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The Big D Breakdown

Episode 21 · 3 months ago

3 Of the Worst Moves by the Cowboys This Offseason


This week on the Big D Breakdown, we dive into the latest news surrounding the Cowboys, as they look to wrap up training camp. We dive into a few potential trades that could turn the Cowboys into actual contenders in 2022. However, we have to address several moves by the Cowboys that could be considered the worst during this off-season.

We cover this and more in the latest edition of The Big D Breakdown.


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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code? Larry Twenty One? Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the big D breakdown, your home for all things down cowbows news. Welcome to the big D breakdown. I'm your host, wary lease. Today we're breaking down all the leaders news from around atnt stadium. But first one, I think our sponsor, game time, sponsoring this episode. If you're going for the best place to find cowboys tickets, game time is your place. Cheap value prices and great customer service. You're going to want to check out game time. Link will be in the description. And now on to our first topic. Three things we want to see. A can't boys mindatory mini camp. As we move closer to summer and the days get hotter, when you're slowly but surely crawling close to the start of the two thousand and twenty two and FFL season officially on under ninety days until opening night, but before we get all that, cowboys will begin their mandatory mini camp practices from just a few days ago. The cowboys will be on the field for three days through June sixteen and with a lot to be sorted out, coach McCarthy and staff are sure ready to get out there and put the team through its paces. Outside of Dalton Schultz sitting out jockeying for a new contract and some injured and rehabbing players, the cowboys have had outstanding attendance for the voluntary work. However, this week will surely crank the level up a notch, as this will be the last time coaches get on field work with the players until training camp kicks off Juhn twenty two. These are the three threings we've been watching forward during this week's mandatory practices. Number One, Deck Prescott and his new weapons. One thing is for certain, and that's this year's wide receiver unit is going to be going to look different than last year. You can say that about most seasons because turnover on NFL rosters it's an every year thing. However, when you trade your number one receiver, promote your third year wide receiver out to the main guy and draft a young receiver and Jalen Tilbert the top one hundred pick, there's going to be some intrigue at the position. With the addition of James Washington through free agency the Rehab of Michael Gallop. They can hold them out for the first Games of the season. It's going to be important for Dack in the boys to Gel on...

...the field and do it quickly. The cowboys will look for a second year whye out semi. Hope God to take a leap into sophomore season. Hope to get more from Noah Brown in the passing game and continue the progression of this year's most talked about developmental guy, t j Vasher, as he looks to snap a job from a veteran teammate. It's not unrealistic to think that the cowboys may not be done adding to the position as it work through talent evaluations and injury situations. But what is there now can use all the reps they can get. Look for the offensive staff and Dack to really be working in the this unit, as this position group success will be final to the team success in two thousand and twenty two, number two. Well, they continue with the Tony Pollard creativity. It's not easy to get most everybody to agree on something, but the one thing that all cowboy fans agree on is the need to see Tony Pollard more involved. Rumor has it that, once again, the comboys have been trying to get creative with Pollard being out wide running roots. Anyway you slice it, paular needs to see the ball more, and the onus is on offensive coordinator Killin Moore to make it happen. We heard rumors this time last year that the cowboys were planning to deploy Pollard similarly to what we hear now. However, the main difference this time around is that time is running out. This is the final year pouler steal and there's no count guarantee that Pollard is a cowboy this time next season. There's no guarantee that either Pollard or Zekielt be cowboys next year. A couple that with the fact the cowboys will be looking replace some production lost last season. The time is now to get Tony Pollard more involved. Number three, this offensive line needs tiler Smith to develop and fast. On a roster full of question marks, none are bigger than the ones they have on the offensive life. I'll collins is gone, tyren Smith isn't getting any younger and his health always remains a question. It's tyler be the man for the job at center. And finally, did the cowboys get a good one and Tyler Smith? The answer needs to be yes to that last question, and it used to be a resounding yes for the team to hit the goals they have set for themselves. This cowboys teams is always been better when the offensive line is healthy and playing at a high level. It seems so obvious to say, but it's clear that the running game is better, deck is better all around. The offense is just better when the boys up front handle their business consistently and an elite level. Look for Tyler Smith to get a lot of attention from Joe Philbin and staff as they look to get him ready to lock down the open left card spot, as well as be ready to slide out and play tackle if need be. It's a tall task for a rookie offensive Lineman, but if the cowboys want to succeed this year, they will need Tyler Smith to be successful as well, and in a hurry. And next up, we're going to dive into four trades that can make the cowboys contenders this season.

