The Big D Breakdown
The Big D Breakdown

Episode · 10 months ago

Dak Prescott Can Never Be This Bad Ever Again


This week on the Big D Breakdown, we take a look at the disaster last week was for the Cowboys against the Broncos. Dak Prescott was horrible and now he can't afford to be that bad again. We also dive into the reality that abysmal games will happen and this one was just that. While their loss against Denver hurts, we must realize the sky is not falling on the Cowboys. Finally, we look at the injury bug that has plagued the Cowboys roster. 


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Welcome to the big D breakdown, your home for all things of Dalf cowbows news. Welcome to the big D breakdown, your home for all things downas cowboys, from news, reactions and more. This is the big D breakdown. But first would I can think our sponsor upon dext for sponsoring this episode. Check them out. To Day contextcom. Use the Bromo Code to Larry Twenty one for ten percent off your first purchase. And now on to our first topic. Dak Prescott can never be this bad ever again. Dallas catboys came in and Sunday's matchup fresh off the huge Sunday night victory over the Vikings, and without that Prescott, that's where the good news stops. For the last two Sundays, though, on this Sunday and against Denver broncosting that had just traded away their star and arguably best player, and von Miller, the cowboys were probably smelling themselves a bit too much. Never mind the generality.

So there is one key takeaway from his ugly, embarrassing and Putrid boss. Dallas, or excuse me, Dak Prescott, can never be that bad again. Getting it out of the way, you can't blame the calf. If you hurt, don't play. If you play, you're not hurt. But that he was terrible. He overthrew receivers, he wasn't sharp and, though he was being harassed by the broncos defensive front, he didn't make the playsy tipicly makes can make. It needs to be made by your franchise guy. You don't have to go to the analytics of it, all over the numbers, but if you must, they catboys didn't score their first touchdown or points of the game even until the fourth quarter. Up until that point, a drive that started with thirty two left in the fourth Prescott was something like nine twenty six, with no touchdowns, interception and around a hundred yards, or just a bit over two meaningless touchdown drive saw'm go around eleven to sixteen, four hundred and thirty, which only emphasizes the poor showing that it was his... one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine performance for just two hundred and thirty two yards. Again, you didn't need the numbers to see that he was awful on Sunday, but they certainly didn't do them any justice. You could point to the defense allowing Denver to do a lot of whatever they wanted, but with a for one eighteen minute time of possession describe to see. For the two offenses, that too is on the cowboys offense and inevitably Dak Prescott. You can blame some of the lanky calls, such as a punk punt block fiasco, which totally makes sense, by the way, but isn't absolutely killer. However, with the way decket played on game, that still may have only been a field goal on one of the only scores prior to the fourth quarter. Yes, it could have shifted momentum, but you play the cards you are dealt on Sunday, Prescott's poker face got him busted, and so it was the fate of his team. There are a few positives to take away from a game like this, being blanked when you were one of the top offenses in the League, if not the best. For Optimism Sake, you hope to get these kinds of games out of the way earlier than...

...later, while hopefully it operates like that for them. Yes, the cliche wake up call, and it certainly qualifies to be that this can't happen again if they want to win big this year. Play in simple that stands for the entirety of the Dallas conboys as a whole team, and certainly Dak Prescott the team. No one needs him to be better, so they in turn be their best. And now under our second topic. Abysmal Games can and will happen. There's been years since the Dallas cowboys put such put up such an abysmal game. This amazing team we've seen so far this season either for got their identity or just absolutely shell shocked by a hunger. Your dever brounkers team that had more to prove to the football world, at any rate, Sundays three sixteen loss to the proplys was absolutely terrible. The cowboys seemed flat...

...and nothing was working. You could see it all across the team. They didn't expect to play as poorly as they did. The gregand scheme of things, everything will be just fine for America's team. The best teams in the NFL tend to have games like these. You know a done of a game where everything goes wrong, but her disappointment is in the air and everyone starts to say it's a started with downward spritle, that bad football games like somebody. So loss. Excuse me, could be accountabist for worst to come or have proven recipe for other teams to follow to derail such a solid team when they meet on Game Day. The good news is cameras will be just fine. These things happen and honestly, no team will win e recingle game during a regular season. In essence, it's a good thing this happened is now the coaches, team leaders and players can all go over the film with a bounce back in week ten. The regular season is a long one and it's best to always take things one week in, one game at a time.

