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Episode · 11 months ago

Dallas Cowboys Finally Cut Ties with Jaylon Smith


We have now reached the first quarter pole of the 2021 NFL season and honestly, I don’t think Dallas Cowboys‘ fans could be much happier. After going toe-to-toe with the champs on opening night, Dallas has won three straight games in impressive fashion.

On Today's Episode: 

- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Week 4

- My Week 5 Predictions and Look Ahead

- The Sudden Release of Jaylon Smith

- Players On The Rise and Decline


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Welcome to the big D breakdown. I'm your host, Larry Lease. They were diving into the latest cowboys news from around earl ten. First One, I could think, our sponsor, publics, for sponsoring this episode. Po tics are unique in questions and episode starting prompts in the ball of your hand. So whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcast, they're looking to grow your audience or get more engagement. You're going to want to check out pub descom. Use Code Larry Twenty one or ten percent after first order. That's Promo Code to Larry Twenty one for ten percent after first order. And then you also, I can think, our new sponsor, audible. Check them out today. Audible trialcom Larry Twenty one for a free thirty day trial and a free audiobook of your choice. On wile has books from it. Our audio books of every genre you can imagine. Check them out today. Audible trialcom so, audible trial oncom Larry Twenty one. Now let's dive right in. So to start we're going to take a look at week for the good. The band the Hadley is now r I have the week five. We haven't now reached the first quarter pole. The twenty twenty one nfl season and honestly, I don't think cowboys bands could be any happier. And Shoot, I'm shocked at what's going on. After going toe to toe with the Champs on opening night, Dallas at won three straight games, and impressive fashion. From a road victory over the best team currently in the AFC, dominating homelands over the visional foes Philadelphia and the previously undefeated Carolina Panthers, the cowboys are rolling hot for what seems like forever, even though it's still early. His team is finally playing complimentary football. Offensively, the Dallas cowboys are sitting in the top five and total yards, rushing yards and points per game scored. Defensively, they have a top ten rush defense in our second and takeaways. With the easiest part of their schedule coming up, things are setting up for the Dallas canboys to go on or run and separate themselves and NFC east. Before we get there, let's take one last look at week four and discuss the good. The band in the other from three thousand six D twenty eight victory over Carolina good almost as soon as the final second ticked off the clock at Raymond James Stadium. Four weeks ago there were those who cannot wait to burry running back Ezechy Ellie and careboys rushing attack. I'm surprising the the rumors of his demise were premature and quite ridiculous. Each week seeks, production has turned it up where it's kicking up a few watches a hundred forty three yards in a touchdown against the previous best team in the league. When it comes to Russian defense, is running mate Tony Pollard has been cooking as well.

