The Big D Breakdown
The Big D Breakdown

Episode 19 · 6 months ago

The Dallas Cowboys Make or Break X-Factors Going Into 2022


The NFL Draft is behind us and the Dallas Cowboys are looking to the future as they prepare for the upcoming 2022 season. This week we will take a look at several "X-Factors" that could make or break the Cowboys. Last week the NFL announced the full schedule for every team including the Dallas Cowboys, and now we will break down both the easiest stretch of games, as well as the hardest stretch of games. Tune in today and let us know your take.


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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code? Larry Twenty One? Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the big D breakdown, your home for all things dot catbows neames. Welcome to the big D breakdown. I'm your host, Larry Lease. They were iming into the latest Hitnot from around atnt stadium. First, what I can think our sponsor put next for sponsoring this episode. Check them out today at Pun dexcom. He's supermacode Larry Twenty one for ten percent off your order. And also like to thank game time. If you're looking for tickets the next cowboys game, whether it be offseason or, excuse me, preseason or seasonal games, check them out today. Use linking description. Didn't help support the big D breakdown. Now let's move on today's first topic. There's Day was a big day for the NFL. The exact schedule for all thirty two teams was revealed. The League and its analyst were busy breaking down the most exciting games, talking to players, coaches and others from around the league. The NFL wanted to talk to a member the Dallas cowboys, and they picked a pretty good one. Mike a Parsons in the network scheduled release coverage and always legend Michael Irvan did a phone interview with the defensive rookie of the year. The former first rounder appeared to be taking the call from the man cave, which displays several nfl the jerseys from guys like a Mury Cooper and hiszekiel element elligot. Excuse me, it's naturally, Irvan wanted to know why Parsons didn't have a number eighty eight jersy in his collection. Twenty two year old while Hilariously told Urvan to send him one. After that, the first question the hall of Famer I asked was what specifically jumped out to Parsons about the schedule. Like for many, it was those first two weeks, linebacker said the first thing he saw was that his team would have to face two strong opponents in the buccaneers and Bengals, back to back. Parsons a minute it would be exciting to start and that beating those two super bowl of caliber teams would be a big accomplishment for the count buss a linebacker, admitted that he had big eyes when he first and his first games an NFL...

...player was against Brady last year. This time around he's just ready for the rematch. As far as the bangles, Parsons knows that, since he brings a lot of young talent, but is always doesn't scare him. Parson said he's excited to go up against Joe Borough, since then, young QB is a guy he's been watching for a long time. After those two tough matchups, the cowboys head east face the giants for the first time. Once again, Parsons pointed out something many en us have as well. Joe Shown, excuse me for his name, and his crew had a great offseason in terms of securing and drafting talent. Parson said his team needs to be ready to slow their rivals down because Dallas, quote can't expect the same team from last year. This is an excellent point, given his team sale through games against New York last season. Urban's last question was one mini. Are Curious about schedule. Aside the three times super bowl champ, wanted to know how the rookie plans to improve his second year after still our first year in the league. This is what Parsons had to say. Quote. I have to act like I got Amnesia, forget everything I had last year and kind of restart restructure everything. I'm going to still put in the same work and try to do better than I did last year. I just have to erase everything I did, don't let anything get to my head and just go to work. What a great mentality for a guy is young, as Parsons. Lineback has always shown at men's focus and termination. He's not masking the twelve and five record or is numerous accolades. He's ready to start over and do even more next season. Let's up that mindset. Rubs off on his teammates to and now let's move on to our next topic. We're going to take a look at the easiest stretch of games on the cowboys upcoming schedule. We already know that, according to metrics sent out by the NFL, the cowboys are said to be tied with the Washington commanders to the easiest two thousand and twenty two schedule on the League. The Rams, on surprisingly, have the toughest schedule. The common threat for teams who win a super bowl the prior season, however, with the opponent win percentage doesn't show, it's a few seriously tough games on the gap cowboys docket. The cowboys will want to take on the Tapa Bay buccaneers, the bangles the rams all on the first five weeks of the season. Those three are arguably some of the top teams in the league, with several impressive players on both offense and defense. So why do the cowboys have such an easy schedule? Because they play six teams who had six wins are last last season. Tough Games at the beginning of the schedule are heavily overshadowed by some pretty easy wins. For starters, the cowboys get to play the NFC east teams twice. The NFC East is often considered one of the easiest divisions in the NFL. That sends their schedule difficulty way down.

