The Big D Breakdown
The Big D Breakdown

Episode · 10 months ago

Dallas Cowboys: Are they for real or just a Halloween costume?


This week on The Big D Breakdown:

  • 3 Keys to Dallas Beating The Vikings on Halloween
  • Ranking The Cowboys Games Weeks 1-6
  • Odds/Predictions for Week 8 Against Minnesota
  • Are the Cowboys for Real or Just a Halloween Costume


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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hands. Whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code, Larry? Twenty one. Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the big D breakdown, your home for all things Dallas Cowboys News. Welcome to the big D breakdown. I'm your host, Larry Release. Thanks for tuning in for another week Dallas Cowboys News and analysis. Our first main topic is the three keys to beating the Minnesota Vikings on Halloween. The Dallas cowboys coming to this matchup winning five straight games after losing their season opener against Tom Brady and the Tampa baby buccaneers. On the other side, the Minnesota Vikings had an up and down season but are coming off backtoback wins against the Detroit Lions and the Carolina Panthers. Both teams are also coming off a by week. The cowboys been red hunt all season long. Their offense looks unstoppable, with quarterback Dak Prescott now in the MVP conversation through seven weeks. On the other hand, their defense is much improved from a season ago, led by cornerback Dreyvon digs, who has seven interceptions on the season. These have contributed to Dallas has early success, leading them to a five and one record to start the two thousand and twenty one season. As a result, America's team is wine that we considered to be one of the best teams in the NFL. There five and one record is the fifth best in the League, but is also the fifth best in the NFC, with Arizona Cardinals, seven and one, La Rams six and one, Green Bay packers seven and one, Tamba Bay buccaneer six and one, all having better records. It's important to note that none of these teams have had a bye week yet. Nonetheless, this matchup between the cowboys and Vikings could be the biggest game for both teams in recent weeks. The cowboys are trying to push the record six and one, while the Vikings are trying to go above five hundred for the first time this season. There are many possible ways that the cowboys could win this game, but here the keys to the game for Week A. Dallas cowboys establish the run early. The cowboys play their best games when they run early and often. As a team, they rank second behind the Cleveland browns and rush yards per game with a hundred sixty four point three. This is led by the two headed monster running backs, Zeki Elliott and Tony Polar despite the week off, both players are ranking the top sixteen this season and...

...toll rushing yards. Elliot is fifth with five hundred twenty one yards and Poulard is sixteen with three hundred sixty six yards. Additionally, both players are rank in the top ten in yards per carrying. Amongst other running backs. Pauler leads the league with six yards per carry, when Elliott is eighth with five point one yards per carrying. As a result, the cowboys get to run game going. It's scary for defenses. Running the football in this game is imperative if this team wants to come out on top. Additionally, if quarterback Dak Prescott can't go, running the football would be Hound Dallas wins this game. The Vikings run defense isn't one of the best in the league either. Although they have some solid weapons in her front seven, like defensive end Daniel Hunter Linebacker Eric Kendricks, they still struggle against the run. This season they ain't twenty six and rush yards allowed per game, with a hundred twenty eight pot oh this can be the biggest advantage for the cowboysn't in this game. The last time the Vikings face the team in the running back to it like this was week four against the Cleveland browns. Both running backs, sneat Chub and cream hunt, combined for a hundred sixty nine yards and a touchdown while averaging four point nine yards per carry. Number two, pressure kirk cousins. Kirk cousins might be regarded as one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the league, especially in this season. He's thrown for seven teen hundred yards, thirteen touchdowns two interceptions, with a quarterback rating of a hundred five point four. A solid season so far for the former Michigan state alum. He has put the team on his back to season. With running back Delwin Cook missing some time with an ankle injury. Nevertheless, with Cook back all in Dallas's attention could be on the twenty six year old star, who's one of the game's best. Might even be shocking to some that the Dallas camboys have to worry about cousins, WHO's only made two pro bowls in his career. However, the six three quarterback has been quite successful a against Dallas in recent years. Over his time with Washington, cousins has played nine games against the cowboys, throwing for twenty four hundred yards, seventeen touchdowns, five hundred receptions and a pastor reading of one hundred three point one. On average, he throws for two hundred and seventy three yards, one point nine touchdowns, point six interceptions per game against America's team. But it's his recent stats against Dallas with this Minnesota team accures them some trouble. With the last two seasons, cousins has combined for five hundred dirty yards, five touchdowns, zero interceptions against the cowboys. In two thousand and nineteen. Thirty one year old camp quarterback, excuse me, through fo two hundred and twenty yards and two touchdowns in the two eight twenty four victory. The last season, cousins through for three hundred yards, three touchdowns and a thirty one to twenty eight loss. Although cousin has had success in his career under pressure, including a two thousand and nineteen, when he was ranked the fifth best quarterback under pressure with a ninety one point...

