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The Big D Breakdown

Episode · 8 months ago

Plenty of Miscues Cost Dallas A Week 17 Win


While Dak Prescott made some major mistakes, coach Mike McCarthy costly mistake was the time out that cost them an opportunity to challenge a ref's call on Arizona's fumble. Week 18 now has Dallas heading to Philadelphia to face off in their season finale.


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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hands. Whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code? Larry Twenty One? Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the big D breakdown, your home for all things down cow thows news. Welcome to the big D breakdown. I'm your host. Very leas as always, when I thank you for tuning into this podcast, because there are plenty of Dall's careboy podcasts out there and are great to listen to. But thank you for Jass and before we get into our topics, like thank our sponsor, punds, for sponsoring this episode. You can check them out today Pun dexcom, use a Promo Code Larry Twenty one, and also audible. Check out audible today. Can get a free trial and on your book of your choice audible trail. Do Come, SSH lary. Twenty one. And now let's dive right and of course, the first topic. We got to dive into too many Dak Prescott excuse difference in the cowboys loss to the years our cardinals. The cowboys had a historically high scoring game last week against the WATCHINGTON football team, though nobody imagine that it would look exactly the same against the Arizona cardinals last Sunday. You also didn't think that the cowboys would come out as bad as they did, seemingly out of rhythm for what appeared to be much of the first half. Dallas was an unable to get much of anything going on the offensive side of the ball until half number two, as it has banned for much of the season, that they offense still gave them an opportunity by somewhat keeping explosive Cala Marie in his cardinals and check. Though the cowboys did get things going later in the game, is indicated by the three point final scoring margin, it was too little, too late. It all boils down at Dak Prescott in the fact that he made too many mistakes on Sunday. While he's still played well enough to potentially win the game. One could argue that the cowboys should have never been in the position that they were in to start with. The game shouldn't have come down to the final moments where the cowboys didn't have a time out to challenge. A chase admits potential fumble, which, as a somewhat fan of the cardinals, I will admit was a fumble. Prescott overthrew, miss targeted and had his balls banded down all day. He waited until too late in the contest to mentally make an adjustment or push himself to overcome. You can't do that against good teams. You definitely can't do that against teams with elite talent on both sides. Chandler, Jones, Marie and, as Prescott certainly knows now, is the Simmons. We are all in elite talent on both sides are either all elate or can have several elite moments per contest. That's another major part of the too many use cues for the quarterback. On Sunday Prescott wasn't secure with a ball or competent in his decisions. Quick enough. cousing did not only lose the ball to hands of Simmons, on the one play, but also put his team in several other bad scenarios before and after that one scenario. All in all, this wasn't Prescott's worst performance at all the cowboys court. I could have been much better, though, and so could have the rest...

