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Is The NFL Holding The Cowboys To a Higher Standard


If you have not heard, Cowboys defensive tackle and the team’s 2019 top overall draft pick Trysten Hill has been suspended two games by the league for punching Las Vegas Raiders lineman John Simpson during the postgame handshakes.

If we are being honest, it was more of an open-handed slap. That slap leaves the Cowboys thin on the defensive line. The memo Hill received accused him of violating Rule 12, Section 2, Article 14(c) which prohibits striking or swinging at someone from the head up. He was also in violation of Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1 which is basically a general sportsmanship rule.

For the record, I do not condone what Hill did and the professionalism he failed to display on Thanksgiving should have consequences but this suspension is ridiculous.


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Thursday. The cowboys take the new or take on the nor on saints Thursday night and gave it. They desperately need to win to get back on track and if they want any chance at the NFC first round. By fingers crossed, the situation doesn't spiral on the count boys minimize anymore covid concerns. Following the Thanksgiving Day game, the question has come as the NFL Holding Dallas players to a higher standard than the rest of the League. The minute I read the alert. I knew instantly that those who followed the Dallas cowboys closely would have similar feelings on the topic. Getting cowboys fans to agree on anything these days is tough it. This seemingly small blip on the radar is really confusing if you didn't hear. Cowboys defensive tackle on the team's two thousand and nineteen, top overall draft pick, Tristan Hill, has been suspended to games by the League for Punching Las Vegas Raiders Lineman John Simpson during the postgame handshakes. If who are being honest, it was more of an openhanded slap. That slap leaves the cowboys then on the defensive line. The memo he'll received accused him of vitolent violating rule twelve, section to, article fourteen, which prohibit striking or swinging at someone from the head up. It was also in violation of root twelve, section three, Article One, which is basically a general sportsmanship rule. For the record, do not can done. What he'll did into professionalism he failed to display on Thanksgiving should have quant consequences, but this suspension is or day iculous. The NFL needs to be more of transparent when it comes to penalties and suspensions. The NFL prides itself on optics, which is why they try and throw the book at anyone who fails to protect the socalled shield. That is more than likely. Why is zeek Elliot was given a six game suspension even though the justice system did not pursue his case. According to the people at Sport Raccom, there have been a hundred twenty five in fractions in the NFL, with finds almost hitting six point five million. The Denver Broncos have been find the most in the entire league, follow closely by the New Orleans Saints. Your cowboys ranked third on the list. Those teams leading the league and money find have a bit of misdirection on the surface. Both of those teams had players that were suspended multiple games for peds. Of the one point six million, the broncos have been fined one point five of that was cornerback Aj boys ped in fraction alone. New Orleans is in the safe situation where most of their fine was against the player cut doing peeds. The raiders, giants, Rams Broccos, saints and Forty niners are all on the top seven, along with the cowboys. But if you take out the cowboys from the list. No team in the top seven have more than five find in fractions. Cowboys have a wopping eleven in fractions, or more than double any other team in the league. There are thirty two teams in the League. Get the cowboys count for eleven point thirty six percent. Who all finds throughout the NFL? The NFL is worried about optics. Doesn't help that the person who's in charge of determining finds it's none other than former Philadelphia...

Eagles Lyman John Running. Running is the vice president of policy and rules administration. When he was pointed for his New Rule Troy Vincent, WHO's the VP of football operations. Welcome to him to his new position there. For those of you who don't remember, Troy Vincent made the pro bowl five times, one all pro selection. Vinson did play for multiple teams, but all those achievements mentioned above only came when he played for the Philadelphia Eagles. Okay, maybe I am music facts that support my conclusion, but the data should at least you raise your eyebrow. The film of the Eagles have been fined twice this season. As much as I follow this team, I didn't realize that he'll had thrown a punch until the day after Thanksgiving. So let me get this straight. Giants wipe out Kadarius Tony throwing a punch on a live television. It's only a twelve thousand dollar fine. Yet he'll deserves it. Two Games suspension for the exact same thing. Out of the eight instances, fighting has been the reason for being fine, even though there have been many more punches allowed to let's stand, Hill is the only player to be suspended, while Tony's punch generated the largest fine. Tony was fine and injected for punching Galway Safety Damonte Cazi get as he was apparently fine six thousand for being punched by Tony. If you look at the video, Casi was pushed by a giants player and he pushed back, as he was either fine for being punched or fine for retaliating, which is something almost every player does when in an on field altercation. Either way, the NFL is wrong. He'll be he'lled. Being suspended means he also foregoes paychecks for two weeks. That means his suspension will cost them about a hundred and twenty eight thousand dollars, which is more than ten times amount Tony got fine. The NFL added in an additional violation in the memo sent to hill, talking about understood sportsmanship. Are we to believe that the other punch is thrown in the NFL or sportsman light? I get that he'll was an odd fellow and we're here. Teammates talk about him and his interviews for the team are even more scars, but that is no reason I thrown to the sacrificial wolves. The NFL created free agency in part parody to the football field. I sure would wish they would appol those same principles when going over a player. Con Conduct. Transparency is key NFL. And now for our cowboys versus saint sweet thirteen history players to watch and my gut prediction. The Dallas Cowboys traveled the New Orleans to new Orons to take on the saints in week thirteen and yet another game both teams desperately need in terms of playoff implications. The cowboys are on a two game skid and need a win to stay in any sort of contention for the number one seed in a first round by the NFC. The saints need to win to stay afloat in a wild guard race Dallas hit a bit of a November speed pump,...

