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Episode · 9 months ago

Could Mike McCarthy’s win guarantee bite Cowboys vs WFT?


The Dallas Cowboys are heading to Washington for an intriguing matchup against the Washington Football Team. Coach Mike McCarthy guaranteed a win but will that bite him in the butt. Also, we take a look at the beat-up running game and how much of an impact will they make Sunday.


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...couple of hours later, cowboys fans got hit with some more concern. The new reports were about staying out. Rookie going backer, Mike of Parsons, that I'm backer, apparently was a limited participant in practice. Not Ideal for cowboys and non ideal for persons, especially given that this rookie is on track to break up variety of defensive records in the NFL this season. Yet again, like with Paul, our voices within an organization try to assure us that Parsons too will be fine. But who knows? We do know is that these two key injuries could have a negative effect on McCarthy's high prediction. Hopefully these injuries are as minor as they seem and McCarthy will end up correct about his guarantee. Only time will tell him. One of the greatest gifts that Jerry Jones ever gave the Dallas cowboys will getting rid of head coach Jason Garrett. Now, Garrett might be giving him a present back by keeping George Edwards out of the Duke University head coaching talks. On December seventh, Cowboys Banas became worried by the news that Edwards, senior defensive assistant who had been integral to Michael Parsons stand out season, was a front runner for the job and could be leaving America's team. And next day Steve Wiseman, and for all you use observer, reported that former Dallas head coach Jason Garrett is now in the running for the duke position. Well, Elliott and I'LL COO remain in Duke site's former Dallas conboys coach Jason Garrett remains on the school's radar that he's never coach college football. Garrett played quarterback at Princeton before parking on an NFL playing and coaching career. What attorney events? This would be a big win for Dallas and big loss for duke if you ask cowboys bands, and that's just based on his history with the CONBOWISS's Duke just going to overlook the fact that Garrett and never coached at the college level. Duke University once former head coach Jason Garrett for their vacant role. Let's take a trip down all full member in the lane. Garrett was the cowboys head coach from two thousand and eleven to two thousand and nineteen. He massed at Eight Five Hundred Sixty seven coaching record. Sure, he technically only had one losing season with the cowboys, but he also only led America's teamed to playoff wins. And I didn't work for Jerry. After leaving Dallas, Garrett landed in the Big Apple. Is the offensive coordiner for the New York giants. In Two thousand and twenty, Garrett led one of the statistically worst offenses in the league. The team ranked thirty one, and points and total yards twenty nine, and third down conversions thirty one and red zone conversions in two thousand and twenty one. Garrett continued to show an extreme lack of aggression, refuse to utilize key playmakers and coordinated the league's worst red zone production team. After just twenty six games, and often as offensive coordinator, Garrett got the boot. Meanwhile, cowboys fans that on their couches trying hard not to scream, told you so. If anything, fans can thank Garrett for helping keep the giants out of FFC contention. So, Duke University, while Owen Ten would recommend you, would appreciate you selecting him over our senior defensive assistant, who has made a huge impact on young player like Parsons and Treyvon Diggs. Maybe adds. Be Ever, in your face and on to our next topic. Three Washington football team player, Sai. Dallas cowboys should be afraid of. Starting off, Dallas cowboys are set to take on a Washington football team in week four team this Sunday. Formally, cowboys fans wouldn't have much to fear about this NFC east rival, but the Washington football team is on quite a hot streak. Miraculous fashion, the Washington football teams on a four game winning streak, while the cowboys have lost three of their last five games. And let's be clear that Washington isn't winning any of these games, and dominant fashion regardless, they are still finding ways to win games they have no business winning. This matchup is a big deal for both teams in terms of the NFC east division race. The...