The Dallas Cowboys offseason, for many, coding myself, it's been lackluster, to say the least. We should be used to this, but every offseason we hope for the best out of the front office. Now, with the two thousand and twenty two draft complete and camp starting around the league, the cowboys all of a sudden have it influx of money thanks to the Post Jim first cut designation per former right tackle my al Collins. We should assume that Dallas is front office is going to use this money other current players instead of bringing talent that can help this team immediately. Well, let's say that Jerry and Stephen Jones actually decided to spend the money on players outside of their roster. This could help them secare not only free agents, but players are already established and currently on rosters, showing the amount of value they currently have. There are still a few moves of the front office could make the really solidify this roster, and we're going to dive into just a few options that the Joneses is should think about. Number for jail and Rigger, wide receiver from the Philadelphia Eagles. All of these if I putcher his name the wrong if I do, I'm just going to stick with their first name. But anyways, with number four this down, Dallas offense is in serious need of speed and receiver. In Week one they will already be without the acrobatic Michael Gallop, and he wasn't really the fastest receiver in the League. As wide receiver, Corp would benefit greatly with the addition of speed at the position, and one of the best candidates for this role will be at Texan turn, Phillylf the Eagle in Jailn the former TCU horned frog, just hasn't been able to put things together and Philly. Maybe a change of scenery and return home would benefit both him and the cowboys greatly. His presence could also allow the offense to also spread the field more to open up the running game. Speed is something you can't teach in jail, and has plenty of it. He has some issues with holding out of the football. That is something that can be taught. Another bonus is that he's already familiar with what defense is around the league look like, especially in NC the east. So his transition will really just depend on how quickly he can learn the playbook. And number three, Jesse Bates, the third safety from Cincinnati. There is one position the cowboys have made an effort to show up, it would be the safety position, as they brought back my leak hooker and Jay wren curse. However, that doesn't mean they should be content with those moves. Hooker is coming back after gradual return to the field from his Achilles injury, and Jyren was thrust into a starting role and this is really his first year of solemn production. This isn't meant to say that either of them won't do well in two thousand and twenty two, but what if one gets injured? Dallas needs to have someone on hand that can come in and either start, move them down the depth chart or fill in when injuries occur. Be To the starting caliber safety with good ball instincts and a knack for making plays on the football while still in the year. He would be a solid fit for center fielding safety for...