...five passion rating, the cowboys can't give him a clean pocket to throw this season. The two time pro bowlers the highest graded quarterback. With a clean pocket, they go. Cowboys can't let cousins beat them through the air with a clean pocket and they have to get to him, make this game uncomfortable as possible for him and force them to make bad throws. Finally, number one, the defensive line has to stay in their ground. The Defensive Line has been surprisingly underrated this season, even without star defensive and the Marcus Lawrence. Lawrence has been out since weak two with a broken foot. However, a defensive end, Randy Gregory, has stepped up nicely in his place. The former Nebraska star is coming off at two SAC performance, including a force fumble, and week six, not only as gregory been impressive, but still has rookie defensive tackle Mosta. Yeah, I'm not going to try to say his last name. The former third round pick in the two thousand and twenty one NFL draft has fitted nicely in the starting role for Dallas. He's got two sacks, eight quarterback hits thirteen tackles this season. However, the cowboys defensive line will need to stand their ground in this matchup. Players like defensive end Torell Bash them and defensive tackle Carlos Watkins likely have to step up in this game. Not only do they need to get pressure and cousins, but they also need to stop star running back Dalvin Cook. Dallas's defense has to step up big in this game, and that starts with the defensive line. They have to couse havoc, get to the quarterback, stop to run and make the game as hard as possible for the Vikings. And now we're going to rank the cowboys games from week one through six. We're starting off number six cowboys versus the Philadelphia Eagles from week three. Most years this game would be towards the top. Division Games, especially against the eagles, tend to be more back and forth. However, in the previous two meetings against the eagles it's been a lopsided victory in Dallas's favor and week sixteen to two thousand and twenty, cowboys beat the eagles thirty seven to seventeen. In Week three this season, cowboys handled business, ending in a one thousand, one hundred and twenty one smackdown. Running back Elliott rush for ninety five yards and two touchdowns, while Prescott through for two hundred and thirty eight yards and three touchdowns. It's game was also where Treyvon Diggs had his first pick six. That defense was flying all over the field when the cowboys beat up on the eagles. Is Fun to watch as a fan, but the game seemed to be over before halftime, when Dallas was up twenty two seven. I could not find myself at the edge of my seat the whole game. Like some of their games. It was still fun to watch, but unfortunately one of these six games had to be at the bottom of the list, and it was week three against the eagles. Number five cowboys versus the New York giants week five. There were many headlines that focus on before the game. None were more significant than Prescott returning to the same game, time and field where he suffered his seasoning ending in Collin during two thousand and twenty and week five, a two thousand and twenty safety and Logan Ryan awkwardly tackled Prescott and he suffered...

...a compound fracture in his right ankle. All offseason that spinal I was on the right ankle to see how it would hold up. Prescott was running the top of the MVP conversation for the previous four weeks, but it seemed like you have one final test to pass. He did so with flying colors. Prescott finished the game three hundred and two yards, passing three touchdowns. It's not pretty to start, but Dallas other came the mental mistakes that dominate the giants, winning forty four to twenty. If not for all the injuries happening to New York, this game could have been more competitive. Week five allow Prescott to exercise his demons of two thousand and twenty and show the league he is one of the top playmakers of two thousand and twenty. One number four Dallas cowboys with US versus the Los Angeles chargers. Week two, the wizard who make the NFL schedule Eve season gave the cowboys no favors by starting their season on the road. Not only were week one and two backtoback road games. But Dallas had to go coast to coast. After losing to the buccaneers to kick off the season, cowboys went home to Dallas flew out to Los Angeles. The team was trying to avoid the season killing Owen to start, after being beaten by quarterback Tom Brady. Boy Did they avoid Owen two in a dramatic fashion. Dallas had no business to win this game. After the defense started to give up chunk play aft to chunk play. They were lucky enough to have two penalties take away fourteen points from the chargers. Prescott did not play great, so the cowboys had to rely on the running backs, Elliott and Tony Pollard. Both backs carried the team on their shoulders, combining for a hundred eighty rushing yards. Week two was Pollard's breakout game, rushing for a hundred nine the total yards, averaging just over eight yards of carry. Thanks to a fifty six yard game winning field goal by Greg's airline, Dallas pulled off a much needed victory against an excellent chargers team led by quarterback Justin Herbert. Number Three, Dallas Cowboys Versus Carolina Panthers. Week four this game was one of the headliners of the week, where the California, or excuse me, Carolina, panthers for a wheel with the record of three or no, could they stop the Dallas cowboys, who run around a role offensively winning the previous two games? The answer no. What made this game so much fun was how back and forth it was going into halftime. Quarterback Sam Donald showed flashes of Cam Newton, rushing for two touchdowns, while Dallas offense with dising apart the number one ranked defense to the air and on the ground. When kickers and Gun Zalis missed the field goal to start the third quarter, and is when the script was flipped in the cowboys favor. After some hard runs by Elliott, Prescott found wide receiver and Murray Cooper down the sideline for a beautiful touchdown pass. From there Dallas racked up another thirteen points after trayvon digs interceptions and the games seemed to be over. Are Panthers made it interesting with a laid offensive surge, but it was a little too late. Now, with the three and one record, the buzz was starting around the...

