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The Big D Breakdown

Episode 22 · 3 months ago

4 Unsigned Free Agents the Dallas Cowboys Can Still Sign


Welcome to an all new episode of The Big D Breakdown. Today we talk:

  • 4 Unsigned Free Agents the Dallas Cowboys Can Still Sign
  • How CeeDee Lamb Heard About Being WR1 and Amari Cooper Exit
  • 3 Reasons Michael Gallup Was a Good Move by Dallas
  • Training Camp Battles for the Cowboys and What They Mean for 2022 Depth


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...mentor young guys like Tyler Smith alongside a long time was like Zack Martin and Tyron Smith. He is also a five time pro bowler and has an all pro not as well. Smith is currently the starting left tackle, but with his injury and past, having Brown on the roster is wise. And number three, Trey Flowers, defensive end, formerly the Detroit Lions. Flowers is a two time super bowl champion who has several years NFL experience. With Randy Gregory no longer in the Dallas Defense, the cowboys of a yet to figure out a certified starter to line up opposite he markus Lawrence. They have Dante foler junior, but he hasn't had a great NFL season in a couple of years. The other options are a workie in a young defensive end would minimal experience. Adding flowers for depth and leadership could be a smart move for Dallas. Injuries have been an issue for the defensive end lately, but he is still someone who can come in and provide help on snaps. Before his injuries he had at least six point five sacks, eight tackles for fore lass and four straight seasons. He also had more than twenty quarterback hits and three, with the right fit and the clean bill of healthy flowers, can certainly still provide assistance to any defense. Again. The good news for Dallas is, then, his injury history is likely going to lower his price tag. The cowboys can get him on an affordable one year prove it all the EEL and number two, JC twitter, former Cleveland Browns, finding above average, reliable and durable center in this Legas in this league, I should say, it's not easy. The cowboys. No, that's all too well. The civil workies expected to make an impact in this offensive line. Bringing in some better and talent to either give tyler be run for his money to just out right replace them, is not a bad choice. The Dallas Offensive Line cannot afford to have any more positional question marks. Trinder has eight years of NFL experience and has started in sixteen games and every one of his last five seasons with the browns. On a team that des really needs to keep its quarterback right upright. Try to expertise should be a welcome addition. Cleveland Releasing trender had more to do with financial issues than his level of play. His seventy eight point seven PF grade was the fifth highest amongst the entire browns roster. The center also allowed just one sign one sack on over onezero snaps. Cowboys don't trust tyler. They need to find someone they can trust. And finally, at number one, Anthony Bar linebacker from Minnesota Vikings. The cowboys linebacker corps has potentially as potential but is lacking some serious debt. Aside from standout Michael Parsons, you're looking at a constantly injured Laton vanderish and a young defender in Jabril Cox, who's coming off from major injury. In Two thousand and twenty one. Beyond that, Devante bond just suffered a season and ending injury, and De Mont Clark but not play at all. In Two thousand and twenty two. Depth is needed before it's too late. That's where Anthony Bark could come in. Has Being insiders even recommend the cowboys picking up the Vikings linebacker many months ago, but no action has been taken. The eight year veteran could certainly add some dimension to this team. LINEBACKER is a four time pro bowler and ninety eight games from Minnesota. You have five interceptions, seventeen point five sacks, forty four quarterback hits, eight force bumbles and four hundred and ninety five tackles. Although he is thirty years old in did set out some games to due to injury last season, far likely still has many more tackles and sacks left in them. Having another player who can be both of a traditional linebacker and terrific pass rusher is worth the money the cowboys have saved over...

