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The Mike McCarthy Time Management Fiasco


It has been a while since the Dallas Cowboys have had to defend a road win but that is exactly where they find themselves after Week 2. Mike McCarthy has been ridiculed this week for his clock management decisions at the end of the Los Angeles road win.

On Today's Episode:

- Was the Mike McCarthy Fiasco On Purpose?

- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of Week 2

- My Week 3 Predictions and Look Ahead


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Welcome to the big D breakdown, where we dived into the latest Dallas Cowboys News and analysis from around along star state. First we I can thank our sponsor, pod decks, for sponsoring this episode. You can check them out today pot dexcom and use the Probom Code Larry of twenty one four ten percent off your first purchase. And we'd also like to thank our newest sponsor, audible. Is it audible Trialcom? Slash Larry Twenty one for Free Thirty Day trial and one free audiobook of your choice. But first it's now get into the good bad. In the up week two, in the first week of the two thousand and twenty one nfl season, Dallas cowboys gave a valiant effort, failing just short of a major upset and weak to this team face down on a stiff challenge on the field, but also plenty of adversity off of it. Following the thirty one at twenty nine and loss, the Pampa Bay of the cowboys found at the starting right tackle, l collins, would be suspended for five games. Dallas then learned it would be without starter, starting receiver Michael Gallant for at least three weeks due to caff injury. After that, starting Defensive End Randy Gregory was placed on the COVID reserve list, which took him out of the game against the chargers. To really hit the cowboys with the ultimate waymy during the last full practice of the week, the team lost starting defensive end de Marcus Lawrence for likely two months with a broken bone in his foot. All of that, and less than just a week prior to heading back on the road to face a ten potent offense. Of course, this team showed all the reasult what they did the week prior, pulling off a huge two thousand and seventeen upset when both even their record at one and one and also prove that this team is able to handle large amount of adversity and be simultaneously successful. Let's take one last look back and talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. Week. Two good. Well, we could just say the name Michael Parsons and button up the section, but I'm going to talk about the entire defense. Yes, the rookie linebacker turn defensive end turned head and had a breakout game two games into his career, but doun his tenacity and gamewrecking the domination, the result of this game,... we would have been different. Parsons was not the only play to shine in Los Angeles, however. QUARTERBACK TREVOR I'm big, snatched an interception, his second in back to back games. Safety's Jon Kirs and the Monte cause he both have phenomenal games. Even everyone's favorite player to bash, I'm backer Jahn Smith, place better than decent. The defensive line seemed to spend a good amount of time in the backfield. To that end, the chargers leading rusher and just fifty four yards, and the team as a whole was held under a hundred yards. The cowboys were also able to hold a team who went fourteen for nineteen on third down and week one to just five out of twelve on third down on Sunday afternoon. And now let's take a look at the bad. The game was remarkably close, almost certainly based on how the defense played. For an offense, I went toetotoe with a high powered offense in week one. Seeing fourteen points put on the board in the first quarter felt more like the saying was to come. Unfortunately, that was not the case. How boys would go on to play to full quarters plus another five minutes into the fourth quarter before scoring again. That's Gore and field goal was matched once again on the last play of the game with another field goal. That translates into forty five minutes seventeen seconds of game time without scoring. Well, it would be convenient to blame not having collins and GALOP for this boight of activity. That would not be accurate. One drive was shut down by a ridiculous long call of pass interference on fourth down. Another drive was shut down by a timely sack of quarterback Prescott on third down. Largely the same defense that played a whale of the game, given the circumstances, also do not really get Los Angeles LF field too often. In between the two cowboys scores, the chargers had drives consisting of twelve, thirteen and eleven plays respectively. Moving forward, the defense will need to make sure the offense is more opportunities and the offense needs to do more when they have them. And I hate to do this, but now I got to take a look and be ugly. Last week the cowboys special team, the unit was the focus of the bad which, if you want to hear our analysis of the special teams, just click up here on the card this week it gets downgraded to ugly. Now, I bet your thinking. But wait. All extra points were made, both failic goals were made, as well as including a fifty six yarder for the win. How is that ugly? Actual play of the special teams is, overall pretty good. It was the day after press conference give him by the coach of this unit that earns them the ugly. To set the scene, just after the two minute warning, the cowboys defense forced La in a punning situation on the fourth and twenty from just inside midfield.