Washington football team can extend their win streak to five, they boost their chances of making the playoffs. If they cowboys win, they can wrap up their dominance and the NFC east with a nice little bow. America's team is getting some key players back from injury and the COVID nineteen list, which should help give them a leg up in this game. But you can never count out a team it's on a hot streak. Here are some key players cowboys fans should keep an eye out for in week fourteen. Number three, Darren Payne, defensive tackle. It's no secret that the cowboys have been struggling with the run to season. Running back E Z Klie it's been battling a bruce knee. Even though Tony Poland has shown some flashes of Brilliance, the run game has been dismal. Outside of Pollard's fifty eight yard touchdown. It's CD lamps. During three yard run a week thirteen against the saints, Dallas Accumulated Fifty eight yards and nineteen Carrey's. In the last three games, Poulard and Eliot to rush for only two hundred one yards fifty four carries. Is isn't the reliable run attack we had seen out of the cowboys and in Pollard's lingering foot injury, and the picture might get worse before he gets better. Pair the struggling run with an improving rush defense for Washington football team and you've got a serious prom through thirteen weeks Washington was averaging ninety one point three rushing yards allowing per game. Now they ring third in the League. In the last three weeks they've gotten even nest year, allowing minuscule seventy three point seven yards per game. Watching football team has lit been led by defensive tackle and darren pain pains. Ninety point two overall PFF grade places name second only behind defensive superstar Aaron Donald. Paint is thirty seven tackles so far this year and if pain can't do damage against the run, his next door neighbor Jonathan Allen will be right there to help. Alan has six point five sacks thirty eight tackles on the year. Here's the hoping that the ten day break for the cowboys get killing more in the offense sometime to figure out how to improve their run. We also hope he gave Elliott so much needed time off to heal is ailing knee. Number two Terry mcclaren, wide receiver. There's no denying Terry McLaren is watching football teams of the main guy, Darry mcclorn, is Washington football teams of main guy. He's got eight hundred eight receiving yards on sixty one receptions this year season, which is over five hundred more yards and the second best receiver on the team, Adam Humphreys. Is he the best wide receiver in the League? Far From It, but those stats put him above big names like Mike Evans, onto Renfro and George Kill while i Cambo certainly have a strong secondary that includes stand outs like Trebon digs. In recent weeks they've watched the posing offenses pick apart and bullying Anthony Brown for a series of endless passing reference calls. That could be the name of Washington's game again here, because what's perhaps most impressive about McLaren is how well he had adjust to the football and battles with DB's to come away victorious. Catching passes from underdog quarterback Taylor inky isn't always easy. Most of McLaren's passes are highly contested and a lot of them aren't exactly well thrown. The reality of it all is that McLaren is a Guy Washington continues to target more than anyone else, and he continues to make it work, a common theme for this team. I mentioned what McLaren's numbers would be if you had Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers throwing to him, and number one. Apologize for butchering his name. Taylor he nick quarterback. You don't have to think he's an only quarterback to be an all what he has been able to do the past four games. See Your reculist with the ball at times. Yes, is an inexperienced yes, see, somehow finding way isn't win games. He should. Yes, scrappy quarterback has earned praise from grades like bread far and Shorey Achman for his grit in competitiveness and Nick has pulled off three game winning drives late the fourth quarter. He's...

...all lucive and continually finds ways to use his legs to help him avoid danger. He has an attitude to drive has inspired everyone on the squad, including a receiver, Adam Humphries. During Washing football teams, Maria Calias wind streak, he's managed to complete more than seventy percent of his passes has seven passing touchdowns. What do you think this kid will last in the NFL? Is Beside the point. Right now, he's a ton of momentum. UN wants to continue to prove himself as an undrafted quarterback. There's nothing more in an underdog close to do in the proved ours a wrong. He plans to do that at home against the division rival, our next stop. Is it too soon to say the cowboys are contenders? Are Pretenders? Christmas his lesson three weeks away. Week thirteen is in the books in the playoff push is in full effect. Yet we don't know for certain whether or not the Dallas Camboys series contenders or just pretenders. Looking the landscape the NFC. I think it's pretty obvious that the Arizona cardinals and Green Bay packers look like a tough out in the playoffs. The buccaneers and defending champions and have arguably the best quarterback ever and Tom Brady. That's three teams squarely in the contender box. The La Rams, even while going in through a semi slump, are a team absolutely no one wants to play in a one and done the situation, I'm not a hundred percent ready to give him tender status, but I would lean that way. The cowboys, however, are teetering both ways here. The reasons why the Dallas can boys could be big time contenders in the NFL. On one hand, the cowboys are currently eight and four with a two game lead in the division. Even with the Washington football team riding a four game winning streak. Feels like all Dallas will need to do is split the series with them and take care of business against the eagles and the giants to guarantee no worse than the four seat Dallas also possesses a favoust stars on the offensive side of the ball that can rival any other team in the league. quarterback deck Prescott is running the show and has the cowboys in the top five and passing offense, the cowboys also lead the NFL in total yards per game and currently sits second overall and points per game. Defensively, they are led by two young starts, a light and linebacker Mike a Parsons quarterback Trabon digs, who are both individually wrecking the hopes and dreams of opposing offenses. Parsons has defensive rookie the year lockdown. It's in series contention for defensive player of the year. Parsons has seventy two tackles, ten sex sixteen tackles for loss into force bumbles. He's been asked to wear many different hats and it's done so remarkably all year. Digs, meanwhile, leads to the League and interceptions and defend of touchdowns, which is a huge part of the reason the cowboys are in the top five, and takeaways. But sadly, here in the reasons why the cowboys may just be pretenders this year. On the other end, the cowboys have struggled lately, losing three their last five games. The offense is a lot of terrible and they running game is non existent. In two of those three losses, they never had a lead in the game. Dallas has also largely feasted on beating bad teams. Only two of their wins came against teams and a winning record at the time, week two against the chargers, week four in Scrolina. Only two of their wins are against teams with the current winning records, the chargers and patriots. When it comes to the defense, player like, players like Parsons, digs and a couple of others have individually played well, but the team has collectively struck. The cowboys gave up a lot of yards. Most of that comes against the pass. Meanwhile, they're run defense and scoring defense is squarely average. Some people would argue that we have not yet seen the best version of this team, which is completely accurate. Last week was the first time that the cowboys head are intended starting up and players on offense. This week again, Washington, maybe the...

