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Episode · 11 months ago

Cowboys Responding to Raiders Mess


It is seemingly hard to believe but we are already five weeks into the NFL season. Even with the additional game put on the schedule, we are now 30% done with the 2021 campaign. For your Dallas Cowboys, things could not be going any better.

On Today's Episode:

  • Week 5: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  •  3 Players on the Rise and 3 Who Have Fallen 
  • Week 6 Predictions: Patriots v. Cowboys 
  • Cowboys Response to Raiders Mess


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Welcome to the big D breakdown. I'm your hoost Larry relates. This week we're breaking down all lead US news from week five. First we they can think our sponsor on days sponsoring this episode. Can check them out today on Nextcom and use Promo Code to Larry Twenty one for ten percent off your first purchase. We'd also like that thank audible sponsoring this episode. You can check out audible today for three thirty day trial and free audiobook at your choice. Is An audible trialcom slashing Larry Twenty one. So our first main topic is the good, the band the ugly of week five. It's hard to believe, but we're already five weeks into the NFL's season. Even with the additional game put on the schedule, we're now thirty percent done with the two thousand and twenty one campaign for Dallas Cowboys. Thanks could not be going any better. For One Who Dallas, it's the top the NFC east. The two wins already within the division hated. You don't. DELPHIA eagles have one division loss thanks to the cowboys. The giants. You want to have two and are arguably the most bang up team in the NFL. LASSIE, Washington team, most people found would be the cowboys toughest competitor. It's just two wins, one over the giants and the other against Atlanta. Not only is Dallas sitting pretty well in the division, they compare very favorably to the best teams within the NFC. The cowboys have scored the most points to five games of any NFC team, totally a hundred and seventy points so far. Their point offerential plus fifty three, second only to the undefeated Arizona cardinals. Dallas is also tied with the rants, just one game behind Arizona, for the best conference record in the NFC. Writing at four game winning streak and have to take their show on the road to New England. Let's take this moment to look back on the good. The band the ugly, from forty four to twenty victory over the New York giants, all the good. Last time the giants were in Dallas. We all know the terrible outcome that occurred exactly the UN in sixty seven days to day this episode. quarterback Dak Prescott suffered a compound fraction of his lower leg and ankle. Then he wondered what version of the young quarterback we would see once he made his come back. No one is wandering any longer. Besides the interception on his opening drive and a fumble...