...the past few months. Let us know in the Commons section below. Did we miss anybody? Is there anybody that you believe they should pick up that's a free agent out of some of the comment section or on twitter at big D breakdown. And now on to our next topic, CD Lamb and how you revealed how he found out about his promotion and Maury Cooper's exit. On Time Sports writer and NFFL analyst Mike Silver has a new show on Calong and cowards and Network, a podcast. One of his first guests with none other than the cowboys new wide receiver, one CD lamb. The thirty minute interview goes through a lot of present questions being asked of lamb right now or as expectations. What happened in the wild card game? It is he looked up to in the game? Is he ready to be a hide receiver one? The ironic thing is that this massive role change came as a surprise to the young receiver. Y Oklahoma product found out the main member of the cowboys ride receiver trio was heading to Cleveland when working out. Lamb said, quote. It was actually in a gym. I saw it on TV. I was working out for a lauderdale my offseason program. It's like wow, that's crazy. My phone started blowing up minutes after. Well, that's one way to find out about a massive promotion. I am also told so silver that he greatly appreciated being able to learn from Cooper. That's why the cowboys young receiver reached out to his former teammate as soon as he heard about the trade with the former star and receive out his teammate, Michael Gallop out for at least a few games at the start of the year. To newcomers vying for a spot in the starting trio, there's a lot of pressure on the twenty three year old shoulders. In just as third NFL season, he will see a massive increase in targets and snaps due to injuries alone. He even told silver they expect teams to start the double team him and coverage next season's that to be a complem and that, excuse me, be a compliment. That shows how much of a threat he is down field. Instead of shying away from a pressure, Lam seems ready to take on a new level play. Coming off a pro bowl level year two, lamb has obviously shown he can be a top NFL receiver. His teammates believe in his ability to but we won't know anything for sure until we see him on the field. Well, the pressure replacing his former teammate be too much? With the young cowboys wide receiver prove he's worthy of the top spot? Let us know in the common section below. Do you think he's ready to step up and be a leader? And before we move on, please hit thumbs up button, hit the subscribe button and the Bell Notification Button. Be notified at future videos and check us out on good pots and leave us a review. And now on to our next topic. Three reasons resigning Gallop was a good Dallas cowboys aren't often guilty the smartest moves out there. However, when it comes to what they were able to get done with Michael Gallop this year, it was nearly brilliant. Some out there are thinking this right now. How was a brilliant to pay a guy that is injured now might be a bit injury prone. That's a fair thought, honestly, it is. However, when he's healthy, gallop is one of the most dynamic downfall threats that the game has to offer. It's one of the most tenacious battles for the ball when it's in the air. He's also prove just how tough he is catching balls for touchdowns, well...

...simultaneously coming up so humbled that he would have to miss major time. That's exactly what happened when he tore his ACL last season against the CALP cardinals. Excuse me, the talent is there. It's hard to deny this. Isn't about his talent, though. Well, not just about his talent. There are several more reasons why his deal was a smart one for Dallas. Let's take a look at the first one. Shell number one, the chemistry. When you think about the chemistry of it all, especially after the team traded at Mary Cooper to the browns. The cowboys had to keep one of the receivers there that has grown up with Dak Prescott, was CD. Lamb and cooper, needing along the same areas on the field to be their best sells. The lamb operated from the inside and Cooper from the outside. Gallop gives them that over the top thread to keep defenses honest, while also having a layered approach to the passing attack. For example, of back and tight ends will take a lot onto the short, underneath or at the line of scrimmage stuff, while I am as a guy that will truly excel in the short intermediate areas, doing a ton of his work after the catch. As far as galop goes, he has been one that excels the most after he gets ten yards or more down the field. In his routes. His four four second speed is also more apparent and effective in a straight line manner, allowing him to accelerate and separate defenders after going up to make a tougher ground. Despite all of his unique skills, there are several other important reasons galop deserves to be on the roster. The main reason is the money. For the Joneses, it's always about the money. It's number two, the money. When you look at the money that Gallop got from Dallas on the service that appears to be your standard fifty seven million dollar deal for a receiver, it breaks down to an average value of eleven point five million a year. Looking at where that comes in compared to the rest of the league, that puts Gallop in a tie for the twenty five highest salary among Whiteouts, tied with Curtis Samuel, The Washington commanders. While there are certainly receivers above gallop on this list who deserve more money than he is making, some of the names on this list, don't you got brandon cooks, can you call it gala day? Christian Kirk Hunter, Renfro Courland, Sutton, Robbie Anderson, Corey Davis are all receivers with a higher salary than Gallop this year. None of them are flat out better than Gallop is at his peak. Arguably Gallop is better than more than a couple of them. They got top end type talent, mental the market place or market price. Excuse me playing behind coope and with lamb. Over the last season or so, Gallop has been the third wheel of sorts. This season will be second at worst, and number one, depending on the game plan. That's a decently small salary for number one, a number two receiver. I finally number three, just ready for more. The potential that's there. Gallop is already produced a high enough level to earn a contract extension. Exciting thing is that he still has room to grow, simply based on how much of the how much more opportunities he will get. With Cooper being God, I should say it's a twenty six year old can live up to his potential, the cowboys will have secured him at a discount compared to his top end production. Projects could be based on the share potential targets. For Reference, the guy had an eleven hundred yard season in two thousand and nineteen across fourteen games and just twelve starts a year, one thousand yard season the following year and look to be on his way to breaking that barrier again last season before the injury again. This all happened while not being a top option for the cowboys. This last reason, it's the best of all them. Let's say that everything else discounting here is Bologny could the start of the season. Let's say we've seen the best of Gallop. He can never return to top former or you just can't excel as a top option,...

