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The Big D Breakdown

Episode · 9 months ago

Micah Parsons Making The Case for DPOY Award


As the Cowboys struggle on offense, the Defense continues to shine. This is thanks to Micah Parsons, who is building up a strong case for being named Defensive Player of the Year. As always, we give your our predictions for Sunday's game against the struggling Giants. As the season draws to a close, we give you the playoff clinching scenarios that the Cowboys face. 


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Welcome to the big D breakdown, your home for all things with Dallas cowbowsas welcome to the big D breakdown. I'm your host, Larry. At least today we're diving into the latest headlines Surrounding The Dallas Cowboys. First, would like to think of sponsor pundicks or sponsoring this episode. Check them out today pundixcom. Use the Promo Code lartery twenty one for ten percent off your order. Our first topic is week four teens. The good bad in ly cowboys versus of Washington football team. Week Fourteen and two thousand and twenty one, and I was still season brought the Dallas cowboys ever so close to the first goal division championship. Sunday afternoon in the nation's capital was a lot like the previous week's victory over the New Orleans Saints. The cowboys are morphing into something that has not been seen within this franchise in many, many years. Dallas is becoming a defensive team that carries their offense for as long as most of us can remember, fans of clamoring for just an average defense. I thought of the middle of the pack defense to pair with notoriously high powered offense seems like a recipe for success. Now that the defense is doing all heavy lifting while the offense continues to struggle. They're still time to figure it out, but as each week goes by, the excitement of watching games it's largely coming from when the conboys do not have the ball. This coming Sunday, Dallas faces off against the struggling New York giants offense, which should provide even more entertainment on the defensive side of the ball. Before we look forward to the next week's divisional matchup, let's take one last look at the good bad. In the otherly from the two thousand seven hundred and twenty win over Washington. The good, well, like we said, cowboys defense. Last week's good against New Orleans was a performance of the defense. What occurred this past Sunday deserves repeated accolades for the same group. Washington football team started off the game with the following a punt, an interception, a fumble, a punt, a punt, a punt and a kneel down. Before half. Washington ran thirty two plays and game just fifty one yards. The Dallas dominance was brought to life in large part due to the defensive line, finally being healthy again. The Marcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory each produced a sack, as did tackle in the bill, the Bill Gallimore, who was playing in his first game in the season. The Star once again was linebacker Mike a Parsons. Not only did he have a huge sack on a fourth down which led to a fumble recovery for a touchdown, but he also led the defense and shutting down Washington's running game. Coming into the game, Washington head a rushing attack. Rolling Washington averaged over a hundred forty yards on the ground in their previous six games. In this game, however, they were held at just one hundred. Running back an tonio give son was limited to just thirty six yards. Parsons two sacks, extending his personal streak of six straight games with a sack,...

...or twelve on the year. He's just two point five sacks away from breaking the NFL record for a rookie. Is Play, along with the health of the defense, is definitely something to be excited about. And of course, the bad well, the run game. Of course, at this point one is to wonder if the cowboys running game will ever find itself from weeks two to five, the Dallas offense average two hundred and one yards per game on the ground. Since that time, the cowboys had only averaged one hundred yards per game. That drastic dropoff is beyond worrisome at this point. There are many reasons that one can point to it in an effort to explain the issue. Regardless. To cold hard truth is, the running game is clearly broken. Dallas is getting absolutely no help from their quarterback in the aspect. Running back Ezeki and Aliott has been playing injured for a large part of the year. Meanwhile, all back up Tony Pollard missed the game to a torn plant are something rather injury. Obviously, things may have not getting any better anytime soon either. Left tackle tyran Smith reinjured his ankle once again and has already been ruled out for the next week. It is unknown if Pollard will return either. Each week there seems to be a different culprit to the woes the cowboys running game. It is hard to envision the scenario in which the the this just turns around magically, giving the injuries and Blacke cluster line play. Hopefully the injuries dissipate to the point of non existence and the weaknesses are corrected. But time is running out. And finally, the ugly, sadly, Dak Prescott, without any semblance of a consistent run game. The pressure is sitting squarely on quarterback Dak Prescott. In the passing game, couple that would miss games by the top two receivers. Recently, it's not shocking to see some regression. Unfortunately, it's abundingly clear that Prescott is struggling heavily. There is no referendum on deck. As a leaderer player, Prescott is still one of the best quarterbacks in the League right now. However, he's Pu playing very poorly. In three of his last four games, Prescott has failed to throw for more than two hundred and forty yards, and those three games he is just two touchdowns. That don't overshadow his five interceptions. Prescott's two interceptions on Sunday or unusually bad. His first was a complete overthrow on a ball which should have been to the outside of its receiver. Instead, he tried to drop it in over a linebacker and airmailed everyone, getting picked off by the safety. His second interception was one of his worst throw that I can remember throughout his whole career. Simple bootleg instead of continuing to move and finally open passing window. Nikes B peoply just stopped throwing the ball right to the defender, which were turned for a touchdown. He's accurate. He has regressed of late and five of his last six games he has thrown fourteen, fifteen, fifteen, seventeen and twenty in completions. For the six he has averaged under six yards per attempt. It might be unfair to put it all on Prescott quarterbacks get all the glory and the scrutiny. The early quarterbacks find...

