The Big D Breakdown
The Big D Breakdown

Episode · 10 months ago

Cowboys Showed They Are For Real with Dominate Win Against Atlanta


It was just a week ago that many analysts, pundits, and fans were worried that the Dallas Cowboys were a fluke this season. That they were exposed in an abysmal game in which they lost and got embarrassed by the Denver Broncos. Isn’t it incredible what a difference a week makes? The Cowboys were able to dominate the Falcons.   

This week we dive into the latest Dallas news as they head into their matchup in Kansas City. We also take a look at Dak Prescott MVP contender status.  


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Welcome to the big D breakdown, your home for all downas cowboys news. Thank you for watching. As always, you can find us on facebook, twitter and our youtube channel. Just search the big D breakdown about people. We get into our topics. We like to thank our sponsored audible, sponsoring this episode and get a Free Thirty Day trial audible trialcom Larry Twenty one. Audible is leading provider spoken word entertainment and audio books, ranging from best sellers to celebrity memoirs, News, business and selfdevelopment. Every month members get one credit to pick any title, plus two audible originals from a monthly selection and access to Daily News digests from New York Times to Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, as well as guided meditation programs. Sign up today and receive one for you out of your booking. Thirty Day free trial houdorible trialcom Larry Twenty one. And now let's get into our first topic. Dallas showed up and showed us who they showed they are who we thought they were for the Dallas Cowboys. Week ten and could not have come fast enough. After an embarrassing home loss the week prior. Another game was the only medicine. Unfortunately, for the Falconist to cowboys took all in their medicine and then some. The cowboys do exactly what you would hope a team with high aspirations should, and it gave notes. Never in question. Dallas absolutely dismantled all Lena forty three, two three, putting themselves right back on track. It is not often then, all three components of a team have a great day all the same game, but that's what transpired Sunday afternoon. The offense scored five touchdowns, the defense did not allow one in the special teams chipped in with a block punt return for a touchdown. The game was so upsighted and Atlanta teams getting taken to the wood shed, chose to take out most of their starters early in the third quarter. That is just one of a list of things that you should do not that you just do not normally see. Take, for example, of forty point difference and score. That margin of victory was the largest by a cowboys team in two decades. He was also the first time since two thousand and four that Intlanta hope had lost a game by such a vast margin. Oh and that thirty three point half time leads by the cowboys and was the biggest lead they have taken into the half since one thousand nine hundred and seventy one. The twenty nine points that downs put up in the second quarter are the most point scored by a cowboys team in any quarter in franchise history. The block punt return for its touchdown was the first it's franchises has has had since two thousand and fifteen. Speaking of block punts, the hand of Defensive End Dorian's Armstrong was a responsible for the third block punt this season, the most a cowboys team has had since ninety one. League ten wasn't all about history, it was also about getting right. A lot of guys, sir, really did that in this game. After a dismal returned to the field last week, Prescott looks like the MVP candidate he has all season. Prescott was responsible three touchdowns and certainly could have had more if...

...he played the entire game. After two games without a touchdown, we see your CD lamb scored two and it's Game Alan. I am also put up ninety four yards, which accounted for his fourth highest total the year. Alongside I am, Michael Gallant returned to the lineup after missing the previous seven games. All three of his catches were during drives that resulted in scores, two of which went for first dance. Defensively, all three starting cornerbacks came up with interceptions. Not only were the three picks the most in almost three years, but it was also the first time since two thousand and three the two cornerbacks registered and interception in the same game. All in all, the Kelp the showing that the cowboys put on Sun afternoon really felt like the best answer into the week prior. Ultimately, there will be bumps in the road during any season. The resounding wait in which his team and answer their blip on the radar was as impressive as anything they is that has taken place during this very strong season, and now the chewboys are on the Kansas City. Now we're going to take it look at the three biggest takeaways from the dominant victory over the Falcons. Dallas. Cambill has improved with a seven two with their most lopsided victory of the season. The forty three, two three win over the Falcons was a response that everyone was looking for coming off the brutal performance against Denver as we enter the mental of November, this is the first time teams want to start playing their best football. From what we saw in this game yours, the cowboys are going to just do that without further ado. Here the biggest takeaways from the beatdown of the Falcons. Number three, the special teams may be holy once again. On Sunday the cowboys had a block punt, the third one the season, and this resulted in a touchdown. Head coach Mike McCarthy said in Tuesday's press conference. Is that quote. The unit that is playing the best year this past month is special teams. Under McCarthy and special teams coordinator John Fassel. The special teams has never played better. The cowboys lead the NFL and plock punt percentage with five point eight eight percent upon its punts being blocked. Just how big of an impact is the new coaching staff having on special teams? The cowboys have blocked three punts this season. They blocked one toll punt during the Jason Garrett ear from two thousand ten to two thousand and nineteen. Block prints and cakes are such huge momentum swings and games that they drastically increase your chances of a winning if you can execute, execute them. The continued success of the special teams, not only blocking kicks but successfully making field goals, can be the difference between the cowboys reaching their first round by or not number two. There's no secret, secret formula to stop this offense. After losing to the Broncos last week, some people questioned whether or not the cowboys were exposed, saying things like the Francos found. The formula is stopping Dallas has potent offense. It is quite clear...