Elliott currently is posting over five yards carry want Pollard's knocking on the door of seven yards for Carrie. Sunday's performance from the dynamic duo was the most impressive, especially after last week's outing against Philadelphia. Many were worried after seeing center tyler and guard Connor Williams get bullied by the eagles interior alignment. That was not the case against Carolina. Cat Boys ran the ball thirty four times for two hundred forty five yards, controlling the game on the ground. Things continued in this direction. It's not on the realm of the possibility that bout Elliott and Paulard reached a thousand yards of two thousand and twenty one. But, as always, there's always bad side. We're being honest, the Dallas can't was put this game away. With one amazing quarter, led by two players, specifically defensive been by Gregory wrecked the game, constantly hounding the posing quarterback on the outside. CORNERBACK Treyvon digs continue its great play, picking out two passes on backtoback drives. Third Quarter saw game in which Dallas trail by one at half to lay by nineteen going to the final stanza. After that, things were not so great. Digs left the game with some backsworeness. This was, thankfully, pretty pretcautionary, but it seemed like his exit, plus a score allowed this team to go into cruise control. That's not how things work in the NFL, Carolyn, and no problem reminding the cowboys of this fact. The panthers put up touchdowns on back to back drives, closing the gap to one score. If not for the above good of the campbells rushing attack, things had the opportunity to go very bad. Moving forward. His team will need to keep your foot on the gas for all sixty minutes. There are several good teams left on the schedule and things might not go the same way of the situation rises again, and the other Dallas cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, is no problem making bold news. During the two thousand and sixteen NFL draft, Jones made one of his biggest in recent memory, drafting linebacker Jaylon Smith when he could not even run do a grewsome leg injury sustained in his last college game. Two Thousand and sixteen became a red shirt ear for Smith, as he needed that time recover and Rehimb the following year Smith was sprinkled into the mix before finally becoming a starter near the end of two thousand and seventeen season. The next three years I'LL SMITH START EVERY game at linebacker, culminating with the two thousand and nineteen pro bowl selection and a six year, sixty eight billion extension before fortunately for all involved, that peak was the beginning of the end. Last season, Smith's play was abysmal. Smith never really helped himself whenever he had an opportunity to own his terrible on field present presence, swiping it completely inexcusable times. And telling all this, to... the film and question about his points. A lot of people off this ear nothing improved. Even when snaps severely limited. Smith's continue to show an inability to shed blocks, made numerous band reads and it was a complete liability and pass coverage. Tuesday night, Dallas Cowboys decided that eating seven million dollars was worth ending the experiment. I can go on and on how bad the entire Jamelon Smith era really was, but there's no point to that now. JOLN is a phenomenal person off the field. He's into a changing a lot of people's lives in real life, which absolutely matters. Do you not honestly know if another team will bring him in for a look? See it's could very well be the end of his football life, but I definitely wish him continued success for rest his days on earth. Now we're going to look at three players on the rise after this victory, three players who have fallen. The Panthers gave the Dallas Canby was just about only could handle on the first half of Sunday's afternoon match. Second half was a completely different story, though. The cowboys hand in it undefeated panther squad their first loss of the season, just like last week. I truly do believe there's much to be upset about here. For Dallas it's another complete team victory. Things that look a bit swompy the first half are cleaned up in a second and when really maddened the cowboys and posted their will against the Carolina team that has a bright season ahead of them. So at first yeallas cowboys player who has risen is defensive end Randy Gregory, Ed Dresser Ringdi. Gregory has played well in all three games, but the one thing he hasn't done quite yet was bring down the opposing quarterback. On I finally broke through for his first couple of sects the season weeks four contest against Carolina. It's first of the day came early on the panthers opening drive of the game as a veteran brought quarterbacks am donald down the force panthers point. The second came right after the two minute warning in the first half. It's great read demolished former Camboys swing tackle came or being can make it third down. Both were big players that came at crucial moments and helped set the tone for a huge game. From the defensive line, gregories potential has always been clear, so nice to see him have a big game. Just like its fellow defensive linemate, the Marcus Lawrence. He's impact doesn't always translate in huge sack numbers, but it's consistently playing well. Lawrence coming back it should open up even more opportunities for Gregory to get out of quarterback. And one player who stock has following Linebacker Jon Sick Myth. Tell... among those who is hoping that two thousand and twenty one would be a resurgenciason for former pro bowl one backer Jalan Smith. Alas, it just hasn't been a case. In after multiple seasons disappointing play, the Dallas Cowboys officially moved on the former second round pick out a Notre Dame Smith's continued playing, continued poor play, I should say, and now release has landed him in the stock down Canagora. That's it. Generally. We wish him well, however, his next stop might be and to become a pretty easy target for fan first ration in recent years, and then you're quick to forget the fact that he ever even played a meaningful down in the NFL, let alone at the level he did early on was inspiring and nothing short of amazing. And his best he frequently showed extended glimpses of the electric player many considered to be the best defender in the two thousand and sixteen draft. It's two thousand and eighteen season in particular had many fans thinking that he lightened banderesh could be the leading Dallas line backing corps for years to come. Isn't really showcase that ability in recent seasons, though. It's then it's been a massive my building coverage and struggle monely to get off any block. The Albatross contract extension he signed in two thousand and nineteen surely didn't help matters either. So far two thousand and twenty one hasn't been terribly kind of. He's made a few plays that flashed his former playmaking ability, but it's been far from a return to form. Jordy the time he's just look at last out there with Keanu meals and pending return from the COVID nineteen list. This Week Smith was likely going to be the odd man out in the linebacker rotation. And finally, Alas, cowboys player new stock has written jar and curse and Dallas's new safeties. For years, the cowboys of largely ignored the safety position and they've gotten mostly subpar performance for most of the players they have trot it out there. For whatever reason, just hasn't been a position that the team has put significant resources into, and it's something that it's always frustrated a large portion of the fan base send the caving to fan pressure making splashing moves such as acquiring someone like, Oh, I don't know, it's just hypothetically say, a former all pro publicly lobbying to come down US and whose name is magically escaping me at the moment. The camboys have long opten to sign at low risk, low reward players and Free Agency for Trout Out Lake Round draft picks. The most part, they've gotten what they paid for this offseason and cowboys didn't radically change our philosophy. What did change how we're was the upside of the players they took a chance on after donal and Wilson. To show all our promise at the end of the last season, the team went out and signed the Monte cassie Jane Warn Curse to one year deals. To pair with it, just before... camp, they also ink former folk safety malick cooker to a similar one year deal. Years has already proven his value and has made multiple big plays and every game this season we find it hard to be disappointed by the player about play that Dallas has gotten from any of these guys. To start the year, on Sunday jeer and curse tiny Anthony Brown for the team lead with six tackles, to which came behind the lant line of scrimmage. He's been flying around the field every chains he gets and makes his presence known. When Wilson comes back, Band Queen needs to find ways to keep piers on the field. Safety play wasn't the main story on Sunday pick. It wasn't the main story in the secondary, but this group has exceeded expectations a pretty much and return and they look good against the panthers. They flown under the radar and it's time to give them their do and now. Alas, Gamblay stock, that went down. It's the narrative that the cameloys don't have an elite corner. I just need to make Treyvon diggs a permanent part of this segment of the second year corner and Alabama is doing right now is nothing short of incredible for the Dallas Defense. Right now, biggs is defending NC defensive player the month in the League in is leading all football interception and passes defended. Prior Monday night football, he singlehandedly had more picks than most NFL teams first four games of the seasons. There's many interceptions as any Dallas Cambay's corner has had in a full season in the last quarter century. The last Camboys cornerbacks who even brought down five in a season its terrence newman over a decade ago. The Now Dallas fans have been frustrated by the team's lack of a troupe ballhawk. Well, it seriainly, Peters, that they have one in Treylon Diggs. He's been building on his promising rookie career and he's now played in sixteen career games. Haled an eight interceptions, the key part of this defense and pulling an elite level with digs left the game on Sunday afternoon to manage and tug this in the back. Darnal had a field day, targeting, you see where Dj more and connected for two touchdowns. Finally, Dallas, I'm going to stock that's risen having a balanced offense. He's Dike M. that's so twenty, eighteen, how about fee? Literally anyone on the offense.