...cowboys being a legit playoff contender and possibly super bowl bound. Thanks to their defensive player that year, Kennedy Diggs. Number Two Dallas cowboys versus the Tampa Bay buccaneers from week one. Now some might be critical and ask why it's there only lost in the season ranked second, and it is because it marked the rival, or the arrival, excuse me, of a resilient offense and defense for Dallas. Not only did the cowboys have to take on the defending champions at home, but they did kick it off the two thousand and twenty one season. The matchup brought in twenty four point eight million viewers, so all eyes were watching to see if Dallas would improve from their disastrous two thousand and twenty season. At Prescott was Tototoe, with arguably the greatest quarterback ever, and Tom Brady. After Prescott injureduced throwing shoulder and training camp he casually completed forty two of fifty eight passes for four and three yards, three touchdowns and an interception. The questions about its health were put to bed. The bucks are a difficulty to face and if not for a couple in this field, goals by Greg's airline Alice could easily be five and over right now, or old victories do not show up on a limit loss column at the end of the season, but this game showed shaped mentality for Dallas going forward. If they were to take on Tampa Bay right now, I put my money on Dallas because they're much improved team since in the last week one. And finally, at number one, Dallas cowboys versus the New England Patriots on week six. All I could say what a game. In my opinion, there can be no other game this season rent higher than the week six matchup in New England. Dallas had the opportunity to take up commanding three game division lead over the rivals and beat head coach Bill Belichick on its own turf. Just like against the giants in week five. This game did not start well for Dallas. That press got through an interception and fumbled the ball on fourth and goal. They could have easily been up two thousand, one hundred and ten going and a half time if not for the red zone miskeys. Those mistakes have to be cleaned up. Luckily, something got them fired up for the third quarter. In Dallas took the lead seventeen and fourteen after a touchdown pass two receivers. CD Land, however, penalties continue to plague the production. Then came the crazy fourth quarter. Patriots took the lead and Twenty Dallas Miss the field goal with to thirty six left to play in the game, seeming like the game was over. Then the savior that Trevor Trey von Digs is comes up with a clutch pick six and the conwboys retake the lead, twenty six to twenty one, after missing a two point conversion. And the floor breaks loose again when quarterback Matt Jones there was a seventy five yard bomb on the very next playing. The heads of cowboys fans dropped in defeat. But with press don at quarterback, anything is possible. Prescott went on to take multiple touch clutch throws which led the game tying field goal for overtime. From there he put the game in his hands. So did a defense made a...