...later on, Prescott was his usual phenomenal self, rowing for three touchdowns in eclipsing the three hundred mark. Three hundred yard Mark Dec was in complete control of order the giants defense show them to be able to finally vanquish the demons that come from the combination of the field he was injured on in the team he was playing at the time was even sweeter. All Year, the media has been rein let lesson bringing the situation now it's truly just a part of history. Having the game that Prescott had while earning such a decisive victory should just add to his already hot, Sky High compidence. That is the case, the rest of the League has more to fear than Prescott ever does of extending another play with his legs. And now on to the bad of week five. To say that the year of Joans were limited in this game would be a massive understatement. On their second drive of the game, it's the first quarter was nearing its end. Aaron passed a running back, say Kwan Berkeley, turned out to be much worse than just an incompletion Berkeley accident. I stepped on quarterback Jordan moves his foot and severely spring in his ankle. Within minutes, his ankle balloon to the size of a Greek grapefruit, ending his day. Later on, receiver Kenny Gulla Day hybrid extended his knee. While he did manage to stay in the game for a bit in time after the fact, he was rendered almost useless. To get biggest blow, however, came late in the second quarter of the quarterback Daniel Jones attempted to score on the goal line and instead obtained the concussion which took him out of the game as well. While all these weapons gone, one guy still seemed to reak havoc on the cowboys defense. Rookie Kuldarius Tony had his way with Dallas Defenders, catching ten passes for a hundred eighty yards. Not For an unwise decision of his own resulting his injection for throwing a punch, it would have been even worse. Whether is the lack of a threat of losing a game or someone understandable letting down to the guard after these injuries, still on a good book to let one dude go bananas or there is anyone else of a concern doing anything. This happened the week prior against Carolina, resulting in more points in the giants mustard. It's not a trend that would use. The cowboys defense continue moving forward. And now long to the ugly week five, two weeks ago, when I talked bad section of a fore d twenty victory over Philadelphia, I chose to address the defense is inability to cover simple crossing rooms over the play of their offensive line. I checked up the issue. It's facing one of the best interior defensive lines and gave it a pass. Unfortunately, issues came up once again in this game, primarily in regards to... tyler be so it must be discussed what or whether it is the issue of handling top notch defenders bull rushing. In the several snaps I missed the mark. This could be a major problem moving forward. While the cowboys do not face the rams in the regular season, potential postseason matchup could be in their future. If you don't think are Donald will take full advantage of shaky center playing greatly mistaken. Dallas could also face the buccaneers again when it matters most, their fear. Some do Vita and the Donlan sup could will expose that flaw as well. They are in already doing so. Get ways would be best served by giving Connor McGovern Several attempts at center. tyally needs another offseason in the weight room to bulk up and snap. Issues may have been due to a lot of reasons, but the littlest things can be real. A special season he definitely is something that can no longer be swept under the room. And now, taking a look at through three players who stock rose and two who fell, Dallas cowboys finally under a long awaited match with the New York giants in week five and, suffice to say, did not disappoint. Once again, the cowboys let in a fear your team hang around in the first half, only to put the pedal on the floor where it really mattered and leave the final score looking like a blowout. Considering that this is the first game that quarterback Prescott is played against the giant since he's staying at growers of injury a year ago, wasn't surprising that this was build as our avenge game for Prescott in the cowboys. Now, as I sit at four and one at top the NFC east and are shooting up local and national power rankings. Start and take a look at this week's stock up and Stop Down Dallas cawboy stock up home field advantage. Wasn't that long ago that many feel like a tenc stadium wasn't quite the home field ad managed Jerry Jones and company had intended to be when they opened its stores back before the nine season. Today, then, almost Kent feels kind of hard to believe. Including the postseason. The cowboys have a fifty, forty four lifetime record and Jerry broke. More importantly, they've won their first three home games to open the two thousand and twenty one two thousand and twenty two season better yet an' very convincing fashion, averaging over forty points a game across them. In fact, the cowboys have scored forty or more points at home eleven times since moving to ATP stadium. Seven of them have been with Prescott under center. For of those have come since it started two thousand and twenty. Two of them already came in this season play from eighteen to stadium, things have been a bit less decisive the season. Week one and they kept things very close with Tampa Bay...

