How they let us know in the comments section below. Of course, how they perform in two will be a huge indicator. And now we're going to dive into three biggest disappointments from season. The entire season ended in disappointment for the Dallas cowboys, but it wasn't because of their lost San Francisco in the opening round of the playoffs. Will that was a tough...

...pill to swallow. There were issues all season that continued to hold them, hold this team back. We all saw the talent that was there. How else did they win twelve games? They just couldn't put it all together. So we're gonna take a look deeper at what went wrong and identify the three biggest disappointments of the year. Number three, the entire offensive line. Not Too long ago, the cowboy's offensive line was one of the most dominant in the NFL. They were so elate that Darren McFadden came in and racked up over a thousand yards and ten starts despite being in the twilight of his career. Last season, however, the unit was a major letdown. The interior was pushed around, often like one tyler, I forgot to how say the last name, Tyler B was bullied into Dak Prescott by Javon Hargrave, which resulted in a defensive touchdown. They also had the majority of the team's league leading hundred and seven penalties. Then there were the issues with availability. Tyrone Smith once again battled injuries and a l collins was suspended for five games and spent most of the remainder of the season battling with terrence steele for playing time. This year they're hopeful that rookie Tyler Smith can be an improvement over Connor Williams and steele can take another step forward in place of Collins, who was now in Cincinnati. If they're going to have more success in two they need to be right, because this unit was a major problem a year ago. So at number two Marie Cooper's numbers. When Dallas Traded for Marie Cooper in twenty eighteen, they took a lot of grief for it. General Consensus was they overpaid him, but it didn't take long for them to prove the doubters were wrong. The entire offense turned around the season and the team went from three and five to ten and six. Hadn't made the playoffs that year. Cooper had seven or in twenty five yards, six touchdowns and just seven games. He followed that up with receptions for yards and thirteen touchdowns over the next two seasons. Then the numbers declined in a big way. Cooper had sixty eight catches for eight hundred sixty five yards and eight touchdowns. Voll you voices displeasure in his targets and effectiveness. Stephen Jones basically put the blame on the white out and called him for not moving up to the five year, one hundred million dollar extension he signed ahead of the season. From the outside looking in, it's hard to say who was a fault. There were long stretches or the ball just never went in the direction number nineteen, which could be the fault of Cooper, quarterback Prescott or even offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. No matter who deserves his blame, but lack of big place from Cooper was a major disappointment. Dallas clearly seemed to think the issue is primarily on Cooper, given they traded him to the browns for just a fifth round pick. Sure, they were in Umle with the CAP, but if they truly Feil Cooper could continue to be a difference maker, they could have made it work. Instead, they elected to put more pressure on Ceedee lamb. I hope he doesn't disappoint. In number one, Kellen Morris played calling. Since taking over as the offensive coordinator for the cowboys. Kellen Moore has been praised for his creativity as a play caller. He lived up to this as well, securing the number one offense in terms of yardage and number two and points scored. Now, heading into two, more continues to get praise. Coming in. It's a number two play caller in the league, according to Pff. Just above him is Andy Reid. On the surface, things seemed great to be it seemed great for more in The Dallas offense. That is, until you peel the layers back. More had success overall, but much of that came in chunks against lesser imponents. The cowboys dropped forty one on the eagles early in this season before they hit their striding thirty six on the panthers, forty...

...four on the giants, forty three on the falcons, and the finale against the reserves in Philly. When facing better teams, however, they didn't fare as well. The cowboys scored it easily. Nine points against the chief twenty against the chargers, two against Arizona, seventeen against the forty niners, and that is the forty niners and the postseason loss. We also saw in that game that more struggled to move the ball much at all, although much of this was due the aforementioned penalties the offensive line was hit with. On top of that, more continued to feature Ezeki and Elliott as the workhorse, despite the fact that Tony Pollard was the far more superior player in Elliott at rage four point two yards per attempt with a long of forty seven on the season. As for Pollard, he was running five point five yards per carry and had a long and fifty eight. Despite this, Zeke was giving a hundred and seven more MPs that Pollard had nearly twenty more passing targets as well, despite Pollard also excelling in that area. Dallas is going to be better in two they will need more to be at his best, especially with Cooper and Wilson playing elsewhere. Let us know in the comments section below. What did you see as a bit one of the biggest disappointments for the last season is there's something we missed that we should have included. Let us know and, as always, if you want to support the show, you can buy us a coffee and buy me a coffee. Dot Com. Slash the big D and there's always please hit that thumbs up, subscribe to the channel and hit that bell notification, but to be notified at future videos, and that was always thank you so much for watching and listening. We will see you next time. M This has been a big D breakdown with your host lar. Thank you for listening and watching. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown on twitter, facebook. You big D breakdown nine instagram. Just searched the big D breakdown. Thank you for joining us. See you next time.

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