...critical stop and it was over. He threw a jump past a lamb for the game winning score. Dallas went in a bye week without five and one record talks of being a legitimate super bowl and contender. They currently ring six in our current power rakings. After their gutsy art and five win against the Patriots, there's no reason I think the season cannot end in a Lombardi trophy run. And now it's time to give you our odds and predictions for NFL week eight game against the Minnesota Vikings. Coming off a bye week, the Dallas cowboys are ready to continue with their task at hand. They've won their last five straight games and continue to impress the football world. We Gate they hit the road against the Minnesota Vikings, a team that is on the two game winning streaks still trying to find its identity. Cowboys quarterback that Prescott is good to go and we'll be starting under center on Sunday. Despite a week six scare. In a thrilling overtime victory over the New England patriots, he got hit with a calf string injury on the final play the game, but it is not only in good spirits, but off the walking boot he's been on since then. With the game being played on Sunday night football and Halloween, it's going to be a great game to see which team can continue their momentum. Expect a good one. Of Ladies and gentlemen, this could be one of those classic back and forth shootouts that go on till the bitter end. Week ate. Betting odds on a wind bet have the cowboys as a too minus two point out point favorites. On the road, the cowboys have thirty money line odds, while Vikings are the underdog at on hundred and ten. The total for the game is set and an over under fifty five points. The bye week to rest up and continue working on tweaking things across the board for even more consistent success. Expect to see the cowboys picked up exactly where they left off from their clicking on all cylinders, and we'll be looking to once again silence all their critics in front of a national audience by showing their grit and resilience to win close football games. This cowboys versus Vikings Week eight matchup will be, surprisingly, be a very good game to watch. It'll be a close one, but the cowboys will edge out a win with their usual dramatic antics. I'm predicting at thirty one twenty eight, cowboys winning to go six and one at this point of the season. And finally, we looked up answer the big question about the Dallas cowboys. Are they for real or just a Halloween costume? The Dallas cowboys looking or not like it or not, excuse me, have garnered themselves a reputation of late season collapses and problem missteps and an uncanny ability to falter down the stretch. It's the twenty twenty one team different or they just masquerading in costume? That may get exposed once Halloween passes. Let me start by saying I had to talk a little about bount Halloween. Let's see who this cowboys team is, one of...

...mine, judging on my criteria, is going to be more black and white. I'm going to look at a few different areas and make the call. I think things can continue or will be or will we see the clock straight midnight on the Costume Party? The Dallas gatways offense isn't just a costume party. We might as well dive right into what I think continues their strong start, where we can expect to see continued success. That begins with a combination of offensive cording in or killing more and the entire offense. If it was more reali on one offensive attack to success might be short lived, but his proven ability to adapt based on the defense is weaknesses is one that will transcend most things all season. More tells the number one offense and total yards, the fifth best passing offense, the second best rushing attack, all culminating with the highest scoring offense in the NFL. These numbers are ones that proved the cowboys can do it in a multiple way and multiple multitude of ways. Excuse me, Zeeki on Ellie and Tony Pollard are both in the top sixteen total rushing yards. Oh well, having one less games and many other running backs, the offensive line is going to try to get reinforcements. That should only spur this attack onward. Seeing lamb, Maury Cooper or Dalton Schultz, I'll have at least three hundred fifty receiving yards and three touchdowns. Throwing said Jake Wilson, like Darwin, Noah Brown, Poulard and Eliot all year, or above a hundred yards. The passing outlets of plentifull Michael Gallop. Will we turn shortly and give DOBT Prescott another weapon? Can the cowboys defense avoid turning into a rotting pumpkin? The defense is where I'm curious to see if a regression occurs. I'll start by saying the two thousand and twenty one cowboys defense has stepped up beyond most expectations. They are the fifth best rushing defense until the fourth best turnover differential and plus seven. They're passing defense ranks twenty nine, best in the NFL, twenty three and to yards allowed. But that is not so clear cut. The cowboys I've been playing with leads the season forcing teams to throw the ball. They have also a fourth turnovers, with eleven interceptions and three fumble recoveries through only six games, let by Treyvon digs coming out party stand I view as impressive, but also slowly herd to keep up. It's a cowboys having a League leading twenty point six percent of their defensive drives ending in some sort of a turnover. I get concerned about what happens when a turnover party comes to a close, which unfortunately, will eventually happen during a game. To season's teams will protect the ball and avoid the interceptions on this team. At that point can the defense get true stops by stepping up and playing sound defense? I think the conboys defense has the cushion or relying on their offense too much. This defense is built to play with, leads to their aggressive nature. I don't want them having to keep us... a game right hit rather them, and it with sacks or turn it was. The cowboys are a good team and have a lot going for them this weekend in primetime on the Road Minnesota. It's a tough one and are you as a tough smatchup since the chargers in week two. Hollowe night always gets a little weird. I just hope the cowboys aren't wearing the costumes and it's good team finds ways to win. It's who they really are. Before we go, like think your sponsor audible. You can visit audible trailcom slash Larry Twenty one for a free thirty day trial and a free audiobook of your choice. We'd like to thank you for listening to this episode of the big D breakdown. You can follow us on twitter at big D breakdown, find us on facebook and Instagram at the big D breakdown and we'll see you next week. It's been a big D breakdown with your host, Larry. We thank you for listening and watching. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown, on twitter, facebook. You big D breakdown, not instagram. Just searched the big D breakdown. Thank you for joining. See you next time.

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