...the cowboys that can make sure that those deep all completions that continue to hurt the cowboys aren't as prevailent in the future. And number two, we're gonna look at a type in but before we look at number two, let us know in the comments section below you know of any trades that the cowboys should make that couldn't help them in the long run. Let us know in the Commons section below. And so number two, Adam Shaheen tied in from Miami. Now that Dalton Schaltz is trying to make a stain during his contract negotiations, one that is a pointless thing is that he's already signed his franchise tag earlier this off team. The cowboys could and should make a move to bringing a better in the tight end. Adam Shaheen can come in and provide better in leadership for the younger players, while also giving the team another receiving option in the passing game. The Dolphin has been a good receiver when given this chance during his time in the NFL. One thing he can do a lot better than Schultz is holding his blocks. One as to the running game, adding a tight end can do both. I can do both. It's something the cowboys need and have missed since Jason witten left. She would also show the cowboys that they don't need to continue this back and forth with Scholtz. Instead, they can show they are willing to move on and potentially upgrade the position at the same time. And at number one, is a reunion for day and Quinn Dean Jones, linebacker from in Lanta, Dan Quinn, and this defense needs another linebacker, especially with devante bond sustaining a season ending me read during Ota's Dan Jones is successful on the field history, and at the moment the options are only Laton banderesh and Jib Real Cox, both have injury concerns. With the rest of the linebackers on the roster rooming barely any playing time or none at all, they need to get some insurance. Jones would be that insurance. He's already been a part of Quinn's defense, so we wouldn't need a lot of time to get accremated to the new scheme. He'd also bring the speed that the cowboys desired the position, along with coverability, potentially making him and Michael Parsons there could do Dooh. Thankfully for the Frugal Jones family, this linebacker would come at a cheap price. With everyone knowing that the Falcons are willing to move on from him, along with him coming off of an injury that could drive down his value, this move, out of them all, makes the most sense. Jones are always talking about still making moves. Well, they make anymore before preseason? That's for you to let us know in the common section below. And now on to our next topic. Cowboys linebacker Devante bond is out for the season. The NFL offseason... a time for practice squad members and depth players to prove that they are worth a spot on the roster. Unfortunately, can also be a time when players get injured, and that's exactly what happened to Dallas cowboys practice go on Linebacker devante bond. During Ota's bond suffered a knee injury that will require surgery and force them to miss the two thousand and twenty two season. As of this past weekend. I should say, the exact injury has not been revealed to the public. The linebackers spent two thousand and twenty one on the cowboys practice squad. After spending time with both the buccaneers in the bears. He signed a reserve futures contract with Dallas in January. This is a big blow to already week linebacker room. The depth chart suffered major league last year with both covid cases and injuries. Obviously, defensive rookie of the year, Michael Parsons, leads to charge. However, Layton Manderesh hasn't been his best since his first year. Roll of Cox it's coming off a major injury. Luke Gifford mostly contributed on special teams and Daman Clark could be out the entire year. Keyanu Neal, who was converted to a Linebacker, is now on the bucks. Francis Bernard is town, technically a free agent. This leaves cause for concern for this position group. Bond under in the NFL as the six round pick by the bucks in the two thousand and sixteen NFL draft. In Four Seasons he has only started in six games. The linebackers. Thirty nine ten eckles one tackle for us in two quarterback hits to his name since entering the League. With many changes in the linebacker room, in the uncertainty around the edge of Russian position, the twenty eight year old had a real chance to make the roster this season. The cowboys have decisions to make and may see some young whackers picking up the pieces. Draft Pick Devon Harper and you DFAs story Jackson and Aaron Hansford have a big opportunity to earn a spot on this roster now. Hopefully bond is able to get himself back on the field in two thousand and twenty three, and the meantime, we at the big D breakdown. Wish I'm a safe surgery in speedy recovery. And before we move on to our final topic, be sure and hit that combs up button if you like our videos, hit the subscribe button and be sure to hit that bell notification button to be notified of future videos. As always, leave the common in comment section below on any topics we should cover in our next episode and just let us know your thoughts on the episode. Anything good, anything bad. But now we're going to dive into three of the worst moves the cowboys made during this year's offseason. Dallas camoys had quite an interesting offseason. They lost a good amount of long standing and talented vetteran players and decided to mostly stay in house with new contracts. Some people feel that the nine two thousand and twenty two and fell draft class editions will be enough to make...

...up for what was lost. Others, even the top NFL analyst, feel that the KBOYS had one of the worst off seasons in the league. From having to place Dalton Scholtz on the franchise tag after Blake Jarwin's injury update to only getting a fifth round pick for a wide receiver or cooper, it's been a bumpy ride. While there were certainly some positive moves made this offseason, we're going to take a look at three of the more cautionable choices made by the cowboys front office. Number three, cutting leale Collins with no backup plan in place. INALY, we're finding talented offensive alignment is pretty rare. L Collins was widely known as one of the best, although talks and rumors about roster cuts were mostly about Amari Cooper and the Marcut slrens in February and beginning of March. On march, IVAN TEEN NFL is Tom Palaicero, reported that the team was considering getting rid of the offensive tackle as opposed June first cut. Financially, this decision made sense by designating mint, designating him as a post June first cut, the team gained ten million and caps money. However, the sheer fact that the bangles waited approximately two minutes to call collins after hearing this rumor should show people just how valuable he is in this league. He's ranked five among all tackles and PF grades. It's two thousand and nineteen. The real problem here is that the cowboys had no real plan replace it. Instead of scouring the free agent markets replace a big void in the offensive line, the Front Office signed is zero available Lineman and waited for the draft to address the offensive line. And while no one wanted to see penalty prone Connor Williams stick around and cause more on lost yards, reality was the cowboys had lost two starters in a position group that was already weak and had no answers. All people are very excited about first round pick Tyler Smith. Reality is that he's a rookie and no one knows how much you will perform in the NFL. The other part about Smith is that we do know that he was a penalty machine at Tulsa. Doesn't really help the cowboys at all. He may be the big baller type of player Dallas wanted, but as it was to count on a young rookie with zero NFL experience that filling your offensive line thrust. The Position Group is now very thin and has very experience, and its depth chart. For a team that loves run the ball and needs to keep its quarterback upright, this could be a huge problem in a number two two second worst move deciding, to say, almost entirely internal with signings rather than explore the free agent market. If only we could get a dollar for every time Stephen Jones told reporters that the cowboys weren't done yet in free agency, I'd be rich. Throughout the offseason, the front office has mainly stuck with an internal signings. While some were smart moves, such as extending jar and curse after a breakout year, there are many others that left US scratch your head. For example, the cowboys decided to keep linebacker Laton vanderish...