...of his teammings. However, the cowboys still have a chance to win if Prescott is just a little better than you was. Dallas has the division and their playoff ticket punched, locked up in sealed, so there's no worries there. However, you do won't them playing their best ball heading to the playoffs? Sunday clearly wasn't that. And now our second topic. It's part of the Arizona cardinals game. We got to address Mike McCarthy's timeout disaster. After a rough offensive performance for the bulk of the ball game, the Dallas canboys managed to store a touchdown and complete a two point conversion to bring the score two thousand, five hundred and twenty two. Just under five minutes ago. Looked like Dallas could make a comeback, and happen, if only they get stopped at cardinals offense. Thanks to a lot of skill and excellent play calling, Colla Marine, the cardinals continue to rush down the field. On a first and ten plan dallast five yard line, with just under three minutes to go, running back chase edmonds rushed for six yards but opted to stay in bound so the clock would continue to run. While trying to stay in bounds, to Marcus Lawrence tackled enmands near in the sideline appeared to force the fumble before edmonds knee hit the ground. The real graphs rule the running back down by contact, no fumble. There was a clear recovery by the cowboys defense, which had fans and players screaming for a challenge flag to be thrown. However, with no time outs left to give, Mike McCarthy couldn't throw the flag. COMBOYS head coach Mike McCarthy's poor use it to timeouts potentially cost Dallas this game. Let's take you back to the one of the instances in which McCarthy decided to use a time out, back in the third quarter, at the cardinals had fourth and fifth on the almost eight yard line. This is where cardinal head coach Cliff Kingsbury proved his coaching prowess or simply created chaos. Kingsbury say now both Kicker Mat prator and hand quarterback Tyler Marie in order to confuse the cowboys as or whether they were kicking a field goal or not. But Dallas is defense and clear disarray. McCarthy called a soft time out. That was one time out down the drain for the second half. Fast forward to the fourth quarter mark. McCarthy's team has caused its way back to be in a situation to stage a comeback. His defense makes a play to potentially get them the ball back to win the game, and the head coach can't even throw a challenge flag, since coaches must have a timeout to challenge to play. The cowboys were left with the zero options. Sure there's no saying Dallas would have won if they got the ball back, but the defense at least went out there and made a play to give the offensive chance, but to no avail. All the cardinals had to do after the non fumble was get a first down at take a knee, which they easily did. The cowboys fell to a form anble NFC opponent, twenty five to twenty two. It's a No. Inability to challenge was far from the only reason the cowboys lost this game, but it did seem to be the final dagger cats now and drop to the number four seed in the NFC, and Marie remains undefeated in a TNT stadium. For what it's worth. I mean if you play Texas football in high school there probably going to have a lot of visits to atenc stadium. And now on to our next topic. Wide Dallas cowboys must play to win, and Week E team eleven and five dalls canboys are coming up at disappointing lost the Arizona Cardinals and now have to go on the road to put in the final week of the regular season. Last week at the NFL regular season has always been a major question marks to what teams will and will not play their starters. Despite the cowboys not having much to play for, they should still play all their healthy starters try to win this game. Mike McCarthy actually agrees with that approach, saying, excuse me, we're going... play to win the game, we're going to filadelp here and we're going to line up to do what we need to do in order to win the game. After a total letdown performance against Arizona, this is the only way the cowboys should approach this week. Eighteen game. The team needs to build momentum heading into the playoffs. They cannot sit their starters, especially on offense, when their offense played poorly last week. Former New York giants quarterback Eli Manning mentioned on the Monday night football manning cast and in two thousand and seven the giants played their starters the final week at regular season against undefeated New England patriots. Giants are and already clinched their wild card spot and they have nothing to play for. I did not stop them from trying to take down the Patriots. Giants lost the game thirty eight to thirty five, but manning was adamant that his team built up a ton of confidence that fanal week, which helped propel the giants to the Super Bowl title that year. A struggling cowboys offense needs to use the week a team game against the Eagles to get back in sink. So for a cowboy team. Cowboys team is not playing well offensively. They can use this week a team against Philadelphia to build confidence find a way to win at a tough road game. Not to mention the cowboys have struggled and outdoor games this season. They are averaging twenty four point six point twenty four point six points per game in outdoor games. They have a record of three and two. Plus the Green Bay packers at a number one seed in the NFC. This can this means the cowboys will most likely have to win an outdoor road game at some point to reach the Super Bowl. Seems like the whole organization is taking the right Pruss this week's game. Sak as sure reporters his plans on playing this week and owner Jerry Jones said they played. They play in the play and win, although I would not be opposed to a banged up Elliott setting this game out. If he feels healthy enough to play, then you should go do that. Also, I think part of Elliot wanting to play is that he's just eighty five rushing yards away from one tho for the season. Issue is Ali does not rush for eighty five yards and games since week five against the giants, chances he actually makes it to a thousand yards is slim. The running bag has gotten nine carries in both of the last two games. And then it's a lot to do with the cowboys inability to run the football of a late unfortunately for the team, rookie linebacker at Michael Parsons, left Hag all time on Smith and quarterback Anthony Brown were all added to the covid list this week, making them unavailable for Saturday's game. So without Parsons and Brown, the cowboys could not afford and have any other defenders at the game. Out playing to win every game and building the culture of winning in Dallas, something that cowboys are constantly working towards. A win in Philadelphia on Saturday well, and to that mindset. Ironically, the cowboy wide receiver is Cedric Wilson, maybe the best quarterback on the team. Wide Receivers, Cedric Wilson has done a lot for the team in two thousand and twenty one. Most importantly, third year players, subdistant injured Michael Galt Multiple Times. Yeah, all through the beginning of the season with an ankle in jury. Wilson was there to pick up the pieces. During that time. He had two hundred fifty sixty yards, three touchdowns. Then when Gallop whine with an ACL tear and week seventeam matchup versus the CARLS, Wilson was ready to fill in again. He caught all six of his targets and had a touchdown. But Welson wasn't just there to provide receiving yards. He also passed ball during a trick play, and that wasn't the first time. In the last two years, the receivers remarkably five or five on passes for a hundred eleven in yards. Is gives them a perfect passer rating of one or fifty eight point three. Good cowboys. Right Receiver said it. Wilson potentially be a quarterback option for the team. I know it's a strange number, but one hundred and fifty eight point three is the highest possible passer rating you can have. To put that rating in comparison cowboys, Dak...