...that none of that is true. In the Denver game was simply an anonymaly. Cowboys returned to the form against Atlanta, scoring thirty six points on offense and looking completely unstoppable throughout the game. Price got through for two hundred ninety six yards and two touchdowns, with a quarterback rating of ninety three point four, also adding a rushing touchdown. CD LAMB was to go to receiver, recording six catches for ninety four yards and two touchdowns. The cowboys have scored at least thirty six points and four their five home games. They still continue to sport the number one ranked offense in the NFL, leading the league in points per game. With thirty one, point six in yards per game with four hundred thirty three point nine. The only team or scheme I can stop this Dallas offense is themselves. They continue to play as they did against Atlanta, this team has a chance to play in a late January and early February. And Number One, this game was personal for Dan Clin, being relieved it his duties as head coach the Falcon to last year. Dan couldn't hand this. Games circled on as calendars start the year. The defense clearly had his back as well. Cowboys one allowed only three points in the game and held the Falcons two hundred and eleven total yards, including am easily four yards per play. In Atlanta reached the Red Zone on the first ride of the game, and number I got that far again, even without the Marcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory. The defense continued to pressure Falcons quarterback Mount Ryan. It's sack of twice rookie Mikel Parsons and six tackles and one tackle for a loss. Also, he courted his sixth sack of the season. Defensive End Armstrong became the first cowboy ever to record both the SAC in a block punt. In the same game. Drey von digs, Anthony Brown and Shordan Lewis all had an interception. In the latter applied the best game of his entire career. Lewis finished without PFF grade of ninety four point five, which is the highest of his career. He also added three pass breakups to go along without your interception. Dan Quinn might have put together his best defensive game plan of the year against his former team, but his players were the ones that executed the plan to perfection. GLINN even received the game ball for this awesome win, but the chiefs awaiting Sunday. I'll take another great game plan from Quinn in execution on Sunday to beat the defending AFC champions. And our next topic. All as well with America's team after the defenitive, definitive win. It's just a week ago that many analyst, pundits and fans were worried that the Dallas Cowboys were fluke the season, that they were exposed and an ephysmal game on which they lost and got embarrassed by the broncos is an incredible when a difference a week makes. Great teams know that when you get routed, as the cowboys did in week nine, you head back to work very next day, fix when used to be fixed. You take a look at all these...

...areas of opportunity, correct them, focus on the next opponent without dwelling on such a terrible defeat. Nobody should expect the cowboys to win every single football game. Is Yeah, what happened last weekend and will happen any team, as it's been evident across the NFL, a lot of great teams we've been getting routed as well. It happens and and again. Great teams know that these things should not derail you. All is that lost, and you do whatever it takes to get back in a right direction. Well, cowboys, or back on track after a solid win in week ten, such as the case for the cowboys that dropped a definitive forty three to three win over the Atlanta Falcons, to silence the naysayers. When everything is clicking for the cowboys, these are the things are capable of doing week in and week out. Cowboys do indeed have a high scoring offense, stout defense and make big plays. When it comes to special teams, they've been consistent for the most part of this season. But to keep it real, the cowboys should have definitely defeated the Falcons on paper. To see them not only have a definitive win, but be so aggressive and reaspect of the game was easily a huge boost of confidence to a team that definitely needed it after the week nine embarrassment. For now, all as well with America's team, as it's important to celebrate big wins like this, where everything was executed well, and eventually move on to their next game, which will actually be a huge test for this team. Next up on Sunday at the Kansas City chiefs, and they've been inconsistence, to say the least, so far. To sweason. Both teams are heading into this matchup with big week ten wins, and we'll have much to play for the cowboys continue playing the way they know they are capable of and are able to beat the chiefs on the road going. Paint quite the picture for this team as they headed December ready to make the final push into the playoffs. And finally the cowboys offered a pounce back, beat down victory. The cowboys reminded the NFL who they are when they play well, and in last weeks wide or wire beat down to the Atlanta fountains, from the offense doing what they want to do, to the defense getting termine overs, the Specialty Teams Chipping in and some coaching decisions. I enjoyed seeing everything worked and showed us the most complete cowboys team we have seen all season. Offensive legs team really did whatever they wanted. Prescott Toss for two hundred ninety six yards and two touchdowns, paired with a vintage of rushing touchdown bulldozz in his way into the end zone. The cowboys ran the ball to the tune of a hundred fourteen yards, led by Ezekiela Elliott plunging then and zone twice. Tony Pollard eating the boys in yards. I was wrong predicting cowboys will get seven receivers involved. They went in and had ten different guys real and reception seating. Lamb was dominant. He reminded the leg held big of a mistake they...