...going one and three in our last four games. Luckily, the NFC east continues to be a clown show and couldn't make up any ground. That said, the team has their eyes set on more and needs a win to make any sort of run at the top of the NFC. Another loss all but eliminated the chance at the buy. The saints are hovering around the point five hundred mark and a lot jam with a handful of teams for the seventh and final wild guard spot. They are searching for a win to get six and six and stuff. What's that? Was Up for a stretch run to get into the playoffs. As usual, I got a little matchup history. What to expect a New Orleans some guys that could influence the game when all is said and done. In my best predict attempt at a prediction. So let's keep going. So when it comes to the Dallas Cambos for New Orleans Saints Matchup History, the all time record, it's seventeen thirteen, favorite the cowboys. The most recent matchup on September twenty eight, two thousand and nineteen. New Orleans Saints Twelve Dallas Cowboys, ten after the cowboys, one hundred and eleven. In the first twelve games in this matchup, the saints have run all off. A more recent record twelve and six since one thousand nine, hundred and eighty eight. Since two thousand and thirteen, this series has seen victories alternate hands between two teams making playoff runds and usually in contention. We have to talk about the time between Sean Payton and the cowboys. In two thousand and three, he joined the staff and remained on the offensive side of the ball until the saints posted them from the head coaching job prior to the two thousand and six season. There have been rumors of peyton returning to Dallas ever since. In two thousand and nineteen, when the cowboys were looking to move on from Jason Garrett, they reached out to Peyton to gage his interest in returning to be the head coach to the cowboys. Peyton ultimately signed an extension with the saints, putting that river to bed. Personal favorite game of mind dates back to two thousand and nine, the year the saints won the Super Bowl. The saints were sitting at Thirteen and O and welcome Dallas town cowboys found success beating the saints offensively, forcing turnovers and holding on for an upset. The game was the only time that the cowboys were able to take down drew brees while he was at the helm of the saints offense. This year sees a game of musical shivers at the saints quarterback position. They started the year with Jameis Winston, who sadly towards ACL ending a season. They moved to Journeyman Trevor Simeon to lead the offense, with a sprinkling of utility man tasome hill taking some snaps. That will although it appears hill may be the starter come Thursday. The saints have been banged up but are staying just enough above the water to hang in there. They did have they're all around star. Running back Alvin Camera, rejoined the team on Sunday for a walk through after being inactive. His progress will be a large factor in this game. The cowboys appear to have advantages on paper, but the saints are never easy out at home, with it always around there in prime time, Sean Payton will of the scenes, ready to go. You can turn this...

