The Big D Breakdown
The Big D Breakdown

Episode · 9 months ago

The Cowboys One Step Closer to Round 1 Playoff Bye


This week as we head into Sunday Night Football, the Cowboys are back facing the Washington Football Team as they look to inch closer to a solid playoff spot. It looks like a strong victory with Washington plagued by injuries and players on the COVID-19 list. This week will we see a Dallas team back on the path of victory and out of their recent rut. 


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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code? Larry Twenty one. Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the big D breakdown, your home for all things down cowbows news. Hello and welcome to the big D breakdown. I'm your host. Literally Join US other epids, we dive in the late US Dallas cowboys news from around all right. First would I can think our sponsor, punds or sponsoring this episode. You can check them out to day. For nextcom use the Promo Code Larry Twenty one for ten percent off your order. You know, for you to hit that subscribe button, and I like button and subscribe to the podcast on all major podcast platforms. So, as we dive into our first topic, we take a look at the Dallas Cowboys Christmas Games history. It's the most wonderful time of the year, football season. That is hopefully the joy of this season will bring a married playoff push for the cowboys and there over sixty year history, the cowboys have played more games on Christmas Day and any other team in the NFL. Of the twenty two games played on Christmas Day in League's history, Dallas has played in five. This year the cowboys don't play on Christmas. They will be taking on the Washington football team the day after Christmas at a teen t stadium. Hopefully, the players being home for the holidays in a lone star state with friends and family will bring good tidings against NFC east foe. Until then, let's take a trip down the Dallas played in one of the two first ever games on Crimson Christmas Day, nineteen seventy one. Luckily, that game or a holly jolly w however, in the five games that cowboys have played on December twenty five, they have just gone just two and three. Let's take a deeper look at the three of them. Well, of the exciting matchups. Number One nineteen seventy one, Dallas cowboys against the Minnesota Vikings. Dallas wents twenty twelve. According the history books, the cowboys defense in nineteen seventy one looked is good on Christmas Day, as the two thousand and twenty one cowboys defense books. In the last three of three games in nineteen seventy one, the defense forced five turn numbers to help Dallas dominate the time of possession. The cowboys scored wise in the third quarter, things to a rushing touchdown by dwayne Thomas and a Roger Staubach passed upob Hayes number two. One Thousand Nine hundred and ninety five Dallas cowboys thirty seven, Arizona cardinals thirteen. This Monday night Christmas matchup between two NFC teams was the final game of the regular season. In one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, it's w earned the cowboys home field advantage throughout the rest of the NFC playoff. Picture. Victory was led by Hall of Famer Troy Aikman, who passed for three hundred and fifty yards at been through two touchdown passes to Kevin Williams. Williams was feeling the holiday spirits. He cut a career high and nine passes for over two hundred yards and number three Dallas Count Two thousand and ten. Excuse me, Dallas Cowboys Twenty Six, Arizona Cardinals Twenty seven and a Christmas Day rematch fifteen years later. The cardinals just barely squeaked by the cowboys. Dallas dominated the game statistically, but gave up two pick six is early. That allowed Arizona to jump to twenty one and three. League America's team started to stage a comeback, pulling...

...ahead with just under two minutes left in the game. The grinch on the roster was kicker kicker David Bueler, who missed the extra point attempt. Hey sounds like someone we know on the current squad, which gave Dallas only a two point lead. This left the door open for Arizona's J feelee to kick a forty eight yard game length field goal. But humbug. But enough about the past. Let's talk about the team the cowboys will be facing this Christmas weekend, The Washington football team. Even though Dallas is never played Washington on December twenty five, it seems as the NFC east rivals face each other a good amount of time in amount this time of year and the last seventeen years the cowboys have played Washington six times during the week at Christmas. Dallas has one for those six contests. Hope to the same on December Twenty Six, two thousand and twenty one eighteen s stadium. Here's how the last six matchups ended up. Two Thousand and Nineteen, Dallas Forty seven, Washington sixteen. Two Thousand and fourteen, Dallas forty four, Washington Seventeen, two thousand and twelve, Dallas Eighteen, Washington twenty eight. Two thousand and nine, Dallas Seventeen, Washington zero, two thousand and seven family, Dallas six, Washington twenty seven, two thousand and four, Tallas Thirteen, Washington ten. This Sundays Week Sixteen matchup brings an opportunity for America's team to go five and no in the NFC east so far this season. With the bright lights of Sunday night football in the night after Christmas, who knows what this rivalry game will bring. Let's hope that all is bright the offensive defense will be jingling all the way to a victory. And now let's take a look at the Canto was versus Washington Football Team Week Sixteen, the history, the weather, key players in our projection for the Washington Dallas game. For the second time in just three weeks, the Dallas cowboys will take on the WATCHINGTON football team, although not even a month apart. These games have drastically different feelings, as we had a second match up. The first matchup was one with NDERFC supremacy and playoff incations looming large. Well, this game still has playoff implications and we cars the cowboys seating and Washington's last grasp, last gasp, excuse me, in a wild card spot. NFC East is are wrapped up for all intents and purposes. Washington is injury riddle, dealing with a substantial number of covid nineteen issues across the board and are fading, as they said, at six and eight. Dallas is ten and four and looking to improve their odds for a higher seat, as they currently hold a number to seed in the NFC. Before we head into the holidays, check out some thoughts on this NFC east rivalry match up. All Time record sits at seventy four wins, forty seven losses. Two ties in favor. The cowboys to another postseason record in favorable Washington football team. The most recent game December twelve, two thousand and twenty one. Dallas Cowboys, twenty seven. WATCHINGTON football team twenty. In their meeting earlier this month, Dallas guy out front early, but seem to falter down the stretch. The cowboys let Washington shrink the lead to just one touchdown and the ball with a chance to tie. The Cowboys Roster and coaching staff can't be pleased at that effort, and what felt is if they took their foot off of the gas petal. I fully expect Dallas to come out and look to play a four games. They continue to find the recipe for all three units firing together. This rivalry always stays a little chippy and sees the emotions flaring up. I suspect no different calm Sunday night in primetime,...