...after they declined his fifth year option, knowing he hasn't been the same player he was for the last few years. They also resigned very deep death players like Luke Gifford Jeremy Sprinkle, who provided next to nothing last season. With gaps to fill and almost every major position group. You'd think the front office would have been looking more intensely free agent options. Sure may not have been financially sound as sign and overly expensive guy like von Miller, but there were plenty of weather players at offensive line, wide receiver, defensive end, linebacker that were available and would have been affordable. Even after the draft, guys like Anthony Barr, Kim Hicks, Lynn Ball and Joseph were still on the board. The fact that the cowboys only brought in the ree external free agents when they needed starting level talent to replace Cooper, Collins and Randy Gregory doesn't seem wise. James Washington could be a decent white third receiver, but it's not like he's had any breakout years. Dante Fowler Junior has struggled for the last few seasons and Ryan all has a very few stats and playing time in his NFL career. For them to think Washington could replace Cooper or feller could replace Gregory is a bit of certain the cowboys didn't have the talent internally. They should have cut players and gotten what they needed elsewhere. Instead, they made a bunch of internal signing, most of whom will be on the depth chart and now and number one, Losing Randy Gregory at the eleventh hour to the broccos. This is the worst move the Dallas Camboys made all season. I would almost say it's the worst move they made in franchise history, whether Stephen and Jerry Jones one who admit it or not, the team wanted Randy Gregory. The two of them can try and tell fans that they wanted Dante Feller Junior Dauran's arm strong all along, but the facts don't add up. For a solid ninety minutes, cowboys were thrilled that are cowboys. Fans were thrilled that arguably the team's biggest free agent was back on the roster to continue helping the Defense Excel two thousand and twenty two. Then, as soon as he decided to sign with Denver, everyone shouted about how terrible he was and how the cowboys didn't need them. The way the situation went down is the reason it's the number one on this list. The teams social media account literally tweeted that Gregory was being signed by the team, only to be trolled by the broncos twitter account a few hours later. Many have conflicting opinions about the contract conjection that led Gregory to fleet to Denver. The cowboys claimed the language was in every player's contract, Cyber Prescott's. The clause allowed the comboys to withhold any guaranteed money from a player that individual was fine or suspended, two issues Gregory's certainly dealt with plenty in his career. The defense of end claimed...

...he was willing to take less money from Dallas to stay with the team. Wants a dollar amount was agreed upon. The front office went back and wanted to add that cause there are two sides every story, but what matters here is that the cowboys are without one of their long standing defenders. The truth is Gregory is better than both Armstrong and foller. Once again, instead of going after Vond Miller, Bobby Wagner or any of the available strong linebackers in the free agent pool, cowboys played it's safe. This situation was one of the most shocking in the entire offseason. But with that being number one, we got to throw on a on old honorable mention, which goes to losing Amari Cooper for fifth round pick. But at least the cowboys found a way to pad that loss with Michael Gallop and others. Now let us know the common section below. What do you think was one of the worst moves that cowboys made this offseason? And, of course, if you want to support the show, can buy US coffee. Buy me a Coffeecom the big D. your support umps a channel. Grow upgraad our equipment, bring a new host, pay them in. Hopefully you take the show on the road a actually your support can make that happen. You can give a dollar, five dollars, fifty, however much you want to give. And, as always, thank you so much for watching in listening. We will see you next time. It's been a big D breakdown with your host Larry Weeks. Thank you for listening and watching. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown, twitter, facebook, you big D breakdown and instagram. Just searched the big D breakdown. Thank you for joining us. See you next time.

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