Instead of just letting that be and giving them ball back to the offense, special teams coach John Fassil sent the heat trying to get a block at it. What Dallas actually got was a fifteen yard rubbing the punter penalty, which extended to drive, allowing Los Angeles to keep the ball the rest of the quarter. During his time to podium, instead of ripping the officials for a bad call or even just taking any sort of blame for the call himself, here's what Fassil said in an article written by USA Today. Cook. I think cowboys fans aren't the play it safe time, so I was going to give them what they wanted come after their blank on the punt rush, so I hope they're happy with it. We came after. This is just terrible. First of all, the statement. It seems all cowboys fan unanimously agreed on being ultra aggressive all the time, regardless of the situation. Secondly, you're a coach in the NFL, not a DJ at the local radio station. Since when are you taking requests? Lastly, basing moves off of hypothetical fan desires the equivalent of throwing your hands in the air and meaning he did not have a better idea. Thankfully, the cowboys were able to battle adversity and very good team and some questionable calls from both officials in their own coach is turn a victory next week, say in a couple days. They hated field of Alphia Eagles come to town on Monday night. Wouldn't like this one. Plus the first home game of the year, should have his team pumped, and I'll all of you are as well. Now let's take a look at the fiasco surrounding Mike McCarthy. It's been a while since Dallas Gameboys, and to defend a road wind that is actually real they find themselves after week two. Coach McCarthy had ridiculed this week for his clock management decisions at the end of the Los Angeles roadland. I understand if you're confused by McCarthy's excuse at his postgame press conference when you blame them mismanagement on unclock going out in the STAGA. You Wan't even further to say that offensive coordinator killing Moore had his clock block by a cameraman. But consensus thinks that those excuses are lies. Maybe we can get a recording of his view to verify but it was interesting to hear McCarthy say that he thought the chargers were going to take a time out. That is the case, then they all probably oh Mike McCarthy an apology. Let me explain its first and ten at the Los Angeles Forty Five Yard Line field all attempt here would be around the sixty two yard at ten press Cott is in the shotgun with only wide out CD lamb to his left. Receiver said it. Wilson motions over from the right side of the formations to Dack's left. The runs an out route for about a four yard. Game also runs out of bounds and stops the cock with thirty three seconds...

...remaining. You can even hear CBS announcer and former cowboys quarterback Tony Roman say the chargers are no man's land. Tough call for a rookie head coach with three time outs in his pock out. He was probably referring to the cowboys being right on the cuts, but field goal range, field goal attendant to would be around fifty nine yards at this spot. On second and six, the cowboys ran to jet sweep to the right with Tommy Pouller as the ball carrier. Paul ARD averaged eight point three yards of carrying his in this game, so I understand the coaching staff and trying to move the ball about the risk of throwing it. This is happening before, but a sack of Prescott probably takes you of that, out of at least thinking about kicking a field ball. If Paula gets the first down, there's no question McCarthy calls the time out. It's dead. paular games three yards and is at the final spot for the game winning field ball, fifty six yards. That is where the confusion starts. When paular gets tack on there about Twenty eight or twenty nine seconds remaining. The chargers have all three of their time outs, while Dallas has only one left. They burned one a couple of plays earlier due to the Mauri Cooper injury. chargers head coach, Brandon Staney, probably wanted Dallas and for star and what I heard McCarthy saying a press conference that he thought Los Angeles would take a time out. This is likely. That moment the chargers take it time out, there gives the cowboys time to get a play. They, like Stanley, opted to stand pat and the clock continues to run. Before I get to the rest of the scenario, just take a stroll down memory lane. Think about how many times Prescott let his team take the leave late in the fourth quarter, but it ends up being too much time for the opponent. Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a great example of this. But this scenario literally just happened to Dallas last weekend Tampa. Take Mark McCarthy wanted to waste as much time as possible in school. Does a rookie coach without giving away his real intentions? Could the confused looks on the sidelines have been a ruse? You see, stealing got his first NFL gig as an outside linebackers coach in two thousand and seventeen and learn from current Denver bronker's head coach in Chicago. After three seasons in Chicago, he got thought La Ram's defensive coordinate and job last season. The Rams and one of the best defenses in the NFL last season and that was enough for the chargers to come calling. For reference, Kenlon Moran Has Been Coaching with the cowboys the exact same amount of time stay has been in the NFL. He's been problem. He's probably been so busy or an and adapting to NFL offense that he has at a limited amount of time. Before my own identity, it took former cowboys coach Jason Garrett a while to learn the nuances of being the head. Now the clock is ticking and this is the point where the supposed coffee as go. It's happening. The cowboys could call a time out,...