...especially after the cowboys went out of their way to stamp their logo all over Washington sidelines, right bringing their own benches. So let's take a look at the weather outlook. Obviously, they're playing at EIGHTEENC stadium with a retractable dome a turf field. The forecast is scheduled to be a high eighty four. Love Sixty four, very warm. Wan's tend eleven miles per hour with guss up to thirty two, thirty three, three, day after Christmas, very warm temperatures, Primetime, night game. Can't think of a better set up to tailgate and get ready for a cowboys game. Cowboys return home after a three game stretch on the road where they want, where they went. Three and no cowboys for and two at home this year, six and two on the road. As they welcome Washington to town after nearly a month long hiatus from eighteen t stadium, I have to think that the place will be a rocking. Considering it as a rivalry in prime time. My Gut tells me that some combination of the roof in or end zone windows will be openness. Think get down to an ideal temperature in the upper S. five to pick they open the roof and leave the end zones closed. Doing a little bit of wind, we shouldn't see much while they're playing in this game at all, and it provides a great opportunity for the cowboys to write the ship offensively. Now we're going to take a look at some of the under the radar players for death and Dallas. We got Michael Gallop Wide Receiver for Washington, Rickey Sealed Jones tight end. Simply put, Dallas needs to figure things out offensively. For about the last month to look like the offense can't find any sort of rhythm or continuity. They take one step forward and two steps backwards with a drop penalty rid zone collapse. The cowboys to look to get back on track this week. Open up things are any and test Washington secondary down the field. Press Scott's yards per attempt have been roughly two full yards below his career average and, after looking at a mirror of different factors, I think this is what has the cowboys offense looking a bit Awf lately. Pushing the ball down field forces a secondary to respect the shop play and home run attempt. linebackers have to worry about getting to their drop a little more and can't play downhill as much. Taking the deep shop shot, excuse me, opens this offense up and I think getting back to that is what fixes things. That is where Michael Gallop comes into play. Personally, I think he is the cowboys best deep deep threat between himself, Mary Cooper and seating lamb. The other two are fantastic and route running and when they get the ball in their hands. Yeah, brings another element of talking the top off, taking the top off of a defense and going and getting the deep pall the cowboys would be wise to try gallop on some one on one fades, deep posts and set up a few play actions shots, test the secondary, try and deep shops. She Fla. Excuse me, trying deep shots does so much. You can only help this offense. Yeah, it might be the expector this week, but also the rest of the year. They can get him going deep. See you can, poller will see room up front for the underneath. The reads are less congested and they that boys get their quick strike ability back. Give me a gallop touchdown of I'll say, forty plus yards Sunday night. To put it politely, Washington has been ravaged by Covid nineteen on offense and defense. They started former Cowboy Garrett Gilbert at quarterback on Tuesday against the eagles. Duda, Tailor Heine key and Kyle Allen out due to covid nineteen protocols, but the first two quarterbacks questionable for Sunday. Running back in Tonio and Gibson questionable. Curtis Samuel and questionable. It doesn't...