...thing into another dog fight of the cowboys or sluggish. There are multiple factors that can influence a football game, and then includes the weather. The game is being played at the season or Superdome in New Orleans. The forecast is a high seventy four, low fifty seven, approbably sunny and nice winds of sixty seven miles per hour with gusts eight to nine. not the weather is going to have any factor on this game because it is in a dome, but man, that is a gorgeous day down in New Orleans. Makes we want to hit up Bourbon Street for a little pregame tail gate and enjoy myself. Well, maybe not. I personally will only refer to it as to superdome forever, sort of like the serious tower in Chicago. I refuse it to call it the Willis Tower. Once a name is made up in my mind, it is not for the internity to time and nothing will make me recognize the new name. Nonetheless, this place will be a rocking on Thursday night in prime time. Saints always have the energy turned up in here. That should only increase being a primetime game against the cowboys. The offense will need a weather in the storm early and look to convert a first a few first downs to silence the crowd, and early three and out or a turnover could have the cowboys in for a long evening. The cowboys would also be smart to utilize some pre snap motions a bit more to hush the ground and work in some change of pace snaps. Sneak in a few plays of breaking the huddle and snapping on a first word said, to catch the defense napping. Anyone. Don't think can help against the lap and Crown Dad Presscott Bounce back last week and has command of the offense once again. I suspect him to handle the noise just fine and stabilize the entire unit when things can't lie out. And now for some of our under the radar players. Dallas cowboys, Jay Ron Kiers in your own saints, Nick Bennett, we bounce back with our Tony Pollard prediction. Last week. Offensively, he had sixty eight yards unlimited touches when she averaged five yards per touch. Also tossed in an electric, flying hundred yard return to get the cowboys back into the game. Let's cross our fingers we stay out this week. This Week I looked to safety, Jayron curse here's as a guy who could not only step up big this week but continue when he has done all year. He has been a great addition to the cowboys. Through eleven games, not only see the cowboys leading Tackler, he's already set career highs and games started, total tackles, solo tackles, pass deflections and type as best mark for interceptions. With Alvin Chimera potentially plying on Thursday, he could be tasked with some duties of guarding arguably the best pass catching back in the league. Not only do I suspect we see kiirs on Chimera, but his hybrid ability to play in the box along with roaming as a safety opens up a lot of things for this defense. He should see plenty of action as I think the cowboys have the advantage in Trayvon digs and Anthony Brown over the saints receivers of callaway and Harris. The saints will likely look to running back wide RESA, hybrid time Montgomery and...

...the tight end Nick Vannett, making cures very active. I don't necessarily need an interception or a fumble, but I think we will see Kres step up with some open field tackles that save chunk plays in the flat or force the fourth down with the text book form tackle. For the saints, they will need to find a spark offensively, as they rank fourth and lowest in the League in yards per game, which is two hundred and nine yards offensively, and third and lowest and completion percentage, in just fifty eight percent. Their tight end is a bit of a lesson round name around the League, but he could quietly find himself as a saints top target throughout November. They're other tight end, Adam Troutman, was the saints leading receiver in yards and receptions. Sadly he's on the injured reserve now. He previously hauled in at least four catches in the last three games he played. This sort of trend feels like one that will be even more pronounced with Taysom Hill like quarterback, and also shows me that Sean Payton is not opening the playbook up entirely, as his top two whiteouts of just eleven catches combined in the last three games. If the cowboys can contain Chimera, and I would sell them sell, have to do so. If he plays, they're going to put a lot of pressure on the passing game and an area I think there's a mismatch. On the outside. The cowboys will need to make sure the site saints tight end doesn't hurt. Now, from my gut prediction, cowboys thirty one, New Orleans Saints Fourteen. I simply do not see the saints having offensive success against the cowboys come Thursday night. They are rather a nemic and struggle to push the ball down field with a backup quarterback and running back room pretty banged up. Prescott answered the critics last week and even some of my question by putting up three hundred seventy five yards and two touchdowns without Amari, coop, your cooper and set lamb on no planet is last week's game on his shoulders. He's commanding the cowboys offense and I suspect that to continue, although cooper remains questionable is tries to fully recover from covid nineteen. CD LAMB is going to return to the lineup and a munch needed boost to the passing attack. They should be a boost against the defense in the bottom third and passing yards allowed. The cowboys would be wise to attack the saints through the air. The saints to have a rather stout run. Defensive they've given up a league leading me easily three point four yards per carry with the Zekiel Elliot make nursing a knee. The cowboys we try to avoid slimming into a brick wall with the run game. I put this game on Prescott shoulders and let him go to work. Having at least one of his top receivers healthy is a very welcome gift, and I suspect Prescott puts on a show. Dare I say four hundred plus yards and three touchdowns on the road in primetime in a huge game. I have an inkling we get a munsterd performance to write the ship and reset things for the cowboys. On defense, the cowboys don't need to get to exotic here. I like the matchup playing straight up ball against the saints, with the some hill coming off of an injury in a questionable passing attack.