...needing the cover of being secondary to stay down. That's totally fine. And here's why he is. Deal is front loaded. All the guarantees happened before this season and next season the cowboys can come from up and under the deal almost penalty free if they choose. After next year. It's an ideal situation. So this was a smart move by the cowboys because they secured a guy that's been really good for them so so far in minimal opportunity. They did so at a rate that doesn't kill them now nor in the future. If he plays to the peak of his ability. If he does, which the belief should be them, he will, wants healthy, his salary might end up being a bargain based on his output in the top and all off, if none of that happens, they paid a standard going raid for a top receiver and just to find out it's a perfect scenario. Everyone is taken care of, nobody is burdened with more than they can handle. If things don't go right. Michael Gaunt Gallop got life changing money. The cowboys got a guy that at worst is seventy five percent, is good as Amari Cooper, for about half of the price that they were paying them. I Guess Broken Cock is right, at least twice a day. So we want to ask you, guys, do you think resigning galp was a good move by Dallas, or should we not resigned them? Let us know. And now on to training camp battles for the Dallas Cowboys and what they meet teams two thousand and twenty two depth Dallas campboys offseason will be coming to close in a month. That's the league announced their start dates for training camp on Thursday. This year's cowboys team real football activity began on July twenty six. As rookies and veterans, we port to camp. The cawboy was eager to prove they can do something and haven't done since the s dynasty years, that is, repeat as nfce's champions, despite some major changes on the rock ster. With those moves opportunities for young players step up, something that kewboys have always boardered as one of the most draft dependent teams in the entire league. Here's a we're going to take a deeper look at the path those players face to grab playing time or even make the roster the two thousand and twenty two team. We're gonna start with wide receiver jail and tolburt's hard to change the outlook for any position during OTIA practices without pants, but the cowboys were unable to move the needle at the receiver position this month. Rookie jail and Tolbert and free agent sign James Washington or hardly a part of the practices, putting a hold on valuable reps they need in Kellen Moore's offense. It's only this has only slightly put the brakes on the height for Tilbert. The round rocky that came in with immediate expectations, and Tolbert did see the field with Dak Prescott during Otia's the too began building. There were out chemistry and special team coordinators. John Fat will also put the South Alabama product to work on punt returns. The learning curve for Tolbert will be steep, as cowboys need a receiver to fill in from Michael Gal up at the start of the season, as well as a more long term need in the slot. Tolbert skill set made me the best and as an outside receiver, but his long speed and fearlessness going over the middle make him an intriguing slot option as well. Then we have defensive end Sam Williams. It may feel like a lifetime ago what Camboo fans were celebrating the news that Dan Quinn would return defensive coordinator, but that move still holds up as one of the biggest reasons this team. You find succeists again in two thousand and twenty two. Gwen has he had another draft class... end to a defense young stars like Michael Parsons and trade on digs, with Sean Williams being his first choice in the second round. The Sable Williams could help use the loss of rainy Greygreen to the brocos. But the cowboys also have rain's Armstrong and downte Fowler junior carved after this role. The Marcus Lawrence really comes off the field. They left end another position Williams could be used for there could be used, as I should say, all this depth ahead of Williams make his path to playing time of battle. Excuse me, practice time for unproven