The cowboys are still on top at six and two, which is not bad for going in the month of November. No, it's not time to hit the panic button. I think the cowboys we're done just off of one bad football game when there was quarterback Prescott being rusty after being out for two weeks, or the defense for getting the basics of tackling. It wily easily regroups sooner and rather than later. The coaches know how special this team can be, based on everything they've accomplished so far this season. Most importantly, the players know that what happened in week nine against the Broncos will never happen again. There's too much talent and, well, pride across this entire roster. I'll let that loss set the tongue the rest of the season. Make no mistake about it. Cowboys will learn from this and make the necessary adjustments and tweaks to get back on track. It's any given Sunday in the NFL and well, the Broncos got the best of them. There's no sugarcoating at the cowboys where the inferior team on Sunday. Luckily, there's still plenty of football left to be playing and even more time for the cowboys to get back to...

...their winning ways. And our next topic. This guy is not falling on the on this Dallas cowboys team. Like we've Hashed Rehashed Multiple Times, Dallas canboys were served a beating on a silver platter on Sunday. There's no two ways around it. Broncos came into Eighteen Te Stadium and work the conways up and down the field on both sides of the ball. There isn't much silver in lining from the game. Press got a half career day for all the wrong reasons, with some of his lowest numbers today the defense was gashed all day long. Even the special teams couldn't catch a break. One bright spot I do want to shit some light on is Malik Turner. You can't waite forth wide receiver showed a lot of heart and fight by still playing hard and contributing two touchdowns late, even though the game was out of reach. There... something to take from that one cell, whichible thing from yesterday. Maybe. The rest of the NFC East is a complete circus, and the cowboys held a four game lead in the last column over the Eagles, giants and Washington football team. This as bad as yesterday. What or Sunday, excuse me, was in the undeniability of it. The Sky is not falling. It's still so far from time to press the painting button and I think it's more of a reset. Why? First up, it is a seventeen game season in the NFL. It's a brutal grind and it is really tough to expect the team to be a lightsound weekend and week out. Secondly, the talent level and NFL is so close amongst teams, at the gap between six and one and four and four. It's something closer than what we want to realize really does a team run through their schedule without stumbles and giving away a game? They should? I say this because there are a few interesting things I've noticed in looking at teams the last few years who reached Super Bowl and ultimately won it. Two Thousand and eighteen, the Patriots lost back to back... to the seven and six of dolphins in eight and five steelers in December. They won their final two games in the regular season and ran through the playoffs on their way to a title. Two Thousand and nineteen, it's city chiefs dropped the game to the five and five tits, bringing them to barely over a five hundred record of six and four. Che's rattled off six straight wins before the playoffs, kept by their run for the title. In Two thousand and twenty, the buccaneers lost three out of four games of the month of November, leaving them at seven and five. During the final month of the season, the bucks took their final four games to go into the playoffs hot, and they also ended their season with a title. I'm not saying that the cowboys have nothing to worry about after yesterday's performance. The lack of focus and the slow start mixed with the inability to get anything going are things that simply can't continue with. This team wants to follow the trend of the last three super bowl winners, but one of my saying is that the NFL... quite an unpredictable beast and things get weird. Week nine alone saw seven underdogs went out right. That ties directly into the talent gap being so much smaller that fans realize every player on both teams it's paid and playing for their next contract. The Lost stunk and there is really nothing positive the cowboys can take from that game film. But I think it's also important to press pause on the sky falling and take a deep breath. Cowboys are still a good team. They're still going to be in contention throughout the season. They will still be in the picture when we enter the final month of the season and the playoffs. This gave needs to be an exception, with the first seven games being the rule. The cowboys can do that. They have the ability to continue the Super Bowl trend I spoke of earlier. And our final topic.

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