It's actually kind of incredible how much fun this down is. Kempis offense is to watch. If so many different ways that they can attack teams and almost any package they want to put out their feels like a mismatch for opposing defenses. He has been resurgent. We've asked aple weeks and he's leading the n FC while ranking fourth in the NFL. And Russians beantastic to see it, but it just as great as that. It's even been annoying that the team is finally figuring out how to use Tony Pollard. At the same time. If Elliot is sending a rough game, no problem, Poulard can give the team a big lift. Zeek is looking like it's all pro self perfect and mixing in polar and ED. Another wrinkle for defense is to worry about Elliott Pouller. Went up against the Carolina team that feature the top drinking on defense and football entering Sunday afternoon. They cover them up like Michael Myers coming home. They had and field on hell we night to the tune of over two hundred yards rushing between them. He already knew this offense was loaded, but they are getting contributions from guys all over the depth chart. Guys like Cedric Wilson, like Jarwin terren steel, Connor McGovern had no problems setting up and playing their role when their number has been called. Through four games, that camboys ranked third in yards per game and fourth and points per game. It's one thing to talk about having a high powered offense, it's another actually do it. The downs gameboys are making use of every one of their weapons and they were refusing to be a one note offense horse. And helps that the team has been playing complete football and they don't have to be. The camboys have been getting better blocking up front the season, having been better rushing the football and I getting solid play under the defense or back and Prescott had far from the sharpest game in season on Sunday, completing fourteen to twenty two pass attempts for only a hundred eighty eight yards. However, for those completions went for touchdowns and when the cowboys really needed him to step up, he was more than willing to meet the challenge. Keys some point is absolutely gorgeous. Third Core touchdown passed Al Mary Cooper which gave the cowboys a lead they'd never end up fling relinquishing. However, and that's a great thing at this the offensive season, everyone is jelling and they're able to be flexible in the game plans. Sure if Prescott needs to throw the ball fifty times in order to keep the cowboys in the game, he can do that. He just doesn't need to right now, and Dallas a little to keep it that way.