The cowboys would be all suited to play sound defense and avoid any huge mistakes make the saints when the game versus blown coverages, keeping them in it, keep Mike a Parsons rushing the pastor with the speed to chase down hill when he leaves the pocket. The cowboys should see enough success in that area to get a few arrant throws. This is a game that defense could be playing with the lead and look to get really aggressive. I like the boys getting their hands on one pick. The Dallas cowboys need to flash the month of November down the drain and recapture their early season success. The division is still completely in their control and they can still make a run for the by has stretch runs starts here in a game the cowboys dominate, pick him a nice confidence boosting win on the road. And finally, what is The Dallas Cowboys playoff magic number? With all this talk surrounding the demise of the Dallas cowboys, there are numbers that both support and can contradict these so called worries. The cowboys are welcoming back a few miss faces for what looks like a potentially deep playoff run. The rest of the NFC east rivals are close to their full roster, if they still trail on ailing and COVID RIDDLE NFL franchise. Every team in the division has a couple of key players missing, but none more currently than the cowboys. Dallas played on Thanksgiving without their too top two whiteouts and their entire starting defensive line, sprinkle and missing their starting safety, their highest paid tight end and I'm banged up running back, and you have a big reason why they have been in a little slump. So can the Dallas cowboys not win the NFC east the season and miss the playoffs? The answers yes, but I'm gonna tell you how unlikely that scenario is. Numbers Don't lie for the Playoff Chances The Dallas cowboys. oddsmakers currently have the cowboys it's having a ninety two percent chance of making the playoffs. The cowboys could drop their next three games and still have a fifty one percent chance of making the playoffs. They win their next three games, the odds of them earning the first you'd go up to eighteen percent. The cowboys would have to drop their next two games of Washington winning both of their next contests just to tie. Since both of these teams have a head to head match up in that span, Washington would end up with the tide breaker in that scenario. Washington is currently tied for having the League's longest winning streak at three games. They traveled to face a raiders team that has a roller coaster season. They win that game in Dallas falls to New Orleans on Thursday night cos for concern might be warranted, Dallas would have to travel to Washington. Any game that would give the winner in the lead in the NFC east. With that, with the way the NFC has played the season, Chances Are Dallas would still be in the seventh and final playoffs spot. Dallas's in both in our next two contests they'll give them a seventy percent chance of making the playoffs. DALLAS, Washington and the giants have six games remaining. Qualo Eagles, who have yet to have their bye week, only have five games. Since the cowboys have already defeated the other teams in division once this season, the worst they can do in the division is two and four. Washington has only played and... against the cowboyst so they still have five division games remaining. With six games remaining in Dallas, having a two game lead in the standings, the cowboys magic number stands up for with an asterisk. Dallas wins four games and one of those it's against Washington. Cowboys cannot be caught and would lock up the division they that doesn't even count the losses or ties to head to head matchups. Division sell has to account for. So let's say Dallas wins this week and next week they'd be nine and four have a strangle hold for the east. That would mean Washington would be six and seven with four games to play. That is if they'd being Os Vegas this weekend. That would also put Washington and the rent rest of the east on wild cart notice. That's ANARIA would give the cowboys an opportunity to lock up the division week fifteen in New York, with Philadelphia playing the jets this weekend and then having their bye week. Week fifteen match up against Washington could be of interest for Dallas if they do indeed win their next three games, unless, that is, if the New York jets do us a solid this weekend up end the eagles. I know that is greedy, especially when I believe we owe them a thank you car for not agreeing to ship Safety Jamal Adams to Dallas. Doesn't matter what the giants do against Miami this weekend or the chargers the next, as a week fifteen win by Dallas would make the inanimable official. That is, if Dallas can start another winning streak. That means a cowboys three game winning streak, couple with a single loss by each division team, would allow the cameos to punch their playoff tickets. That would also ensure they would host at least one game in the big D, and he's getting close to setting up travel plans if you are a cowboys game intendee. But there's still lies work that has to be done. Although there are so many different ways to stay in exect, change the scenario that I find most possible. It's a week fifteen division clinching win and then, as all we have for this episode of the Big d breakdown, let us know your thoughts on the upcoming matchup on Thursday night. What is your prediction for a score? If you want to support the show, you can buy us a coffee and buy me a coffeecom slash the big D. Your support helps the show grow, bring a new host, cohost in upgrade our equipment to bring you even better quality episodes. As always, you can find us on facebook, twitter. Thank you for listening. We'll see you next time. Please don't forget to subscribe to the big D breakdown on all major podcast platforms, including good pods. Check them out today. It's been a big D breakdown with your host very thank you for listening and watching. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown, twitter, facebook, big D breakdown, instagram. Just search the big D breakdown. Thank you for joining. SEE YOU NEXT TIME.

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