The Big D Breakdown
The Big D Breakdown

Episode 1 · 1 month ago

3 Realistic Goals for Cowboys LB Micah Parsons


This week on The Big D Breakdown, we dive into the latest news surrounding training camp and beyond. Some of the topics include:

  • 4 Standout Players From Week 1 of Cowboys Training Camp
  • The Cowboys Need To Call Emmanuel Sanders
  • Why The Cowboys Should Sign Will Fuller
  • 3 Realistic Goals for LB Micah Parsons This Season    


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  • Why the Cowboys Secondary Will Be Key For A Successful Start

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...impressive contestant catches, including a touchdown pass thrown by Dak Prescott. As an undrafted rookie in Michigan, Sean appeared in fourteen games but was primarily a special teams player. He recorded no stats and never had a pass come his way on offense. In year two he appeared in Fury Games but saw more action in the passing game. He finished with just four receptions for twenty seven yards, but did score a touchdown against the Las Vegas Raiders. Keen has received a lot of praise for the growth he's shown early in camp and could win the number two spots should his play continue. Nick up and number three. I hate saying this guy's name. Hosa oh dig a zoo defensive tackle. As a rookie, he started out strong for the cowboys last year. The third round pick from U C L A, he appeared in sixteen games with twelve stars and thirty six tackles, with two sacks. Unfortunately, he seemed to hit a rookie wall as the year continued. His explosiveness seemed to disappear some. He wasn't creating as much push up the interior with his pass rush. Looking ahead two, that might be changing. Changing. He showed up the camp ready to make an impact and bobby belt took notice. In an article from one oh five point three of the fan belt said that Osa looks to be in his prime physical conditioning as he enters his sophomore season in Dallas. As a whole, the defensive tackle position is a question mark for Dallas. They like what he provides as an interior pass rusher and they're also banking on him taking a big step forward this season. Next to him, while being the Ville Gallimore, who could provide more help and run support. Gallimore is coming off injury plague season, but if he and Osa can hit the potential, who would go a long way towards improving the defense as a whole and at number two, Anthony Own cornerback. Since joining the cowboys in ten Anthony Brown has been an undervalued player. He started nine games as a rookie, while appearing in all sixteen, and had fifty five tackles with eight past defenses in one pick. From there, he continued to put up similar numbers while also playing in the slot, which is a tough ask for any corner, and he found himself as a full time starter for the first time. He responded to the challenge by recording career highs in every major statistical category, including tackles at past defenses at seventeen interceptions at three. He also scored his first career touchdown a week four blowout against New York giants. Now, heading into two, Brown is still playing at a high level. He's been blanketing his receiver on nearly every play and has been knocking down several passes. He's also been drawing praise for McCarthy, who said he's quote having a heck of a camp and that he quote pick up right where you left off. Unfortunately...

...for Brown, he's remembered more for his disastrous game on Thanksgiving Day against the raiders that day, Brown was flagged four times for pass interference, including one that led into a game winning field goal. Of course, anyone who watched that game saw the reps were calling it super tight and Derek Carr was simply under throwing deep passes at Forest Brown into a tough spot, as the receivent running into him trying to get the ball back, drawing a flag every time. The coaching staff should have responded by taking brown out rather than hoping the flag would stay pocketed. But that didn't happen. In the cornerback was unfairly destroyed for one bad outing. The good news is he responded by stepping up his game and he's continued to thrive in camp and finally in Number One d j Vasher, wide receiver. Thean injury bug has been a problem for Dallas. Early in camp, James Washington, who missed time with a foot injury during many mini camp, was carded off the field on day, excuse me, with another injury to his foot. who was the later announced he fractured his right foot and will be out as long as ten weeks. That means Dallas is now without Washington and Michael Gallup severely limiting the receiving corps. Without many experienced options, some of the younger names are getting the chance to shine, including rookie Jalen Tilbert, who has been delivering when called upon. As good as he's been, however, the player who has really been stealing the spotline is t j t j basher, product of Texas Tech, he was signed as an undrafted free agent one but didn't play as a rookie after being put on a non football injury list in August this year. He seems to be making up for the lost time. Basher has been making several leaping catches, showing a knack for high pointing the ball. He also made the catch of camp for Dallas, haunging in a pass with one hand despite tight coverage from Kelvin. Joseph fashier has incredible size, at six six with an eight four inch wingspan. He entered the league raw but has already made some huge progress, with which the cowboys have to be thrilled to see. The cowboys traded Marie Cooper to the Cleveland Browns in the off season and extended gallop recently. Gallop said he wouldn't be ready for week one. As where he covers from a torn a C L without with him out in Washington, also expected to missed time, players such as bastard could find their way to the field. That seemed to be a scary prospect a week ago, but perhaps he can take advantage and claim his spot going forward. And as we talked about those entries to Washington and Gallop, we move under the next topic, reasons that the comeboys should reach out to Emmanuel Sand The Dallas cowboys are the sonification Murphy's law. If you can go wrong, it will go wrong. It's typically typically been the nature of business for the last decade and things haven't gotten up or the last example, one of the newest offseason signings, receiver James...