...but I'm not sure that it's a pred call. If Dallas called the time out with twenty nine seconds remaining, they huddle up and get a play a Calli all like what happens. Dallas runts a passplay and it falls incomplete. It's force fourth down. It's about twenty seconds left. After last week, I'm not sure anyone outside of the organ station really knows if Kicker Greg's airline can make that kick. Any kick takes off about four seconds, but that's the leaves sixteen seconds and three time outs for Los Angeles. Is there aline? This is that kick? The charters are about twenty two yards from having exact same kick on the opposite side of the stadium, possibly as they have all three of their timeouts remaining. Mark. If McCarty is getting this much heat or a win, I can only imagine what the headlines would have read. I think it is possible to cowboys did this at the end on purpose. I wouldn't put it past on this. Last season, comboys fans around the nation tuned into what they thought was the cowboy scrimmage, only to hear announcers beat around the Bush on how practice was going. It may not be esthetically please using all the time, but sometimes you just have to enjoy the win no matter the circumstances. Week two is over it and it's time to move on to week three. And now we're going to look into our week three analysis preview. The cowboys are headed in a Monday night football for a week three against their biggest rival in the Philadelphia Eagles. The game contains hatred, tons of history and one of their other teams. Fans like it, huge amount of TV ratings. The can't boys and eagles each need a win to get two to one. So I fully expect both teams that come out swinging. In this new weekly out look on each game, I want to provide a weekly combination of history, whether they're outlooking game analysis hidden the weekend. The first two sections will be some on history on the team, along what the weather will look like. Yeah, the two segments are more analyticals. I dive into the under the radar player scheme for each team and then capping off my gout prediction. I look forward to hearing your guys his thoughts on this. Leave us a common in the common section below. But now let's get into it. So film if You Eagles Versus The Dallas Camboys, history as an all time record of seventy eight hundred fifty four or the three, two one postseason in favor of the cowboys. When it comes to NFC East Division titles, cowboys have twenty one of the Eagles have eleven. Most recent matchup, it was December twenty seven, two thousand and twenty, cowboys winning thirtty seven to seventeen. Can't boys come into this matchup holding nearly an...