...a way to make it work. With the playoffs coming around the corner, it's time for Prescott to do just that. The came boys head New Jersey this Sunday to take on and Ailien New York giants team. Let's hope you see a continuing dominance from the defense and a new revamp on offense. And our next topic. That's how the cowboys can clinch a playoff berth or NFC east this weekend. Well, well, well, DALLAS CAMBOYS can clinch not only a playoff berth but also potentially the NFC east all together in week fifteen, not sure many of us though the cowboys would have a chance to punch their playoff ticket. There's early, but I sense no complaints. There are three scenarios that can occur this weekend to block the cowboys into the postseason. I'll give a look into each matchup, the likeliness of it and a routing guy for us over the weekend. First of all and foremost, this all requires a cowboys win against the giants on Sunday. The town cowboys take care of business, as many expect, they should be odds of blocking up a playoff spot. If not, the division or pretty high. Let's take a look at what needs to happen for the cowboys to reserve their seat at the postseason table. As I said, nothing can occur if the cowboys don't get the win against the giants. If that happens, we can turn to scoreboard watching. The only way to wrap up the NFC East is with a win in New Jersey and Washington losing two or time with Philadelphia Eagles. That's neither possible nor unlikely. The two opportunities to guarantee a playoff berth required Dallas win and then a lost by either forty niners to the Falcons or the saints losing to the buccaneers. I have a few quick thoughts on each game and how likely I think it is to happen. So to begin we take a look at Washington football team versus the Philadelphia Eagles. The cowboys need a win and a Washington football team loss or tie to clinch the NFC east like L likeliness to occur six out of ten. Washington is decimated by injuries and covid nineteen right now. Philadelphia has to win this game to have any chance of stealing the final wild guard spot. A lot of things are pointing in the right direction for the cowboys in this game. Eagles quarterback jail and hurts is trending towards healing up and playing the Sunday and a must win game for Philly. On the opposite side, it appears Washington quarterback Taylor Heiney key will play, likely still feeing, feeling the effects of a threehour on slot of hits provided by the cow is defensive line. I despise the eagles, I despise Washington. Come Sunday, the main goals the NFC east. If that means an eagles. Wind is needed and they've got my rooting interest. NEXT NFC playoff berth clinch number one, the on land of Falcons versus of San Francisco. Forty niners. Can't boys in need a win? Forty niners lost the clinch...

...of playoff berth. likeliness of this occurring two out of ten. This one doesn't seem all at possible. To break the cowboys away, the forty niners seem to have found a bit of a groove and have themselves positioned as the number six seed in the NFC at this moment. After starting out tune for the forty niners have rattled off a five and two stretched to get back into the thicket things. The Falcons are hanging on to playoff at aspirations by a thread as they sit in the hunt, but in reality they are on the brink of elimination. Forty niners are running the ball well. Jimmy G has been floating around the three hundred yard market passing as a late farmer Iwah Hawkeye tight end George Kettle, as backtoback weeks of a hundred eighty one and a hundred fifty one receiving yards. Not only do the forty niners likely handle the falcons here, but they're also a team to keep an eye on, hitting the stride the right time. I give this a two out of ten. likelying this of happening, as it is still in the NFL and anything can happen. I just think this outcome. It's extremely unlikely. And now New Orleans saints versus the Tampa Bay buccaneers. Cowboys need a win, and at saints a loss that clenched the playoff berth likeliness to occur eight point five out of ten. In a bit of an Entournam events here, cowboys. Best case scenario would be for this game to not matter one bit due to clunching an AMC east with an eagle's wing, clunching a playoff spot with a Falcon's upset. The cowboys would actually be better off with the saints winning this game, even if it doesn't help them clunch a playoffs spot. Being the last game of the day, we should know our fate. Even if Washington and the niners win, would still be wise to pull for the saints. Dallas will still have playoff odds on at least ninety nine percent with a win over the giants. The Saints Win Me Delay The playoff berth a week, but that wouldn't be the end of the world. The cowboys are slated to host the La Rams in the wild card game right now. Any upset suffered by the bucks packers and or cardinals that can move the cowboys up to the number two or number three seed and the ANNERF sea should be of our rooting interest. I give it an eight point five out of ten in terms of a lightliness of occurring for what the cowboys need to clinch a playoff berth. But I'm hoping you be pleasantly surprised and wrong and effort to approve our playoffs seating with a bucks loss either way. Of Bucks Win Punches our playoff ticket at bucks. A loss helps our seating. Kind of a win win here. Now we take a look at a week. Fifteen Dallas Cowboys head to mentlife stadium this Sunday to take on New York giants in a matchup of teams going in drastically different directions. Cowboys are coming up a big win against division rival, which Washington, while the giants are trudging along after being handed a loss by the chargers. Cowboys coming to this game, and I and for. What a chance to put a death grip on the division and the chance to clench the NFC in east. The defense has hit their stride, but the offense a bit of dysfunctional as well. The giants are injury riddled across the...