Dallas also gets to play teams from two of the other weaker divisions. The ind this NFC north was easily won by the packers last year. The week ten match up against Green Bay will be tough, but the lines embarras shouldn't be easy ws for the down list, the AFC south was dominated by one team. Titans will be a difficult contest, but the Jaguars and Texans should be even easier victories than playing the eagles. The other thing to note is that an easy schedule doesn't mean a Lombardi trophy. Dallas went twelve and final last year and still couldn't make a playoff push. Mary's team needs to not let the schedule strength to tear them from focusing on the ultimate goal. It was tough to pick the easiest Patrick Games, simply because the stained out difficult matchups are sprinkled throughout the season. However, we I believe weeks twelve to fifteen should be the easiest. The Nice thing about having a simpler skip strategy, I should say torrens the end of the season, is that hopefully the can whiz will be able to pad their record to help the playoff standings. Week twelve through fifteen the cowboys have three home games in a row before road game in Jacksonville on week fifteen. Even though we're deeming this the easiest stretch, it certainly doesn't mean these Games won't count with challenges. So now let's take a look at these matchups. We got the Thanksgiving matchup on week twelve against the New York giants therey. Any game against the giants should be easy. They did add some key components in the draft, but the cowboys are still the better overall team. This will also be the second time Dallas takes on ther NFC east rival, so the team should be fully prepared to take down the giants and then he eat some Turkey. And then the following week we have the colts facing off the cowboys. All eyes will be on the colts and cowboys in this Sunday night football game. While the colts are likely the most formatable all the opponents during the stretch, Dallas and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn certainly know a lot about Matt Ryan Indians. A good team certainly, has struggled on the road and could fall to Dallas into the bright lights of Sunday night in Arlington. Week Fourteen is Houston Texans against the cowboys at home. There's any home run game, aside from maybe the game against the lines this season, it has to be this one. Sure there will be more animosity as the cowboys face the other Texas team, but Houston has been on the struggle bus for several seasons. This should be an easy w at home. And then, finally, we get the week fifteen matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars. In Jacksonville. Road Games are never easy. This is arguably Dallas is easiest away game outside the NFC east. The Jaguars have made big moves and firing rban Meyer and securing high level talent, but it's hard to imagine this team that making that big of a turnaround. Hopefully this away game gets the cowboys a big confidence boost to end the rest of their season strong and... covering the easiest stretch, we also have to take a look at their most difficult stretch. Despite the fact that I fill in lyst believe they have the easiest schedule, the cowboys do have some pretty tough matchups to get through this season. It's likely that part of the reason analyst feel this way about the cowboys is the NFC East itself. In fact, the for NFC East teams represent the teams with the four easiest schedules out of all thirty two franchises. Cowboys and commanders are tied at four six tow for opponent win percentage. Philadelphia's at four hundred and sixty four, the giants at four hundred and sixty five. However, when you look at the cowboys schedule more closely, there are certainly some tough games on the docket, so much so that it's almost easier to pick the hardest stretching games, and it was to select the easiest. While the NFCAS may not be the strongest division, all the teams ha very impressive draft editions that may change things up in two thousand and twenty two. The runner up the most difficult stretch, we decided, was week fifteen to eighteen. Dallas will have to play on the road for three in their last four games, and the home matchup is a rivalry, one that will likely have playoff implications on Christmas Eve. However, Jacksonville, Tennessee and Washington are far from the toughest opponents that cowboys will face next season. So you're obviously asked skiing which stretch of games and cowboys regular season will be the most difficult for us. It's going to hurt, but the toughest stretch is, unfortunately, right at the top, weeks one through five. It's definitely going to be a big challenge for Mike McCarthy and his team for a number of reasons. Before we even talk about opponents, we can talk about the roster itself. It is highly likely that one of the two top receivers on the depth chart will be out for most of it, if not all, of these games. Michael Gallop, who is currently recovering from ACL surgery, was expected to be healthy by August, but later reports revealed that the acrobatic receiver may be out for at least the first two to three games of the year. That means Dallas will be without one of its top receivers against the buccaneers, the bangles, that giants, the commanders and the rams, facing Brady and burrow backtoback wouldn't be easy for the best teams in the NFL. Having your toughest games right at the start is always challenging. You can't rely on momentum and you don't have much time and make major adjustments. Well, New York game will certainly be easier. It is on the road, and Dallas will have to prepare for Cabon Cavon Theibidou in Evan Neil with very little film to go off of. The commanders at home should be all walk in the park. That's immediately followed by a road game against the reigning Super Bowl champions. Hopefully Gallop will be back by the rams game at the very latest.