Washington, won't get to make his cowboys debut until late October at the very earliest. It's time to hit the panic but, whether Jerry Jones wants to admit it or not, and the cowboys don't have a ton of options in terms of replace in Washington. They could have someone from a lower level, a fringe guy that wouldn't have made the team, a guy they planned to sign as a practice squad player, or a guy that was a little lower on the depth chart. They could stay in Patton do nothing, but that wouldn't be smarter. Assume. The last option is the one that probably makes the most sense. They could go and add another guy to help offset Washington's absence, and, while there are a few veteran options out there, the one that most fits their immediate needs at this moment it's none other that wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. Hear me out, Sanders, who is thirty five years old at this point, he's something off in decent year with the buffalo bills, starting in thirteen games, playing in fourteen for buffalo last season, Sanders tallied forty two receptions for over six hundred yards. Though he only averaged forty four receiving yards per game last season, his production was impressive considering he was competing for targets with Stefon Diggs could easily Dawson Knox and Gabriel Davis. Generally, it still sits that sanders has something to offer even at thirty five years old. The specifics of it all are why he should be the guy if they choose to add to that group and over guys like will fuller, Odell Beckham Jr for starters. Sanders has played eleven or more games in every season. That was twelve year NFL career, and every season except one, his second, Sanders has played at least twelve games. This season. That was fifty eight point three percent catch right last season was below his career average of sixty two. You can assume that that's the anomaly and not the norm, because he has been around sixty eight percent or higher in his last five seasons. So it all boils down to this. Not only will sanders likely be one of the most cost efficient options out there, but he's also probably the most dependable at this point from the hands and a valuability on Game Day perspective, he can come in give you a lot of the same things that Washington may have been able to, because he is a still remoldable why now? It was birthed in the same steeler system. Sanders is also a title winning vets so, on top of what he adds from a production standpoint, he should be good to have in the building around all that other young talent and hey, fall else fails, cold be easily. It wouldn't be a bad guy to bring back either, considering he's already said he'd be interested in playing with Dak Prescott again, but that's for another conversation. But one of the other guys considered signing. The first day of padded practice did not go his...