...first time. The same can be said for the defense. Other people would argue the availability is the best ability, which is also completely accurate. Whether it is due to injuries or maddy maddening towards obtaining covid his team has been incapable of staying hell the ultimately, with just five games left in the season, I honestly do not think we have an accurate and fair way to determine if this team is for real or not. If the team can win their next three games against Washington and Arizona, that would go a long way. This team can stay healthy and find their offensive rhythm, that would certainly make them much more dangerous. The cowboys continue to be a oneedimensional on offense. However, an early playoff exit would not be surprising at all. If more big game or big names, excuse me, and keep missing games or MR wrong game, want and done. Could be their January itinerary going into week fourteen. You know, CE has the real legitimate contenders and two other teams that can easily join the conversation. The cowboys need to close out this season the right way. In order to do just that, only time will tell the story that two thousand and twenty one season, but right now I do not leave. We have enough consistent information to tell whether or not this is a team or whether or not this team is a contender or pretender. But that is up to you right now. Let us know in the common section below if you think the cowboys would pretenders or contenders? Our next topic Tony Pollard Injury Update. His cameboys beans on edge versus the WATCHINGTON football team. It's no surprised that the Dallas Camboys running game has been struggling as a lake. With the zek Elliott dealing with a knee in tree, running back Tony Pollard has had to step up during this lull. So when canboys fans found out that poller and miss practice on Wednesday with a foot injury. A sense of panic began to settle in. This is the first practice poll and as miss this entire year. Week fourteens of matchup becoming far more important than most anticipated due to the Washington football teams of miraculous wind streak. This is the last thing that the cowboys need. The cowboys have had a rough November, while watching the football team is getting hot and making headlines. Many people have been saying that Paul should be taking allt's place at running back to help give Elliott so much need to rest for his knee. Paul and has had two game changing plays in the last two games. With this explosive fifty eight yard touchdown against the saints it's one hundred yard kickoff return against the raiders. Now we aren't sure how much he will be able to do on Sunday. Although Poulard's injury isn't considered serious at this time, the cowboys need to get their run game back on track. Poulard and Elliott have combined for a bleak two hundred one yards on fifty four carries in the last three games. That's probably why Dallas made some roster changes in light unsettling news. Likely not a coincidence, the cowboys signed Edo Smith to the practice squad on Wednesday. Before the Smith signing, Corey Clement was the only other running back on the roster behind Elliott Pollard. Smith was drafted in the fourth round of the two thousand and eighteen draft to the Atlanta Falcons. He played three seasons with Atlanta had a total of six hundred eighty nine yards, but Smith hasn't played a snap since the two thousand and twenty season. We can hope that the ten day he break gave Elliott enough time to rest, but there's also no telling if you will continue to limp around the field and noticeable pain. There's also promise in the fact that head coach, Mike McCarthy, told reporters, like we said, that Poulard is fine and on track to play this Sunday against Washington. For now, let's just be grateful at the three headed mustering wide receiver true trio Maury Cooper, seed lamb and Michael Gallop is back in full swing. Collard and Elliot seam off. At least Dath Prescott has some playmaking targets he can throw to if and when the runness drulling. Let's also remember that big gun reinforcements in Marcus Lawrence, Randy Gregory and the Ville Gallimar are all set to play on Sunday after being on Ir so, even if the run game... bleake, take comfort in the fact that the cowboys have many other positional advantages to help them secure o w against the Washington football team. And our final topic, cowboys versus Washington Week. Fourteen history players to watch get projection. The canboys have a big one this Sunday. Cannot State, then enough. The cowboys right of the ship against the saints last week to get to an eight four record and retain their control the NFC east. For the time being, Dallas hits the road to take on and of NFC East foe the Washington football team, and their first meeting this season, although this is just the first the two times they will meet. This game could be the turning point and NFC east. But five games to go, this matchup could nearly decide to division. The cowboys win gives him a three game league with only four games left to play. A lost springs Washington right back into the thick of things, being only one game back with four to play or last. This game is messive for the cowboys if they want to win the NFC east. Washington is coming in hot, no doubt about it. After starting the season two and six, I'm looking dead in the water. The Washington football team has real enough four straight victories to at least give them a pulse for the NFC East in the wild card conversation. Time to get into a little history. This long time rivally I look into the weather buckle baby, an outdoor game. Some guys and have a great chance to step up and a prediction for how this one shakes out. So all Dallas Camboys versus Washington football team match up history. The all time record seventy three wins, forty seven losses in two ties in favor of the cowboys to a no postseason record, face in favor. Excuse me, at the Washington football team. Most recently they played in November. Twenty six two thousand and twenty. Washington football team forty one, DALLAS conboys sixteen. I can't boys have dominated in this series back in the day, recently and overall little last season, but we all know the pay in two thousand and twenty one is all around. The cowboys are eleven seven over the last decade against Washington. Last seasons on the Washington football team sweep to Dallas canboys for the first time since two thousand and twelve. That is largely attributed to a decimated cowboys team with backup quarterbacks and struggles all around. One of my personal favorite games in this rivalry was back in December of two thousand and thirteen. The cowboys were down twenty three seventeen, like the fourth quarter of a Sunday night game that included an extremely limited Tony Romo is, as he showed guts playing through a severe pack injury. Romo and the comeboys down the field late and with just one minute left, it came down with fourth down to decide the game, Romo did it. One of his famous acts of keeping the play alive found running back to Marco Murray for a completion that get into the end zone, allowing the cameboys to take a late twenty four and twenty three lead ultimately win the game. This year will be a late little bit different. On paper, the comeboys have a clear vantage offensively, especially at the quarterbacks position, with Dak Prescott matching them, but matching up against a former excefl quarterback, Taylor heinick. Make no mistake, though, he's Gutsie and shows some moove Moxie, but his true quarterback play leave something to be desired. Defensively, in the Washington football team will be without Kay pass rushier months sweat after a positive covid nineteen test. Their Defense Unit has been a bit of a roller coaster. They initially were look at as one of the best in league. After the season, or before the season, excuse me, as the year progress, they looked like the disappointment of the league. However, they have stabled out a bit since the Camboll weys have advantages across the board, but, as they say, he's still gotta play the game. And now our weather outlook for cowboys versus Washington. They're planning better's field and land over Maryland. Predicted forecast. It's a high of fifty and low thirty, wind gradually subsiding and cooler, with...