Prescott has a career passer rating of ninety eight, Tom Brady has a passer rating of ninety seven point five and Molmes leads the all time list with one of six Po zero. Yes, we known that Wilson isn't a quarterback. No, we don't. Don't expect him never start a game, but what are he is doing is pretty darning pressive, and he isn't just standing the pocket alone. During the game with the against the Viking, see threw a great spiral under pressure and on the move. There are some starting quarterbacks in the NFL might not have any more pulled in off pressed himself said he was impressed with the throw. All jokes aside, the can't boys need Wilson and be there to fill a huge gap at the loss and the loss of Gallop, though, to see a trick player two in the playoffs. But Dallas really needs a receiver to add on to his four hundred and eighty three, totally yards full. We're this is the backup receivers. Time misshow in no matter how they lose or or a win in the playoffs, they can end up with a home super bowl the season. Yeah, let me explain that. Shocking tournament events. The Dallas conboys home arena of atnc stadium, maybe the home for the upcoming Super Bowl. This yours super bowl is supposed to be played at Elie's new Sofi Stadium, but amidst the huge rise and covid cases, the state of California has extended its indoor mask mainate to February fifteen. The championship is scheduled for February thirteen. According to California HHS Secretary Mark Gailey, or one thousand eight hundred out of state medical professionals helping understaffed hospitals in the state to help with the surge. Officials from the NFL are expected to meet the ramps chargers and La officials next week. It's so far stadium. I'm about COVID concerns. Many sources are confirming that the NFL is in talks with a handful of alternate venues, with Aten t stadium leading the pack. Could the Dallas canboys do with the buccaneers do last year and win a super bowl at home this season? Okay, before we get ahead of ourselves, a lot needs to happen for this to even be possible, including the comboys playing significantly better than they did in week seventeen. But for hope to stake, let's not forget something very similar happening last year. So if I statium with it was supposed to host the super bowl last year, but it was moved to Tampa and due to construction delays. And guess who not only one super bowl last year but also became the first team to ever do it in her home stadium? The Tampa Bay buccaneers. Could the cowboys be the second team to do it? I'm again I'll not has to change for this to be possible, just mine. Also be a good time to check in on the cowboys super bowl odds. According to when bet, Dallas has a plus one two hundred odds to wind the Lombardi trophy, and the packers lead the League at plus three hundred and fifty, with the chiefs lightly behind at plus four hundred and fifty. Do you think it's all possible? You believe in miracles? Let us know on the common section below. Do you think Dallas will host the Super Bowl this year or we'll end up in another city? Or will it remaining California? And now on to a center story. Cowboys Star Mikea Parsons has landed himself on the COVID list head of week eighteen the Gallo Boys, we're hit with some tough news this week. Minutes after head coach Mike McCarthy finish his press conference, and now it's seeing there were no covid updates for the day, news broke that cowboys Rooky linebacker Mikea Parsons was added to the covid nineteen protocolist. Slightly good news is this is happening...