...plan for James Washington or the outlook at the cowboys receiving corps. While jumping up for a deep pass, Washington landed awkwardly and seemingly got rolled up on, resulting enough foot injury. Espns ton archery and later said that the receiver will undergo surgery this past Tuesday and will miss six to ten weeks. But the fracture confirmed, it's time to hit the panic button. For my money, I would also consider signing will fuller. Dallas could use a deep threat, and then it's exactly what fuller does best, Notre Dame alum has struggled with injuries around his career, but he is healthy now and that is something the cowboys need a receiver. So let's take a look at why they should sign him. The wide receiver depth chart currently looks like Ceedee Lane, Jalen Tilbert, Noah Brown and see me POCO. There are too many question marks in that group for a team that will rely on Pres Scott in the passing game to carry the offense. Fowlers should be a fresh shutter a season that saw him play in only two games. Especially Year came in twenty eight year old brought in fifty three passes for over eight hundred yards and eight touchdowns. When healthy, fuller has been able has been atop of the League and yards per target and yards per rout run. His big playability is quite evident. According to player approval, he was first in the league with eleven yards per target back in the straight line. Speed will not be an issue for fuller, who once clopped at four thirty two forty yard dash time. He also has a veteran to a room and as well of the young players and undrafted free agents, similar to what Emmanuel Sanders brings. The seven year bat also has a similar skill set to that of Washington. Filling that deep right moral will do wonders per Prescott, who had seventy five yards per attempt last year, which was tenth in the season here in the league. Excuse me, fuller is far from perfect option or receiver, but with the position the Cambuys for an office put this team in, he seems like the best option and the ones that are left. The cowboys simply cannot go into the season with citee lamb and then a bunch of unproven commodities at wide receiver. Starting the season with Tampa and Cincinnati is another reason why Dallas needs to get a veteran into camp quickly. Dallas can't afford to get crushed by two of the better teams in the League to start their season. Jerry Jones and companies should be on the phone right now looking for another receiver, and fuller should be the first call they make. Now, before we move on, let us know your thoughts on the comments section below. Would you sign Emmanuel Sanders or who will fuller? Let us know and, of course, as always, because a thumbs up. If you like our video, subscribe to the channel, subscribe to the podcast on all means your podcast platforms. Check us out on good pods and now on too our next topic. Three real, realistic goals...

...from Micah Parsons. Dallas cowboys training campus underway, football season officially here. Cowboys are looking to repeat as in the second ear and Linebacker Mica Parsons will likely be a big reason for their success. Not only is parsons confident in its ability to performing year two, but so is coach Parsons comes into the second season with high expectations. Dallas will need another great encore performance from number eleven to have similar defensive success in two. So, having the linebacker improved on an impressive first season, you're some goals you can set. Number three, plus tackles for loss. Parsons finished the season tied for third in the League with twenty tackles for loss, the legal leaders, T J watt and Nick Bos, beating him out by one. Fell legally this season in the reigning defensive rookie the year, should take a step up and the tackles for lost category. His speed and ability to shed blocks makes it easy for him to spend all game in the opposing team's backfield. Tackles for your loss are huge for a defense because it allows them to make the offense play from behind the chains and force them into obvious passing downs. The Dallas Defense had a ton of success on third downs last year. To be exact, they were second in the League an opponent third down conversion rate, allowing conversions on only thirty four point seven five percent last year. For the cowboys defense to be successful in two. Parsons are going to have to perform at a high level once again. GEING twenty five tackles for loss will be difficult, but it is within the realm of possibility based on what he did as a rookie. And number two fifteen plus sex. Entering the season, most were unsure how the cowboys would allow Parsons to rush the passenger. Ugly Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn put him in a position to get after the passenger a lot, and Parsons responded with thirteen six. The linebacker already has his eyes set on a lot more than thirteen this season. The twenty three year old told senior sports at fifteen is the minimum, but his goal is to beat the NFL s little season record. While three sacks would be amazing and it's hard to protect someone to break the sack record, but even Parsons agreed that fifteen should be attainable for him. Two. Ending the seventeenth game to the schedule allows for many more opportunities to break seasonal records. Number Eleven only played in sixteen games last year, so the extra game will help his overall numbers. The versatility of Parsons makes it difficult for an offensive line to know how he's going to attack them. You can from the unit or blits up the middle and get past...