Buccaneers, a team that has serious hopes of repeating as world champions, but ultimately couldn't pull on the big wake tio. They beat a very good in Los Angeles chargers team, but hen the weakest offensive showing in the season, scoring just twenty points. The cowboys will be back on the road this week in foxborrow against New England, and we'll be fascinating to see if they can take some of this momentum they built across their homestand and translate it to the road. SCAMBOYS stockdown center tyler, but, as apologize for saying his name wrong, so far with Thailand, has proven to be far in the weakest link along the cowboys. Up Ben Zula, the second year center from Wisconsin, has started just nine games in his young career, but it may not start too many more if he keeps playing at the level he has to open the season. To start, his snaps are all over the place. On Sunday afternoon Prescott even fumbled one of them, resulting in the turnover. admittingly, they should have been able to hang on to that particular snap, but there's no denying maybe should tyler should have gotten it off cleaner and have an easier come letting this one go. These snaps were a consistant issue for him. Instead, every time the football snap feels like an adventure. Adventure may be great when it comes to the next Indiana Jones movie. That's not what I'm looking for from a routine park and my starting center's job. It's not just in the bad snaps. He's lagging behind every phase of the game. According to PF, he rings twenty two, ninth out of thirty five centers. It's going an atrocious thirty eight point eight pass blocking grade, third worst among anyone at his position. Usually, the team has made it a priority to give Connor Williams snaps at center over the offseason. The event that Tyler did not win the starting job while Williams play a garden has left a bit to be desired. He has more or less performed to expectations and has been serviceable. I'm not completely ready to give up a tyler still to he's a talented player who needs time to develop. However, his play has been as an issue for the cowboys this season and he's been one of the weakest starters on the entire roster, but potentially more competent options waiting in the wings. You have to wonder how much longer he's going to lay claim to the starting center position. Alice Cowboy Stock Up Wide Receiver Cedric Wilson. It's not that suject. Wilson did something truly crazy during Sunday's game against the giants what he has done over these past for you for weeks. Excuse me, I've been... yelling going to the cowboys, but wide receiver Michael Gallops Bill signline by the CAF injury he sustained during week once loss to the books. Wilson is build in very admirably as the team's third wide out, considering how important gallop is to the downs office. Fact that Wilson has made his absence and after that has been huge. After sixth game, Wilson heeds just sixty four yards, eclips his career high. He's not doing anything remarkable, but he has been a steady and reliable presence on each game you've been in. He's also a true threat with the ball as hands and have he had to drop a pass. Oh and he's also still providing cowboys with some quality reps over on special teams to even if he isn't posting on popping stat lines. We gfter week, he stepped up big time for the cowboys. Once gallant returns from injury. Sens a corotenator. Calon Moore's still find ways for Wilson to contribute, because he can be a big weapon and this Dallas Offense, Dallas cowboys stock down slow starts. They really hasn't been much to complain about with this cowboys team in recent weeks. Since of losing on the road to the defending Super Bowl Champions, Dallas is gone for no, pulling up close one against an extremely talented and Los Angeles chargers team and then dominating the last three opponents by combined score one hundred twenty, one hundred and sixty nine. Trey von digs is bailing out and its historic level desk back. Prescott has more or less picked up right where he is left off in two thousand and twenty. Randy Gregory has arrived in full force. Seek is back with a vengeance. Mike Parsons looks like the real deal, even facing amounting injuries to keep layers the cowboys of batmom adversity stronger than they have any season in recent memory. Early on in the season they look like they have the pieces to be a genuine contender in the FC. Yet these Games have all felt bit closer to me in their final scores. Might indicate why. Because this team allows to start slow and play with their food heading in the halftime. For each of these games, analys is really dominated. They trailed both the panthers and the Buccaneers, while they led against Los Angeles and New York, it was by a single possession each. Alone team they led by multiple scores. What's the bill? LP EAGLES? They held the thirteen point lead of the going into the half, probably the first of them at this field. Sort of nitpicky cowboys are four and one currently sit atop the NFC east and when the clock hits zero they've blown out their impotent more often than that. Plus, it's it is an event how you start. It's about how you finish. We...

...should enjoy a nice things and when it's truly mattered, the cowboys who dominated. Let's be honest, that might be just fine. Against teams like the giants and Eagles, they roll work later in the year when they play better. Coach team to more talent with the Kansas City chiefs are the Arizona cardinals. He slow starts to become a concerning trend. Sooner or later, Mike cost the cowboys a game. They don't address it. DALLAS COWBOYS STOCK UPS UP. Excuse me, I'm backer. Get Real Cox. Looking for a player to keep your eye on moving forward, look no further than linebacker at your Phillip Cox. Following Jalen Smith's recent release, we talked about last week, which you can hear my thoughts by going to this video, rookie from Lsu could stand a benefit the most from the newly up for grabs snaps. On Sunday he saw only four defensive snaps, but he made his presence felt in them. particularly. He made one of the biggest place of the game when he brought Daniel Jones down before the goal on for a huge third and goal. Stock Jones unfortunately did not return to the game after the pollision and is now a concussion article. Height. In the fourth quarter, cocks also recovered it giants on side kick to help put the game on ice. Jabril Cox hasn't played enough to have had a big breakout game quite yet, but it feels like only a matter of time. Someone is going to need to take over the snaps vacated by Smith's release, and he seems like an obvious answer. He also offers the cowboys a few things that Smith couldn't at this point in his career. Coming out of Lsu, Cox was wine we regarded for his coverage skills and area of Smith's game that was arguably his weakest. I think the future is a bright for Jabril Cox, as long as keeps taking advantage of these opportunities. He's up to a good start, making the most of his limited playing time so far. It's back to see a lot more and going forward. Now our next topic week six predictions. Patriots versus the cowboys. Dallas cowboys continue to not only be the talk of the football world, but of the NFC. They've won their last four strade games are looking quite the contender. Some are already saying they could be super bowl bound this early in the season based on how efficient they've been. Course, it's best to take the season one game at the time, especially now that the cowboys hit the road for their upcoming a week six match up. The cowboys head the Gillette stadium for a date with the New England patriots play for. The cowboys are definitely the better team, but one can never count out future pro football hall of fame head coach Bill Belichick. Patriots are two and three so far this season. Even though they don't resemble on the dominating team they once were, they shouldn't be written off. On tireland cowboys will undown only have their work cut out for them against the Patriots. Current betting on to...