What should bring a boost until then that Prescott is going to be thrown to essentially one receiver is experience with, and that man CD lamb, is only entering his third year. Prescott will have limited experience with James Washington, jail and Tilbert and Noah Brown. Aside from Gallop, the cowboys likely expect First Rounder Tyler Smith to start and week one on the offensive line, despite being young and raw. It's also the first time the cowboys will play without Rady Gregory, you know, Maury Cooper. This could mean a lot of trouble for the boys, and it all comes at a very inopportune time. With time with tough games at the top, there's no wiggle room to get used to certain aspects of the game for new members of the team. The good news is these five games will senly show us who the two thousand and twenty two cowboys are. It will show fans how hungry this team is and what they were able to put together in the offseason. Dallas can come out and when these tough games the teams haters will finally give the voys the respect they deserve in the NFL. Coming out strong and setting the tone is huge. Even though the Camboys lost their opening game against the bucks, their impressive performance and Prescott's first game back gave them confidence in momentum for the beginning half of the season. Hopefully, America's team can come out with at least three wins and this challenging stretch it will be a huge morale buster if they can. Let us know your thoughts in that common section below. What do you think are the toughest matchups at the Hampscot a Duilte for next season? And before we move on, please hit that like button and subscribe to the channel and hit that bell notification to be notified or future videos. And now on to our next topic. Make or break x factors for the upcoming two thousand and twenty two season, Dellas Camboys have made some serious changes to the roster this offseason. They've lost some players, added some deaf pieces and drafted and signed a long list of prospects and undrafted free agents. Now that they are started to build a roster, there are still questions to be answered. Some of the cowboys issues lying the play calling and coaching, but some have to do with the play itself. So what are some key things that cowboys need to do or fix in order to have success in two thousand and twenty two? And this segment we're going to take a look at three things on the offensive and defensive side of the ball that could make or break the season for America's team. Some of these x factors are coaching specifics and others are about player performances. If these six things end up going well for the cowboys, this could be the year that the team has a turn around it makes it past the first round of the playoffs. If not, pains can be looking at another long and unaccessful season. Building a roster is one thing. Figuring out the final fifty three man roster will be an important piece towards success in two thousand and twenty two. However, it's hall those fifty three men play and execute week after a week, that makes her breaks a season. These are...

...three major components on offense and defense that could make our break the upcoming season. So first we're going to take a look on the offensive side of the game. So starting off we have tyler. Apologies for seeing this name wrong. Tyler beans is past protection. Nothing is more frustrating and difficult handle for a quarterback than a pass rusher coming right up the mill. quarterbacks are used to defenders on the outside trying to get them. When there is a defender right in their face and they have nowhere to get out of the pocket too, confidence killer. Last time last season we saw this happen quite a few times from tyler, who wasn't able to handle his man got pushed back into the lap at Dak Prescott. He's also had some problems recognizing and calling out protections all online, which led to free rushers that would be able to make plays. His playing pass protection needs to get a lot better. I can't boys will have two new full time starters and can't afford to be worried about tyler holding up at pass protection with Rookie Tyler Smith starting next to him and tear and steal a right tackle handling pass rushers. If you can't be better in press protection, will be along and tough season of Prescott. Next Up, Mike McCarthy's influence on play calling. Ever since taking over the cowboys offensive coordinator position, mccamlon Moore has only been able to make things exciting on offense for the first few weeks. Then, once teams are able to figure out what he's doing, he is unable to come up with a count punch. For that reason, this offseason we heard a head coach Offensive Guru, Mike McCarthy, was going to be helping more developed game plans in order to help keep the Dallas offensive rhythm and moving. If McCarthy is able to boost this offense during the times were more just can't seem to get a handle on things, having two different play calling styles could be enough to teach, keep teams guessing and give the cowboys offense and edge over defensive coordinators who aren't sure who's calling the place. If McCarthy helps game planning, there's nothing on Game Day, then we could be in for the same hot and cold offensive output we saw in two thousand and twenty one. Next up taking a look at Tyler Smith's effectiveness in the running game. Just like the passing game for the cowboys in two thousand and twenty one, the running games started off Strang on with Ezekiel, Alien Tony Pollard running all over defenses, and once teams took away the inside, the running game fizzle. Now cowboys are betting that the addition of Smith, had left guard, paired with Tyron Smith, will give this Dallas running game of physical boost. Tyler Smith's aggressiveness are and physicality I've been well documented. But yet we've yet to see what you can do against NFL Caliber Defensive Lineman and blitzing linebackers. If Smith can hold up and running game...