...before the playoffs and that hopefully Parsons will be back for the postseason. Bad News is that for a rookie trying to continue its for year, he may not be able to add to his stats for the last game in the regular season. It's good severely hurt his chances for the defensive player of the year. Parsons is now the third linebacker from the cowboys in just a few weeks to be added to the COVID list. Friends of the Bernard Count New Neil I already missed time due to testing positive. This means the only linebackers on the fifty three man roster who will practice on Wednesday are Laton Vanderish Louke Gifford. We don't know when Parsons will return or whether he was vaccinate or not, but the new covid protocols that made it easier for fully vaccinated players to return. The rookie is vaccinating, he can return if he's a symptomatic for at least twenty four hours and produces the requisite amount of negative tests. If he is not vaccinated, he can return to the team five days after testing positive if he's a symptomatic. This puts up puts a lot up in the air. In the air ahead of week e team. Because his vaccination status is unknown, cannot make any proper judgments as to availability, even with the updated policy. But even if you can't play on Saturday night, the likelihood of him being ready and available for the playoffs is like our fingers across the Parsons is feeling okay and then he makes a speedy recover. And before we go I'll give you our week eighteen his story, weather, key players and projection. The cowboys head to Philadelphia for a week a team matchup that has a bit of a different field and many of us would have expected prior to the beginning of the season. This game looks like one that could potentially decided to division and determine both teams season fate and aternity events. Both teams have already clinched their playoffs spots, cowboys on an NFC east with relative ease, and the Eagles clinched the wild guard spot with their win against Washington last week. In the scope of the two thousand and twenty one season, this game certainly doesn't pack the punch as some of the others, but nonetheless there are some things to talk about and look for as we headed into the final week of the regular season. So as we look up their history, there's an all time record seventy one, two hundred and fifty four and three and one postseason in favored down this NFC East division titles. Cowboys at twenty one, Eagles and eleven. The most recent matchup was September twenty seven, two thousand and twenty one. That cowboys forty one, Eagles Twenty one. The final week of the season does have some fun history. The cowboys and Eagles meeting in two thousand and eight saw the teams meet up and win an in game. That the Eagles one hundred and forty four, two six. In two thousand and ten, the teams met with the NFC East title on the life and saw the cowboys take it home. Two Thousand and thirteen they met for the NAC east title, again in the Eagles, again one due to twenty remo being injured. In two thousand and seventeen, the cowboys were already in the playoffs and rested some starters. What felt like a meaningless game before turned into a lifelong memory. Is Cowboys fans saw Tony Romoth or the final touchdown in his career against the rivals. These two teams met very early in the two thousand and twenty one season and a Monday night football game that the cowboys dominated for four quarters. The cowboys offense was in great rhythm, the defense shut down the eagles and Trayvon digs arrived with the pick six. That meeting carried a lot of weight. It was an early set up. It was an early season divisional matchup in primetime, and while this next game is a late season dividual matchup in primetime, thanks for the flex scheduling, it sings a different tune. As we previously mentioned, the cowboys and nearly locked into the fourth seed in the NFC, and Philly can't really help themselves with a win alone. Each team needs quite a bit of help to move up in the seating there's even a case to remade for the cowboys and Eagles to rest some key guys in preparation for the playoffs, regardless of who plays. Let's...