players that need it the most. Is What kids noticed in Williams. Being a personal favorite prospect Quinn already means I'll have plenty of teachable moments. What Williams does with them? Carmett a role. When he sees the field as a rookie. Get determine just how much the cowboy increase their pass rush, with secondary play being harder to translate from year to year. The a strong pass rush. Next up, defensive tackle in the Billa Galimore. Sticking with the defensive line, Galimore is a bit of a known commodity, but injuries have held him back from realizing his full potential in Dallas. Galimore reportedly added weight this off season and an effort to hold up better at the point of attack. Playing the all important three technique spot. Poins skiing tending the front of the pocket is a priority for any offense, the cowboys being no exception. After using the twenty four overall pick on Tyler Smith. A player that can disrupt from the interior is a valuable asset, and at his best, that's what the cowboys have in Gallimore. For as much as the cowboys will be relying on youth and experience, there's still plenty of veterans that haven't consistently played at their ceiling yet on this roster. Next Up, wide receiver in tie FRY Fogel, sticking with Indiana. UNDRAFTED free agent on the cowboys offense. Thie Fry Fogel has a similar opportunity to hinder shot in lining up at a position of need for Dallas, tolbern Washington, maybe getting the first crack of being the next receivers to start alongside seating lamp. Cowboys training camp always features a heavy dose of one on one receiver defensive back trails. FRY FOGOL is the type of player that can thrive here, changing directions well and stagging kitches away from his body even when defenders stick to one. If he does everything right, fry focal ceiling could be to push second year receiver semi Foco for a role in the slot. How worst, to solid showing from five goal FRY FO gool could make him an important enough depth option to get stashed on the practical s on and now we have SAF tyler coil. But the cowboys having more starting jobs than usual up for grabs of training camp bodes well for depth players. Trying to come in behind these starters and make an impact. Mike McCarthy has always noted the importance of having great depth on a championship team, and the cowboys certainly aren't there yet. They'll need depth to come from last year's draft class as well as their current one. Players that have some experience already should prove to have the edge. Tyler Cole Coil, excuse me AP, peered in one game as a special teams player in the week eighteen game with the Eagles on defense last year. The undrafted free agent at a purdue who transferred there after playing most of his college career at Yukon, isn't challenging Jay Ron Kyars I, like Hooker Donovan Wilson for starting snaps. Instead, coil as the look up, but only Israel COMMU and fellow undrafted free agent Mar Kids Bell. Coil is a natural mover that can cover a deep half of the field with good amplipacism in a build...

...did play the ball in the air. The cowboys like the veteran presents. They have a safety, but our own one injured. Away from relying on a player like coil to see more snaps than anyone is currently expecting right now. Please hid that thumbs up and, if you like our video, subscribe to the channel. Hit the bell notification button. Being don't a fine future videos and please check us out on good pots and leave us a review. And, as always, want to support the channel. You can buy US coffee. Buy me a coffeecomash the big D. your support helps the Channelo grow upgrader equipment, create new shows, bring new hosts, pay them and pay our writers. As always, thank you so much for watching in listening. We will see you next time. It's been in a big D breakdown with your host Larry. Thank you for listening and watching. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown, twitter, facebook, you big D breakdown, instagram. Just search the big D breakdown. Thank you for joining. See you next time.

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