And now, looking at or week, five men chip between Eagles or Palm Chee, it's going to be the giants in the cowboys. Not only did the Dallas cowboys do the in thinkable and week for the huge one over the undefeated Carolina Panthers to give them their first loss of the season, but they are on fire. Everything is falling into place. As a cowboys are clicking all cylinders when it comes to offense, defense and special teams. As they finished their three games late at home in eighteen t stadium, they welcome to familiar phone, to their home turf. Oh Yes, leaves and gentlemen, the NFC East rival New York giants are coming to town for another classic division showdown. Team that is one and three so far this season still hasn't found that identity in any way, shape reform. No surprise the momentum of the cowboys. It's so real that there once again, for the third week in a row, favorites to leave this game victorious. The latest win bet betting on when in week five, would make it three straight wins at home for the cowboys and their fourth constitutive victory in a row. Make no mistake about it, these cowboys are real. They're featuring a high octane, yet balanced offensive attack that is consistably got the job done, either through the inner or on the ground. The defensive swarming, winning the turnover battle and truly becoming a commer strength of the team. Even their woes on special teams have improved each passing week to the point they're always getting key contributions from that part of the team that early on the season was problematic. Mc East is right there for taking, as the cowboys are already proving to be the team to beat in the division. Considering me have won their last three games, makes this a no brainer prediction. The cowboys will win, and win big at home, so once again proved to the football world they mean business. The big D is predicting at forty three to thirteen cowboys win, as America's team will make quick work of the giants. And our final topic, it's the surprising release of Jalen Smith. Dallas cameboys chose to relays linebacker Jalen Smith, which was originally reported by Adam Schefter. Cowboys have chosen to go separate ways, with the former Notre Dame fighting Irish and a rather surprising move. The cowboys and the defense, led by coordinator Dan Quinn Care be going in different directions. Smith was the second meeting tackle owner in the NFL last season,...

...a hundred fifty four tackles. Since joining the cowboys in two thousand and seventeen, Smith is tallied five hundred sixteen tackles and nine sex. Smith was a bit of a divisive personality amongst cowboys fans. His wellknown swipe after a tackle became a bit of a running joke in a Cambois fan community. Smith also created some dismaying fans, but choosing the change number nine when many fit and felt that number Bolong, the former quarterback Tony Romo, Smith will still be out his entire yearly salary this year. Seven point six million by the cowboys. The number does get smaller Smith signs when another team in the regular season due to causes that are built into the contract. Smith received a pro bowl none after his performance in the two thousand and eighteen season. There were rumblings of Smith's days being numbered and likely candidate for our roster casualty following this season, but I'm not sure many suspected a midseason cut. There we're talks at the Cowboys Front Office was listening to trade interest around this year's past draft at all timurely did not pull the trigger on any trade. One thing I think is at the timing this release feels a bit it strikes me, is there may be more news to come out as reasons at Legi Smith's very sudden release. Is Not often to see a play that contributes considerable snaps and is also not injured get the news. Get the news he has gone midseason. I'm anxious to see what news leaks out in the coming games and press conferences involving staff and members of the defense. I don't think this move will affect any sort of locker room continuity, as this team and a different edge past cowboys defense. I expect Dan Quinn to have this defense not missing and beat. Is this mean meant? What is this mean for now? I think the first thing I hit me was that fellow linebacker lat and Vanderish it's been fully put on notice. It's pulling out the final year of his contract, and this move shows the cowboys must believe in the linebacking core Kean O'Neil is returning from the covid nineteen list and the cowboys must be a confident in his ability to jump back into action in the middle of the defense. I also think we will get to see the lsu rookie, Shoulbril Cox, see some more snaps as the cowboys continue to incorporate more rookies. For the time being, I'm going to wait to see what details tricking late out in the next few days, but appears at conboys team is different from the past and that they're not afraid to make a median moves they feel necessary. The cowboys still have a great depth. That linebacker should handle this separation fine, but it's a rather intriguing move in recent memory. And that is all we have for this episode of the big D breakdown. Thanks for to me meaning to bigge breakdown.

Let us know your thoughts on the topics who covered by leaving. Come in the comments section below. Be sure to hit that subscribe button like the video your if you like the videos, hit the bell notification be notified in future videos and thanks for watching and we'll see you next time.

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