...sunshine and part Patchy Clouds, winds of sixteen to seventeen miles per hour with gusts up to three thousand and six to thirty seven miles per hour. Is Is? Is that the excitement of an outdoor game that we all feel? Outdoor football with subpar weather on a surface that could be a bit questionable against the team that is Frisky, where this could help them more than hurts. Yeah, I'm not thrilling about the situation. And over was going to get rain on Saturday, opening up the very real possibility this grass surface could be a little slick. You have to imagine watching him will keep the tarp on up until warm up start. It only does so much with an early kickoff, even with the wind and some satellite Fedex, field isn't going to have much time to rid of any excess water. I do have some questions about the conboys run game, as we have seen it stall out as of lately. The good news is Elliot has had a ten day break to get his knee healthy. One thing to keep an eye on. It's the foot of Tony Potter. Like many feel he should be fine. That said, I think it is great for the cowboys defense. They can allowd the box against the run. It inforce hinick throw the ball. I take that all day. forecasted wind is enough to undoubtedly play a factor in the passing game as well. Long throws could be tough. The ball could sail with the wind and hang going to it ilike. The chances of an opportunitist cowboys defense coming off of a for your interception performance, I nick, is what I would call it dollar store bread far with some of this careless gunslinger throws. When the play breaks down, Dallas can force them to throw and press room. I think he gives a chance or two on some questionable throws. And now that is all we have for this episode. In a big D breakdown, let us know your thoughts on the topics we covered. Do you believe the cowboys will make the playoffs? Let us know in the comment section below, because always hit that like a subscribe button if you want to buy us a coffee. He go to buy me a coffeecom slash the big D. thanks for watching to I'll see you next time. It's been on a big D breakdown with your host very thank you for listening and watching. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown on twitter, facebook you big D breakdown instagram. Just searched the big D breakdown. Thank you for joining. See you next down.

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