...take a look at what to expect on Saturday. For weather players to look for in my projection. So obviously they're playing in at outdoor stadium at linkoln financial field and the forecast is said to be a high thirty. Low of eighteen, six to seven mile per hour wins with us up to fifteen to sixteen miles per hour. These temperatures look about is enjoyable as any collection of Eagle Fans I've ever seen or been introduced to. Temperatures don't Look Fun, enjoyable, nice or even okay. So till you were. Philly stands in my book. Well, and maybe Chili Saturday evening. That is luckily the only weather that should come into play. We avoid still and avoid overly gusty winds. Fire up the eaters, get the eat a benches, cranked it up and I of the park is ready to go. Can was known that this game is dining close to the end goal, so I would not be shocked to see the weather playing the decision, arresting some guys. As noted above before, Jron Kiris is nursing hamstring issue and could benefit from the extra rest. Other guys like Elliott could use a break as well. My first thought goes to soft tissue injuries like that when it's cold. Don't need to risk at hamstring growing or something like that for a handful of the key starters. And now, from my under the radar players definite from leak Turner, Wide Receiver Philadelphia Eagles. Apologize for not being able to say his name, but the punter. With an unfortunate season ending injury to Michael Gallop, the cowboys are going to likely work citric Wilson and Malik Turner into the rotation a bit more. We've certain her. We've seen Turner flashing is a limited touches with his steady hands and a looseness after the catch. I can envision a game playing where the cowboys give deck press on the starters about a quarter of action and get Turner involved. Getting that timing and in game experience together could be invaluable for the playoffs after that. I do think that Cooper Russian Turner could have a big day together with with a second stream connection that it's luckily been growing all year. In practice they could also see the eagles second stream defense and get some good matchups on the outside to expose that. I hope the cowboys bring Turner back as a depth piece in two thousand and twenty two, and this game could be a go a long way in that conversation. Turner knows that he's playing for a lot. This week. He's playing for his next contract. I always want to ride with a guy that is multiple reasons to put it all on the line. For the Eagles, I see a lot of punts this week, whether it is jail and hurts and their starters against the cowboys starting defense or Gardener minshoe against Dallas's backups, I think we have an advantage, but giving the eagles any kudos pains me. So let's see if they're puncher Airan SIPAS something like that. Ever heard of this guy me? Neither pins US deep shank some or how he handles punting in the cold. The goals really do not have many players that jump off the screen of me when looking at their death depth the chart and that do shoit any they do shouldn't play this week. That would require their head coach to make sound decisions and there's no guaranteeing that. The game could be a bit of a pump fest between the s and the cowboys. Of A huge advantage there with pro bowl punter and briant anger. And now for my gut projection. Give Me Dallas Cowboys Twenty, the Philadelphia Eagles Sixteen. Normally I suppout the fifty two talk about each team's tendencies, some key guys where they get exposed. not this week, hope solely cowboys stock. I don't want to give the Eagle of my time and day to discuss them. We had a few options at what this game can mean before the season started. A handful of those consisted both teams and missing the playoffs. I won't sure your coat... I hate the eagles found enough success to even make the playoffs, and Eagles last makes me almost as happy as a cowboys win, so them getting in really stinks. That said, I would take both teams already being in the playoffs in this game not causing my heart rate to crank up over to win and in situation on my Saturday night. Due to that, I'm a feeling that we see key players either not playing or being pulled after a few series to protect them for the playoffs. That goes both ways to as the cowboys and Eagles have individuals they want to rest. I'm a little perplexed at the NFL flex this game Saturday and night. Also see why the NFC east rivalry will still get both van bases tuning in and generating ratings, but we may see a game of rush Duking it out against Min shoe, although Prescott feels otherwise. The cowboys and the eagles rest their starters held rush and minshoe fair in the matchup. Now that we all have the primetime matchup, getting U is pumped up, let's talk about it. Rush filled in for a spot start earlier this year and delivered a three hundred plus yard performance on the road primetime to get a win. Rush can play like Turner. This gave means a lot to Russian terms of his future. While he put out great tape early this year, delivering another good performance could earn him and new contract in Dylus or raise on the open market as a backup. If we get the starters, we get starters most of the game. I think Dallas can win some ease over Aun Lesser Eagles team. If we see rush versus hurts, then it gets close, but our rush versus menshoe heavy way bout goes to the cowboys in a slow play, cold, sloppy game and the grammar scheme with things, winning or losing this game is very exactly not going to matter. But no one, no one wants to go into the playoffs coming off of a loss. The backups for the cowboys will be fired up against the rival and let's send this team in the playoffs with the momentum as we wrap up the regular season. I've really enjoyed talking with you guys during the weekly outlook. Real Fun starts next week when we draw our playoff matchup and get dive in on that opponent. Until then, give me a conboys win or the Eagles to get us to twelve winds and and now let us know your thoughts. A comment section Alto on the tops we covered. Let us know. How far do you think the cowboys will make the plan? Well, go in the playoffs. Well, they make the Super Bowl. Well, they win the Super Bowl. Let us know. And if you want to support the show, you can buy his coffee at buy me a coffeecom slash the big D it's always at. Your support helps the channel grow and bringing new hosts, bringing new writers and launch new spinoff shows of this podcast. So your support makes all that possible. And Hey, perhaps we can take the show on the road and Tailgate and cowboys game sport can make that happen. But, as always, thank you so much for listening and watching. You sure did like video. Give us thumbs up. Hit the subscribe button and don't think subscribe to the podcast. Check it out on good pots. Thank you so much and we'll see next time. It's been a big D breakdown. Your host wary. We thank you for listening and watching. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown, twitter, facebook, you big D breakdown. Now instagram. Just search the big D breakdown. Thank you for joining. See you next time.

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