...and continue to maintain his aggressive and physical game at the next level, that Alliot Paul woulhould be able to get back on track. This season helped take the pressure off Prescott and his passing game. Without at Murray Cooper, the rookie can assist. We could see the other well documented fact abouts math, which is his ability to draw penalties at a high rate. Although many fans were excited about Tyler Smith's high ceiling. There was a lot of concern about his large number of penalties last season. After getting rid of Connor Williams, the lasting Dallas needs is another guy on the line to lead the league and penalties. Hopefully Smith can learn some discipline and beat both aggressive and clean for the offensive line. And now onto the defensive x factors. Starting off, we got Dante Fowler Junior's impact. The loss of one of the team's most talented pass wreshers and Randy Gregory could be devastating. Adding the public fighting between cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Randy Gregory immediately puts a spotlight on the player who will be brought in to replacing that player is Dante fell or junior. is going to have one of the biggest magnifying glasses on him all season. He will be compared constantly to Gregory in terms of his impact on the game. Luckily for Valor Junior, he's already been in Dan Quinn's defense and knows what will be asked of him. That should help the deep defensive end hit the ground running and less than the pressure placed upon him by a situation he had nothing to do with. In the first place. Feller junior was a first round pick for a reason and if that's what the cowboys are able to get and to win, if he isn't able to return to form and becomes more of a rotational pass rusher and DAURN's arm shrine or rookie Deve Williams overtakes him, then this will look even worse for Jones and the cowboys defensive production overall. Then you go and take a look at Mike a Parsons. One of the main reasons that Dallas defense was able to create so much pressure was thanks to Quin's ability to move parsons all over the defensive line. Teams weren't able to figure out if he was dropping back into coverage, rushing the passenger respying on the quarterback. That inability to account for Parsons gave the cowboys the upper hand most of the time. This was also when Parsons was dealing with a knee injury he disclosed after the season ended. So just imagine how much he might be able to do when fully healthy in a full season under built, all of this will mean nothing and Quinn is forced to move him to the defensive end spot due to injuries or lack of production out of guys like Feller Jr. Parsons in a oneknown location will diminish is play, making him ability...

...and allow US teams to take him completely out of the game. The cowboys and Quinn need to do whatever they can to keep Parsons position on the field on each play a question mark for teams. For this defense to have continued success in two thousand and twenty two and the run defense improving is a serious make a break x fractor for the cowboys. This season feels like every offseason we're talking about this Dallas defense being unable to stop the run at critical times of the game. Each year, we're also talking about how this team needs to add a dominant defensive tackle to help plug holes. Yet fans are disappointed when Dallas continues to take undersized defensive tackles year after year after year, draft pick after draft pick. Thankfully, the past two seasons have been different. The addition of Quentin Bohana in two thousand and twenty one and this year's edition of John Ridgeway could finally help add size to defensive line. Both are over three hundred pounds should be able to help keep linebackers free to make plays in the back field of the line of scrimmage to limit rushing games. Bohanna has a season under his belt and should be better prepared to come in take over the nose tackle position, while Ridge away comes in as a rotational player to start his career. If BOHANNA and ridgeway aren't able to anchor the defensive line and allow linebackers to make plays, then this defense will continue to allow offenses to pick up yards, slow down the game keep Prescott and company off the field. Hopefully this duo will finally be able to put the issue to rest. Let us down in the comment section low what your thoughts are on the x factors of the comboys this season. Is there somebody we missed or some part of the aspect of the game that we missed that we should have included? Let us know in the comments. Is Always be on to support the channel. You can buy me a company and buy me a companycomash. The big D money you send in goes directly into the PODCAST. I don't really use it as a salary. I use it strictly upgrade the content, upgrade our equipment, bringing new hosts and possibly pay them if we make enough money to Ford that your support helps that channel grow and up story channel be able to take it on the room. Eventually, we'd actually love to take this show Tott Stadium record from there take it offseason games are not offseason, excuse me, away games. And with your help we can make that dream of reality. And, as always, thank you so much for watching and listening and we will see you next week. This it's been a big D breakdown with your host Hilary ways. Thank you for listening and watching. Follow us out social media at big D breakdown, twitter, facebook, Big d breakdown...

...nine, instagram. Just search the big D break thank you for joining us. See you next time.

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