...board and are likely entering an offseason filled with questions about their future. While they may be struggling, to match up with the cowboys always brings out the best amongst division rivals. As we always do here, I'll provide some history and thoughts on the current teams, the weather for Sunday player on each team that could have the opportunity to make some noise and en and end it with some game playing thoughts and projections. As we take a look at the cowboys versus giants matchup history. There's an all time record seventy wins for seven losses, two ties and favor of the cowboys, and there's a one and no playoff record in favor of the giants. Most Recent Game Dallas one hundred and forty four twenty twenty on October ten two thousand and twenty one. Meeting for the second time this year, and the cowboys are clearly better team, as they have done in many seasons prior look to complete sweep of the giants, a feat they have accomplished in nearly half of the seasons in the last decade. Early this year, I'd dove into some history of the matchup and explore the ties between bill parcels, Jason Garrett Tony Romo getting his chance against the giants. I revisited the game where Emmett Smith dominated with a separated shoulder, while also bringing back the paint of the two thousand seven playoffs. Although it is the same season, this matchup looks different than it did just ten weeks ago. The giants parted ways with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Let me just say he got the short end of the stake. Say. Juan Barclay was often hurt. Daniel Jones turns ball over like it's a hot potato and he didn't have much help. Garrett might not have been the best head coach, but he was always a top Terry Guy. The GILDS will be starting back up quarterback Mike lenning the Sunday, with Daniel Jones out due to a neck injurym the team is lumpet into the finish line, as they stare down questions regarding head coach Joe Judge in the future at the quarterback position. All signs point to the cowboys asserting dominance over down trying the team in a late season game where we see that separation of evidence. That said, that MC East is never as smooth as it appears. Any game on the road against the arrival should be treated as such. And now our weather l look for the cowboys versus the giants. So there are playing at metlife stadium, with an open stadium, of course. High of forty four, lower twenty eight, makes of sun and clouds, with a winds ten to eleven miles per hour with gusts up to twenty four to twenty five miles per hour. This means back to pack outdoor games for the cowboys for the first time this season. Say What? The CAP off a three game road trip with a perfect three and no record. The Sunday provides us with some solid weather and really what you would expect in the upper east coast in December. Not overlea coal but the chance for some jails in the year, with a little breeze showing up from time to time. Overall, the weather shouldn't have much of a factor on this one. Even though it is outdoors. Mantlife stadium has turf shows no sign of being slick. The weather is a bit of how I envisioned...

...this stain being nothing special, standard, even a bit boring. And now we take a look at some of the under the radar players. Dallas Cowboys, Anthony Brown. New York giants, say Juan Berkeley. I know not ray sneaky, but they have no one else healthy. And then Anthony Brown was around the ball all day last Sunday against Washington and had two interceptions, hat them right in the hands. The key capitalizes this week and gets himself a takeaway. But treyvon digs on the opposite side and a ball hockey group all around. Teams have a targeted Brown a lot this year. He's shown us the good in the bat. I know cowboys fans love to Bash Brown, but he's already put up career highs for tackles, past deflections and receptions. Playing cornerback in the NFL may be the hardest position all sports, with the rules geared towards the offense. Brown has continue to deal with the criticism, Hendl the ups and down and still shows up. There is Tony Out, the giants are out there. Burner Brown should see a lot of sterling shepherd and Kenny Gulla Day two receivers I think he matches up with nicely. Neither or overly big or fast. Brown should be able to stick with them and man as long as he doesn't get caught up with his eyes and a Backfield, as he had previously. Give me a brown interception a couple of past deflections. This week's Glennon steers clear of digs and gives brown ample opportunities to be a game changer for the cowboys. A week fifteen. The giants are getting there. Then, on offense, Tony and fellow receiver John Ross are out due to covid nineteen. They are starting a backup quarterback. Offensively, they are going to have to manufacture something from nothing and get creative. White were isn't really under the radar. Surprising Berkeley is really the only chance the giants have to hurt the cowboys. I suspect we see and attempt to get him going early short in the game. To love the cowboys scoring chances, along with the heavy dose of Berkeley in the passing Game Parsons and Berkeley to Penn State, knitting Le Lines going at it. Sign me up. Just as we saw last week, I'm going to see the cowboys load the box with seven, eight defenders each down and go man coverage outside, daring Glennon to beat them. I'd expect Dan when to shut down Berkeley by loading the box and trusting the secondary on the back end, and an effort to take away the giants, the largest offensive throne, the threat. And now for my gut projection. Dallas cowboys thirty, New York giants thirteen. I think the Cambos put up thirty this week, but it isn't going to be due to an offensive explosion. They're going to be handed some short fields, easy points and take what is given to them, as they should what I think could be a pretty Vanale game plan. I know it isn't going to excite fans and it isn't going to give the feeling that the offense at Dak Prescott have exited their slump, but that might just be okay. The camboys don't need to show everything on film this week. Might be better suited to keep the good stuff in their back pockets. Truthfully, offense doesn't need to pull out the creative stuff. I would prefer they don't. The cowboys offense...