...entire season's worth of wins over the Eagles? While that points to a pretty sizeable margin, neither team is one more than four consecutive games. Since two thousand and three teams trade blows in a matchup quite often. Will some fans don't lay the blue jerseys are cursed or band luck? This matchup is where the stigma began. Back in the one thousand nine hundred and Eighty Championship, n FC Championship, the Eagles Force cowboys to wear their Navy Blue Jersey down the on the road, which ended in at twenty seven defeat. This loss is where the curse was born for those that believe in it. More recently, the cowboys and Eagles have both been on a hit of a roller coaster. Both have been success such as the cowboys multiple playoff wins and the eagles topping at with the Super Bowl win. That's access hasn't been sustained for each team. That's neither of them has been able to repeat as a division champion since two thousand and four, sixteen seasons ago. Appears there is a high likelihood that division winner it comes from one of these two teams, and this week he's a gigantic early season matchup in a division where winds against divisional opponents are often deciting factor. The contboys and Eagles know, and early victory sets up for a season of forcing thegether to play catch up. And now let's take a look at the weather. So they're playing eighteen te stadium with a retractable doll. The proticted forecast is a high eighty nine, low and sixty eight, partly sunny winds of eight to nine miles per hour with gusts up at fifteen to sixteen miles per hour. Luckily for Dallas, this week's well, they really want to have too much on an impact on their ability for Presscott to throw the ball and hopefully get things going. The only thing that could have any sort of effect on this game would be if the roof is open, and atnt stadium the little wind gusts could come into play within the kicking game if they choose to keep the roof open. Alternative timically playing on a fast field like Dallas is one that the eagles have to look forward to. Their first round draft pick, wide receiver delock Smith, is a burner and I'm sure the eagles will have some explosive plays drawn up for him to get open deep. The NFL once offensive firepower and points scored, and that is exactly what I expect a TENC stadium with pristine conditions for those two offenses to go to work. So we're going to take a look at right now under the radar players. For Dallas Cameras I have Dalton Scholtz tight end and for the eagles time, Dallas Goder or at tight end. I think Scholtz is a second or third target for a quarterback on Dallas. He's a bit deeper down the line. He's got reliable hands, understands where the first down...

...sticks are and it's proven that Great Outlet Ball Valve Dak Prescott to get the ball too. Clearly the eagles will be king on receivers of Mary Cooper and CD lamb this week, as any team should. I think that opens up the scene for Sholt in a big way. The Eagles secondaries a little suspect at the strong safety spot that are in. Robbie mclee was inactive last week rehabing a torn ACL and comes into this week questionable. Back Up Marcus APPs is going through a concussion protocol after exiting week one early. The Eagles are forced to start their dirt spring safety. Safety Offensive Coordinator Calvin Lore has a sizeable mismatch with his athletic tight end. In between the Hashes, heck, I'm even going to say Shultz finds again zone for us this week. Isn't it a bit ironic that the eagles shows a player named Dallas? Anyway, I think this is an area that eagles could hurt. The Count Was Dallas Goder is a large man and, coming in at five, weighing two hundred fifty six pounds. He also splits time with Zach Ertz. It could be the ghosts of Jeremy's shocky shocky, Brent SELAC, Chris Coolie, Jordan read and many others that have coused me pain, but I think quarterback jail and hurts looks to go to early and often. The cowboys will need a secondary performance like last week to part any success. And now my gut prediction. Cowboys, go two to one, two and one with a thirty one to twenty victory. I don't see a way that a bang up eagle secondary is able to slow down DAK Prescott Company. Theah offensive mismatch is just too big and one that cowboys should be able to expose early and often. I expect O see Calamaria to have some unique stuff up his sleeve as cowboys take the field and their home opener. Running banks, Pollard and Ezekiel each had a great outing last week. He Goes Defensive End Brandon Graham Tours Achilles last week. It is done for the year. This is a big loss against the cowboys team that it's proven that has a proven aerial attack and found some rhythm on the ground last week. Defensive Lad cowboys are figuring out a way to get it done. I think turnovers are the perfect definition of quote creating your own luck, and that is what the team is doing. Secondary is playing up the opportunitistic and there's something to be said about a confident group. The defense beens most of the game with one or two breaks, but I think they hang in there and do enough to keep things manageable for the cowboys offense to win the game. The cowboys and Eagles are always a game to tune into and I expect this one to be no different. Things may stay close for a little while, but I think we are leaving Monday night to two...

...and one and, at worst, share the NFL CE's title the huge early season victory. And that is all we have for this episode of the big D breakdown. Thank you for watching and listening to the big D breakdown. If you want to support the show, you can go to bond me a coffeecom the big D and, as always, be sure to hit it, but like it, subscribe button and I'll see you next time.

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