...may letting him slide to the cowboys in the draft. Amari Cooper delivered a handful of first downs and Michael Gallop really stepped up in his return. The beast offense, that of all the Falcons, did not record a single sack. The cowboys offensive line stepped up effort disappointing outing last week. Protected their guy in the passing game and cleared holes in the run game. The offensive line helped the defense fresh, as the cowboys saw at time of possession advantage of thirty seven, forty one to twenty two nineteen. This wears on an opponent. Keeps your defense fresh. The cowboys offensive line deserves huge Kudos. The Dallas Cowboys came in Sunday's game against the Falcons with one mission and purpose on their minds. Domination and the line of Falcons. Domination was a statement. They jumped right on the Falcons from the opening kickoff and never took their feet off the gas', scoring a touchdown on our opening drive, to which it Lana responded with a field goal. That would be the falcons only score all while the cowboys continue to make the scoreboard line up like a pinball machine. They were on our game on Sunday and having the Lana Falcons on the other side just made it all look that much better. Dan Goin certainly had to be all teeth and grin up in the booth, having the chance to face and demolish its for a team like that. Even without the services of two top four defenders on the Cowboys Defense, Lawrence and Gregory, they were still able to get some things done. They got to the Falcon signal color twice for sex, while they also forced three interceptions, having all three main Dallas defensive backs finishing with interceptions, and digs, Lewis and Brown all came away with picks. It was a good day for the defense. was even a good day for the special teams. Blocking a punt then immediately became a touchdown. That saw the score go up to three thousand and sixty three, and that was just to end the first half. The offense had done a great deal of their jobs at that point and would take on a bit, but the game was already pretty much over. After last weeks, the WACCLE Prescott would come out and remind everyone what he is, the guy that cowboys paid the money too. He was supposed to do that in especially this week, as you expected, bounce back. He wasn't too a really electric, but he was flawless, precise, calm and everything that he wasn't last week. Even ran one to show you that he's still willing to do whatever it takes and that he's all in, he would finish well. The three touchdowns, one rushing and two passing, and no interceptions. A Paul or outpace him as a receiver, it's still meant for a pretty well balanced game everywhere. This is what you need to see. It's mentioned this was the next game after horrible lossent meant everything because of that, and now they're facing a very peculiar Kansas City team that has struggled but still has that personnel and coach. So you stay wearing of a potential explosion. This was a good way to go into that one, though. The Dallas cowboys will be ready, especially if the falcons domination is any indication of her mentality. And now far...