...leave many options for Washington. They got Terry mcclaren, a receiver. I think the cowboys are going to have the luxury of Trebon dig's shadowing him and the freedom to shade a safety over the top they wish to. That leaves tight end Ricky Seals Jones as a target for Gilbert. Just makes sense. A backup quarterback should look to his tight end for easy throws and moving the chains. Cowboys Defensive Co Ordinator Dan Quinn knowses and we'll have safety linebacker coverage on seals Jones most of the day. I am horror memories of Washington tight ends. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Chris Coolie. I'm Jordan read gashing the cowboys up the seam, and this is one way you may find luck Sunday night. That is, if they have time. The cowboys will have the Marcus Lawrence, Michael Parsons, Randy Grigory and Osa, all rushing the passer that passed. Rush has more firepower than most teams in the NFL can handle. So let's get to the bottom line and give you my projection. DALLAS COWBOYS THIRTY ONE. Washington football team fourteen. I'll say this is a week that the cowboys offense is going to get back on track. It's primetime, it's the day after Christmas. Just feels like we get a little gift to seeing this team move from the ball and put up points. Yes, it comes at the mercy of the back pealing Washington team, but it truly is the perfect opportunity to find somewhere them and get the strain back on track. As I mentioned in the previous few segment set seconds, I believe we see Calin more and Prescott Open up the downfield passing game a bit more than we have seen in the past, and the rest falls into place. Tony Poller to look very sullen in his return last week and showed really no effects of his foot injury. I like to see him work in the game plan more and more, maybe even be the main back on Sunday night. Gives the continue rest that Paul or do his thay, get him going in rhythm and see what happens. The crowd will be behind the offense and there will be chances to strike big. Prescott should get about two hundred seventy five yards and two to three touchdowns. And a game that I'll write the ship form tossing a hundred fifty on the ground between polar and Elliott and even lamb, and this offense hits astride we haven't seen in a long time. Intensively, the cowboys have been causing turnovers at a rapid rate, the interceptions are coming in bunches, the pass rush is creating fumbles and the defensive backs are punching in balls. They are playing at a very high level. Sunday night will potentially give the defense face Garrett Gilbert or Kyle Allen. The Dallas defense destroyed my gunn and giants back up last Sunday and would love to can continue their havoc on another backup quarterback vic though. These two teams are going drastically different directions in the cowboys should be able to handle things and beat up on an inferior team. That is what good teams do and they don't give up to lesser teams. Cowboys when this one pretty handily and give themselves to eleven wins and their pursuit of a high playoffs seat. For we move on. Let us know in the comment section below. What do you think the final score will be on us on the common section or on twitter. And now we're going to look at thirty playoff fixes for the Dallas cowboys offense. Ladies and gentlemen, for all intents and purposes, your Dallas Cowboys are playoff bound. Yes, and now they've not a fish to clenched, but the eggs...

...are cooling, the butter is getting hard and the Jellos Jiggling. Cordy. To undred thirty eight, the cowboys have a more than ninety nine percent chance of winning the division. Obviously, winning the division gets them in the playoffs, but they also have more than ninety nine percent of earning a playoff berth. Essentially, they're as close as you can be to mid January and football without actually having golden ticket. Once that first goal is met, the next step is to secure the highest seed possible. Wake fift week fifteen was extremely kind of Dallas in terms of seating. Both the cardinals and buccaneers took unexpected losses. All the cowboys won their third straight game. This scenario vaulted Dallas from number four in the NFC all the way up to the number two, one game behind Green Bay. Again, referring to five hundred and thirty eight. These results now give the cowboys a fourteen percent chance at first round. By Dallas wins out in the packers slip up just once, the cowboys will earn the number one seed. Of course, the main reason for the cowboys being in the mix, for this potential positioning has been the playing on it of the defense. In five of the lie six Games Dallas has allowed twenty points are fewer. The cowboys have also caused four more to turnovers and three straight games. And on real stat especially for this franchise, there's one trayvon digs fact that is extremely embarrassing from giants fans, it's not breaking news at Dallas Cowboys cornerback Treemon Diggs is taking the NFL by storm. See, in the week fifteen matchup against New York giants, digs caught his leading tenth interception of the season. This puts digs only one interception behind the Cowboys Organization Record of eleven and for interceptions, behind the NFL record of fourteen so far. The only other cornerback to come close to digs is new England's JAC Jackson, who has seven picts. The Haye double dig digits. Digs one up and CONTON underthrowne path by the back up and Clun't intended for wide receiver Canny Golla Day. Digs caught the ball but aliday ripped out of his hands, causing the rest to initially rule the play and incomplete pass. After head coach Mike McCarthy through the challenge flag, the ruling was overturned using this interception. Yes, the digs interception was impressive, but perhaps what is even more mind boggling it's the fact that logging the boys manager Raj Oh show tweeted touchdowns this season cowboys quarterback trayvon digs to giants wide receiver canny Gala Day. Zero last seven Trayvon diggs interceptions came from jail and hurts to from Sam Donald, Matt Jones, Matt Ryan, Taysom Hill, my client, and then R J Shuwa originally started off the whole thing by saying on twitter Traybon Diggs has got more passes in the end zone at metlife stadium the season than Kenny Gala Day, the wide receiver who the giants gaped seventy two million to. That's right, digs now has one snag in the end zone of metlife stadium, the giants receiver has none. In fact, holiday has zero touchdowns on the entire season. Sure Daniel Jones is hurt. Sure my gun and Jake from or not great quarterback replacements. Sure Gola Day missed three weeks of the season with an injury. The twenty eight year old receiver still only has thirty one catches and four hundred and seventy seven yards on the season. This has to be pretty upsetting for giants fans, who know that all they received received a four year,...