...should see some short fields and good feel position given to them by the defense due to that. would be shocked if we see a game plan consisting of standard runs, the typical route combos and some occasional play actions sprinkled in. My Gut tells me we see a recipe of the zekiel Elliott early followed by rest, some Tony Pollard sprinkled in, Corey Clement, Toady in the Rock. Jake Joan Hardy could also get a few carries at the cowboys game control in this one. Call me crazy, but I wouldn't hate seeing newly signed Edo Smith getting in the mix to give Zeke Pollard's arrest Dan when drafted him in Atlanta, where you average four yards per carry and nearly six yards per catch. I won't hold my breath for that. This is a game that can with have a massive advantage in should will have to crush the will of the giants early, but can't wish at handled a business here to get a ten wins, more than likely clinch their playoff berth and begin the discussion of how they want to gear up for the playoffs. The Dallas can was improved at nine and for the huge divisional road win against the Washington football team on Sunday. But after going twenty four oh in the first half, the offense totally shut down, is twenty eight, unable to do anything. Luckily for Dallas, defense stepped up and played a great game. The Lights out defensive performance was led by rookie linebacker Michael Parsons. The incredibly impressive rookie campaign, the linebacker is a now in conversation for NFL's defensive player of the year, without furder and do let's take a look at why Parsons can and should win defensive player of the year. Statistics show cowboy linebacker Michael Parsons Defensive Player of the year. Material. Parsons is putting up monster stats in his first season. Yes, twelve sacks to the thirteen games and he's three sacks away from the NFL rookie sack record. Also has seventy five combined tackles this year. Seven tackles for US twenty seven quarterback kids. Parsons has at least one sack in his last six games in a row. Seventeen tackles for lost Franks. Second in the NFL, Parsons joins Leslie O'Neil and Hall of Famer Reggie White. Is the only rookies ever with twelve plus Sax and seventy five plus tackles. Also, since week nine, Parsons has easily been the best defensive player in the League. Parson's versatility is what makes him truly unique. He can line up at any of the linebacker positions or defensive end and have a giganic impact. And its first year in the NFL, Brookie looks like a once in a generation type of player and the Cameos are lucky to have him. His stance as a rookie even compare favorably to hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor. Before the season start, Parsons was even listed as an option for defensive player of the year. The first couple of weeks his campaign for defensive rookie the year became clear. He consider that trophy already on Parson's shelf. According to wind bet, his odds for defensive rookie year of the year are in a...

...wopping minus five thousand, and next player in line is Patrick certain, the second at plus twelve hundred, but after his dominant performance on Sunday, the odds have boosted him all the way to the top of the list, tied with Miles Garrett and plus two hundred and seventy five. This proves that this kid really does deserve to win based on his play. I think Parsons deserves a ton of credit for the turnaround the Dallas Defense. Is made to see some last year this was one of the worst defenses in all of football. Sometimes these season long awards can turn into the what have you done for me lately awards? As I've said previously, Parsons have been playing better than any players since week nine. Now he closes out. These last four games will be crucial for his defensive play of the year chances. Around the league. There are a ton of former and current NFL players that have taken notice of what Parsons has been able to accomplished on the football field. There's no Donne in the headlines and uproar that rookie is making across the league. Cowboys main should consider themselves lucky I have a player like Parsons on their team for at least the next five seasons. Here's hoping he can stay healthy continue to lead this defense down the stretch, in or out to an AFL defensive player of the year award. And that is all we have for this episode and a big D breakdown. Be Sure and follow us on twitter at big D breakdown. As always, if you want to support the show, you can buy us a copy of buy me a coffeecom slash the big D. thanks for listening and we'll see you next time. Go Cowboys. It's been in a big D breakdown with your host. Really thank you for listening and watch it. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown, twitter, facebook, big D breakdown, instagram. Just searched the big D break thank you for joining. See you next time.

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