...week eleven prediction, and odds we could eleven, is going to be quite the matchup in well test for the Dallas gamboys. Even though the chiefs have been inconsistent throughout the season, there's still a team to extensively prepare for. Both teams coming into Sunday's matchup with big win and week ten, this might be well the game of the week. When the cowboys play up to their potential, they could overpower any team in front of them and can keep up with the best of them. The chiefs are also very similar in this aspect that when they're clicking on all cylinders, they can steam roll anyone. But again, there inconsistency to maintain central momentum has made them UN or which version of the team will dress up on game day, or so than the cowboys so far in the season. With all that stating, the cowboys are the underdogs going to this matchup, which is most likely due to the chiefs coming off a big win in week ten and they're playing at home and Arrowhead Stadium. At any rate, expect the high out high OUC team offensive matchup in this one, and if both teams show up, get ready because this will be a great game of football. For the catboys to leave this game victorious, it will come down to their offense continuing to do what they do best by scoring at will. In their defense, keeping the chiefs and check if the cowboys defense can contain quarterback Patrick Mahomes and company. They have more than enough firepower just one the chiefs on their home turf. The cowboys note this is a true measuring stick on who they are as a team. beat the chiefs on the road and will only continue to confirm they are legit the season. Lose an important game like this one, be called out for being a pretender all long. At the end of the day, cowboys, no one is at stake in this key matchup and we'll put on another start to finish performance against the chiefs. I'm predicting, at forty four to thirty eight cowboys victory to make it eight and two on the season and be one of the best games of the season the week. Eleven betting odds on a wind bed have the cowboys at plus two point five point underdogs. On the road, cowboys have a plus one hundred and twenty five money line odds, while the chiefs of the favorites to win at one hundred and forty five. Total for the game is set at it over under a fifty six points. And finally, on today's episode, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is the midway MVP. I cannot remember the last time it happened. The leader for NFL'S MVP has to be Dallas Campos quarterback, Dak Prescott. Technically NOTNFL midwight point was halftime of this weekend's game well may do with this seventeen game schedule. When the season started to appeared as if Dak would come in second to a Kyler Marie let Arizona team that was the last stating undefeated team. Kyler looked mortal in his last start. Has missed the last two games due to injury, which... slowly pushed him out of the race. Mary could still get back and jump into the MVP race, but his playing status this weekend is dependent on his injury. Tightening playoff chase amongst the leagues of Lade for the number one seed might force them into action early. They face at desperate Seattle team whose prideful quarterback might not allow his team a fade in the two thousand and twenty one sunset. Or how much rust marine will have upon his return. Marine Prescott are currently the only starting quarterbacks in the NFL who possessed of completion percentage above seventy percent. Marie's is a bit higher than decks, but that has more passing yards or touch now passes, excuse me, and fewer interceptions. Now, if you're in the stats to prove your quarterback is NFL's MVP and La Rams Matthew Stafford has to be your guy leading the leading, passing your hands. It's the only quarterback pass broken the three thousand yard passing barriers so far this season. He's also third and passing touchdowns this season with twenty four. Stafford should be the leader when you look at his statistics on paper, but to bad games in a row for him put it put him in the back seat for this award. On your team places in the standings have a lot to do with how people vote. Stafford's Rams aren't even the best team in their own division. Might not be fair, but until it rams overtake the Kernels and the division, Stafford will be a guy that has a shot at the award. But will be they taken down a peggy because of the fact I might be in the minority, but Ram's white up Cooper Cup as some MVP momentum. The only issue with the RAMS HAVING TO MVP candidates is one player will take away votes from the other. Sorry, but I think Stafford is behind Prescott for this award. Might be beneficial for the ramps to take the division lead so that statement can be used against Marie. So if those three guys would be on Prescott who's even or ahead of him? That question. It's very tricky, but I believe the answers for everyone. I think green bay packers Aaron Rodgers wasn't a great position. Repeat as MVP, Rogers has fewer passing yards at DAC, even though he has throwing the ball more. It's complete could aian percentage of sixty six percent is good, but it's clearly behind dacks seventy percent. Just for comparison, Prescott has the record of the highest completion percentage of any rookie quarterback, with a sixty eight point seven completion percentage. Rogers also has three fewer passing touchdowns and dacks twenty, but he only has foreign receptions compared to dacks five. Is the season ended today, Rogers and the packers would be the number one seed in the NFC simply because they have not had their by both teams have two losses, just like every other elite team in the League, so I would consider their records a push. I just do not think the NFL wants to hand Aaron Rodgers there mv tree, MVP Trophy Toy guy who used word games the media to deceive people. I'm almost positive that the NFL knew of his covid vaccination status, yet they did nothing to curb his mascos antics. The player with fewer...

...accolades would probably have been made an example of if he pulled the same stunt rodgers did them. NFL MVP, in my view, is someone who not only leads headlines on the field, but carries himself as a press professional off of it. So the only player that I would consider even with Prescott, is Tom Brady. Pretty has the head to head win, but the cowboys have a better record. Brady has two thousand eight hundred seventy passing yards, which is five hundred and twenty nine more than Prescott pretty and also has seven more touchdown passes than deck, but has seven interceptions to go along with it. Brady is on a Tener, but that plays a more complete game than Brady. What I mean by that it's Brady has a twenty two leading rusher in the NFL, and Fournett quarterbacks Lamar Jackson Jalen hurds have more rushing yard than Tampa's leading rusher. W cowboys, Zikia Eliot is the league's fifth leading rusher, and it's sixty three yards away from third place. Prescott could have numbers like Brady of Dallas were of a band. In the run, Prescott is keeping up with a big boy statistically. You know he has to let Zeek eat. Let's not forget Prescott missed a game due to injury. Must pull down early. This past weekend, DAC and the cat was also had their by week. All the packers of cardinals and Ram still have to take theirs thereby. We should allow Prescott to close the gap statistically, if he isn't leading them already, as the city's mahomes buffalo is Josh Allen, raiders, Derek car, all guys that can get back into the race but have clearly fallen behind the pack. The second half of the season is going to provide many answers, but I hope everyone is ready to crown the new king, and the new king resides in Dallas. And that is all we have for this episode of the big D breakdown. Let us know your thoughts in comments on the topics we cuboard in the common section below. Please do hit that subscribe button and if you want to support the show, you can buy us a coffee and buy me a coffeecomash the big D thank you and we'll see you next time.

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