...the cowboys at a minus three point, five point favorites. On the road cowboys, I have minus one hundred and seventy five money line odds, while the Patriots are the underdog at plus one hundred and fifty five. The total for the game is stead of over under a fifty points. Dallas cowboys are rent hot at this point in regular season, scoring with ease and offense. The defense is winning the turnover battle against opponents and, although special team was pretty much gone, at the rate they're going, camoys will only continue improving over time as they grow cohesively as a team maintain their consistency. It's the team to beat in the NFC. East. Cowboys are clicking on all cylinders and even though they're on the road. Week six should easily take care of business against the Patriots. I'm predicting a thirty seven sixteen cowboys win to continue their winning streak. And now our final topic. In The Dallas cowboys take advantage from the fallout of the Las Vegas Raiders John Gruden situation. I have to admit I light down the side relief to watch the off field drama that is unfolding around the NFL, and it doesn't include a Dallas cowboys. Las Vegas Raiders have been inexpectably been dealt on below because of an investigation involving a cowboys divisional arrival. Confusing to say the least. Message current raiders GM former NFL network talking had Mike Mayock has pushed as the raiders still have goals in the season. His statement was meant to condemn the act, but also to keep his team from imploding. Just speaking to a few close friends who follow the raiders as religiously is followed the cowboys, I have to think the locker room mine already be fractured there and marks made by the former raiders head coach. We're indeed despicable the owner allowing his former head coach to continue to coach men were affected by the disparaging remarks. Should have never happened. I'm in the belief that the raiders waited too long to remove their head coach. Her play on Sunday only strengthens my point. I also think the raiders rumored money flow issues had a part and not firing rouding the post of waiting for him to resign. Imagine your boss secretly telling other people they hate something about you, only to turn around and ride your efforts to advance their career and legacy. Then his boss finds out waits to do something. Raiders even granted defensive end. Carl I said day off the deal to mixture of feelings he's dealing with right now. I hate to be circling vulture and done exactly the type of headline that should give every gm the NFL the green light. A coounts. The Raider started the season three and know before losing their last two games. IIS loss came to embarrassing. Who might have caught the raiders at the...

...right time? The raiders loose it. Hated rival drocos in Denver The Sunday small fire cell. CAN THEM SUE? The FLMES W get bigger players start to check out. Appears is if those strong on them wins could come to US stretching home. My Raider friend believe that Mike May on like second finel and constructing his team with John Gruden finally out May. I can hire the head coach he wants. More importantly, he can construct the roster he wants without approval. My original believe everything. Raiders Backup Center Mack Martin would be a good addition to the cowboys as he gets to reunite his brother Zach Martin. Continue to believe them. He could be a target, but the raiders do have some trigging pieces that could be available this offseason. I wanted the cowboys to go after free agents cornerback Casey Hayward, and he signed a one deal, one year deal with the raiders. Its unusual first season in Las Vegas could prompt the better in corner to leave free agency without giving the raiders a chance to really retain his services. Biggest name of the bunch couldn't involve a former second overall pick. Backup quarterback Marcus Marioda is brought on board beaus a GRUDEN s trading him might be stating the cowboys could use a better and backup experience. So that is a name I'm interested in seeing come up in trade. Rumors are out of this. Three point five million bass salary is very appealing, but he's only under contract of this season. You might be asking what type of conversation with the raiders be looking for. So the natural story line would be reuniting cowboys defensive tackle just and Hill, former cowboys coordinator rod very nilly. Unfortunately, Hill our means injured reserve and it's now been over a year since his injury occurred, a situation means I'm clear if he's going to be ready anytime soon. It's been a steady pipeline at cowboys. Players and coaches have gone from former cowboys the current writer the readers become sellers of the deadline. The cowboys should try and reverse that trend. Thanks for tuning in and watching the big deep breakdown. Let us know your thoughts on the topics we cover by leaving a common the common section below, or you can find this on facebook and twitter at the big D breakdown. Be sure to hit that subscribe button if you want to support us. Buy as a coffee and buy me a Coffeecoma, the big D. Your support helps out of the channel grow. Thanks for watching and listening. I'll see you next door.

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