...seventy two million dollar deal with New York ahead of the season. This is not what the giants we're hoping for out of a guy known for being great with contested throws. Digs, on the other hand, is still on his four years, six point three million rookie contract. We know daggas will get paid a pretty penny when the time comes. Until then, we are rooting for him to ache closer and closer to history and finally taking look at power rankings Dallas and making moves ahead of week sixteen. Heading into week sixteen, the cowboys are sitting pretty and number two in the NFC playoffs standings. That is although although the cowboys have won three games on the road. A big part of this shift is thanks to losses by other NFC teams into shocking week fifteen losses. That lions defeated the cardinals and the buccaneers lost to the saints. Even though Dallas as the same record as a cards and bucks, Dallas currently has the better in conference record, eight and one. Sure this might be partially due to the fact that the NFC's consists of some pretty lousy teams, but wins are wins and America's team is happy to move be moving on. The cowboys have another chance to secure an NFC's victory this Sunday as they take on the Washington football team at home at a teen t S. dating till then, let's take a look at where Dallas sits in the week sixteen power rankings and check up on their updated super bowl ads. Thanks to the win against the giants and some pretty embarrassing losses by other NFC teams, the cowboys have jumped up a few spots and almost all the power rankings. Most media out let's have America's team around the number four spot. Not to Chevvy, but the offense continue to struggle and games, but the defense is making headlines and allowing this team to be at the top of the playoff con conversation. The ESPN POWER RANKINGS HAVE DALLAS AT number four, moving up to spots from number six. NBC Sports Pro Football Talk also has down set number four. Above them. Interestingly, are the packers, chiefs and rams not really sure the ramps deserve to be number three in the entire league. Well, that's just my opinion. FANSIDED HAS DALLAS rank the highest this week at number three, behind the packers and chiefs. That's a three spot jump for the boys and apparently the official enough nfl site is feeling grin sheet during this Christmas Week. They are one of the only power rankings that have the cowboys below a number four spot in moving down from their position of the previous week. NFLCOM has the cowboys at number eight, moving down a spot from number seven. UN surprisingly, the site blamed the offense, saying the boys have no chance of Prescott and his men don't get it together. And now wrapping up, let's take a look at the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl odds heading into week six week sixteen. Yes, we know, one game at a time, but let's take a peek at the cowboys changes to win the Super Bowl, just for film. According to win bet, Dallas currently had its plus two hundred odds to win the Super Bowl at the time of this episode. They sit behind, and descending order, the chiefs, packers, bookaneers, Rams, Patriots and bells. The chiefs have plus four hundred and fifty odds as a Thursday morning. That means you could bet one hundred dollars today for the cowboys to win the Super Bowl and if they do, look like one hundred dollar profit. Win against the COVID riddled Washington football team can mean even better chances for the cowboys to get there. For now, the goal is to continue to sweep the NFC east first time since one thousand nine hundred and...

...ninety eight. And that is all the time we have for this episode of the big D breakdown. Let us know your thoughts on all the topics we cover. You can find us on facebook and twitter. Our handles right above there. If you want to support the show by as coffee, find me a coffeecom the big D as us up grade all right equipment, hire some new writers, bringing that host or two and take this show on the right or be kind of fun. That half of the show. I've from the parking lot of atnt stadium on Game Day. And, as always, back to thank our sponsor, pod decks. Don't forget to check out condextcom. Used Promo Coding Larry Twenty one for ten percent off your order and, as always, please hit that subscribe button. Give us a thumbs up if you like the video and if you didn't, give us bones down. Now be fair and give us a review. Find Us. You can find us on all major podcast platforms. Check us out on good pots and leave us a review there. So thanks for watching, happy holidays and I'll see you next week. It's been a big D breakdown with your host, Larry Leaves. Thank you for listening and watching. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown, twitter, facebook you big D breakdown on instagram. Just searched the big D breakdown. Thank you for joining. See you next down.

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