...any offensive linement with his speed and strength. Fifteen stacks and he seemed like the minimum for Parsons, but if, even if his only gets in two, the cowboys defense should be in great shape. And finally, number one win defensive player of the year. After finishing just second in the defensive player of the Year award votes, Parsons has his eyes set on the prize this season. Based on the statistic goals we previously laid out, Parsons will have himself in a position to win the prestigious award. If you can achieve those goals, he is already getting after his cowboy teammates and training camp. The Defensive Player of the Year award is mostly stats player, stats based. Excuse me, the player with the best all around stats usually wins. That's why we saw t j watt bring home the award last year after his twenty point, five stacks season. For rookie like Parsons to finish second given him an immense confidence hitting to the season. Pass rushers are usually the favorites to win the award. Eight in the last ten winners recorded at least eleven sacks. On most betting sites, Parsons has the fourth best odds to win the award, behind the Knights of what hearon Donald and Myles Garrett. Everything is lining up for the second year pro to have a huge season, cappening off with the defensive player of the year award. It would be icing on the cake. Let us know in the common section below. Do you think Michael Parsons can reach of these goals? Do you think he'll break the single season Um sack record? You on to our next topic. Reasons why cowboys secondary will be key to a successful amazing how much things have changed for the Dallas Cowboys Secondary under defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. They went from one of the least dependable units in the League to a dangerous, an opportunitiistic unit with the ability to handle whatever was thrown at them last season. That speaks volumes. is to help well prepared. This coaching staff has gotten these guys before each game. The combination of Trayvon Diggs, Anthony Brown Jaren Curson, a league hooker, is a solid unit and there is viable depth behind them. If those four defenders can improve on their impressive seasons, you will greatly benefit the cowboys as they go against some of their tougher opponents at the beginning of the schedule. The Conway Secondary needs to have a strong start in order for the team to win Games early. This group will certainly see challenges, as they will be facing off against teams with a variety of receivers that can be huge factors in games. They'll face receivers with a nice combination of speed and height, or speedsters with the ability to get in and out of breaks quickly, it's great space and make plays with a ball in their hands. This conboy secondary, led by digs well, need to be at the top of their game immediately...

Dallas wants to have any chance. That's starting off fast this season. So for this season, in week one we got for receivers that they're facing up against. We've got like Evans, Jillio Jones, Russell, gauge Chris Godwin. Week two we got Jamaar, chase, Te Higgins, Tyler Boyd Week three we got Kenny Golle days only shepherd, Darius Slayton and Darius Tony. Week four we got Terry mclaurin, Curtis, Samuel Jane Dotson. Week five we got a Cooper Cup, Allen Robinson and Van Jefferson. Week six a J Brown, Devante Smith, Zach Pascal and Jalen Reagor. When you combine all of these stats, this squad will be going up against receivers that put up a total of sixteen thousand yards and a hundred and six touchdowns last season. Now you can look at the quarterbacks for New York giants and watching the commanders and say that we shouldn't worry about them as much. But with the changes the giants made at head coach, you know, offensive coordinator, you can expect to see a jump in production out of this group, and the Carousel at quarterback for the commanders should now be settled with the signing of Carson Wentz. The former eagles should help boots the group's production. Along with a healthy Samuel coming back as well, the rams number can be a lot higher if and when they decided to bring back Odell Beckham Jr, who's still recovering from an a C L. Overall, this is a tough group of receivers. In the first six weeks that will bring multiple looks, groupings and strengths on the field. Against the cowboys secondary. Then, their second year, we'll be looking to improve upon their breakout season. Everyone will need to be at the top of their game where you can see their seasons start to simply slip away early to a film, if the Eagles Team, who has bolstered their roster in an effort to win an NFC east divisional title and make noise in the playoffs. To do this the secondary, we will need to take fewer chances to come up with a big play and put more of a focus on the fundamentals and assignments so they aren't giving up major yardage. And that is all we have for this episode with a big D breakdown. Let us know your thoughts in a common section below. Is there something we should have covered? Is there something you disagree with what I said? Let us know in the comments section below and smash that light button. And if you want to support the show, you can go to buy me a coffee dot com, lash the big D. that's buy me a coffee DOT com. Slash the big D here. Support helps the channel grow upgradary equipment, bringing new host pay them and take this show on the road as always. Thank you so much for Jam and listening. We will see you next time. This...

...has been in a big D breakdown with your host hilarity. Thank you for listening and watching. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown on twitter, facebook, the big D breakdown nine instagram. Just search the big D breakdown. Thank you for joining us. See you next time.

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