The Big D Breakdown
The Big D Breakdown

Episode 18 · 5 months ago

The Dallas Cowboys Need Help Along the Offensive Line


Doing the ‘math’ though you will see that the Cowboys are in the red on one major position and that is along the offensive line. Connor Williams left for the Miami Dolphins in free agency and after he was released La’el Collins wound up with the Cincinnati Bengals. Dallas has ‘lost’ two offensive linemen that have started a lot of games for them over the last four years. They have yet to bring in any new linemen to make up for that, though. We also take a look at possible draft picks the Cowboys will make on Draft Day!


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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code, Larry? Twenty one? Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the big D breakdown, your home for all things down catlows neames, welcome to the big D breakdown. I'm your host, Larry Lease. Join us. I could break down all the they justus news from around at and t stadium. The first would like to think our sponsor, game time. If you're looking for the best place to find tickets to all your events, Football Games, concerts, baseball games, you want to check out game time. For me, they've become the go to source for all my downasct waste tickets. Check them out today, like is in the description. And now it's dive into that. First topic three free agents that would fit in Dallas. There's a difference between free agents of fans one and players that just fit. For example, trading for Stefon digs would be a move that everyone dalls wants to see, but I might not feel the biggest need. More relevating example is that von Miller was talked about on stop until he signed with the bill bills, but no one even considered the possibility of lake and Tumblins and joining the Dallas Camboys, even though guard is a more...

...pressing need at the moment than edge. It is often more fun to discuss the players that we want, even if it might not be the best fit. But of the three free agents available, who fits best in Dallas? Well, starting off at number three, Dwayne Brown. Of the three on this list, Brown is the biggest question mark with the respect to his price tag. The former Seahawk is coming off, at two thousand and twenty, one pro bowl season, and in two thousand and twenty he was the fifth ring tackle in the league by PF grading. However, thirty seven years old, he's no spring chicken, but since two thousand and eight he has been one of the most consistent tackles in the league. He hasn't finished below the league average by PF grading since it's sophomore season, and Brown has been remarkably consistent, only missing four games over the last four years. A three time all pro player and five time Pro Bowler is reaching the end of his career, but he still has it. What makes him confusing is what type of contract he will demand. If he still wants a contract that will pay on one a million annually, then he is in realistic signing. But if Brown wants a two year, cheaper deal to end his career, it is worth it, because the reason that Brown is a perfect fit is that he's the ideal bridge tackle. Terrence steel might not be the answer right tackle and the injuries are starting to pile up with Tyron Smith, meaning that Smith Lel Collins era is officially over and they have to start figuring out who the next to long term. But that issue is not going to be solved in one year. Thus, if Dallas signed Brown with cheaper deal given his age, you would fit the timetable. He provides starter quality depth to the roster well, so giving the cowboys flexibility to figure out the future of tackle. Additionally, they can move steal back to swing tackle for the time being. Now Brown is not a good fit if he still still demands an all pro salary or if he was looking for any deal longer than two years, but if Dallas can pick him up at the price that a thirty seven year old tackle should be and give them the perfect bridge player while they find the right and left tackle of the future. Number two a keen Hicks. Safety and defensive tackle...

...will forever remain two completely ignored positions on the cowboys roster, both by free agency spending and draft capital. Every fan knows these are positions that have been neglected for far too long, but need to be addressed. Well. Game Hicks at least provides a betteran outside presence and a defensive into your locker room that is primarily composed of young, internally developed players. And this is not the jeral McCoy, the tonery Po Experiment. Hakes still has it because after six weeks of recovering from injury in two thousand and twenty one, Hicks returned in week fifteen, to the tune of four quarterback pressures, two sacks for run defense stops and zero missed tackles. But the fact, but the fact that he is thirty two years old, his injury and the reality that he hasn't looked particularly dominants since two thousand and eighteen should keep higgs within conwoys price range. If Dallas is going to focus on one Ereie of the defense, should be on stopping the run, and Hicks has been a valuable asset for the bears run defense since he joined the team in two thousand and sixteen. Now Lady's free agent, he'd immediately boost a relatively mediocred Dallas run defense. It was only two years ago that he finished his second consecutive season ranked as a top ten defensive tackle against the run. Hikes might not be as unstoppable as he once was, but he would still upgrade the Dallas run defense. And what might be even more valuable for the cowboys, you see experience he would bring to the roster. For years now, Dallas has adopted a strategy of replenishing their defensive tackle depth with the later round draft picks, and thus they always have a young defensive interior. The average age of the defensive tackles is currently on the canboys roster is twenty four point three and that includes twenty eight year old Carlos Watkins, who was technically listed as a defensive end. Hicks would help in the development of players. This would be the first defensive tackle us has added in a while, but not only has the ability to...

...make an impact on the field, but also add a better in voice for the young defensive tackle rotation. These two factors make him a great fit in Dallas. And then at number one, Darrel Williams. This name might be the least exciting for catboys fans, but it is the best fit because, while Darrell Williams is less talented than dwayne Brown or a chem hikes, he's the cheapest and he can fail two needs. Plus he's only twenty nine years old and has an all pro selection under his belt. Williams is better in past protection than in run blocking, but he is decent at both. Barring a complete turn around, his likely won't become a staple on the cowboys offensive line, but he still has started seventy four in the eighty nine games he has played for the past three years. He has been reliable for both the bills and the panthers. Not Turning heads, mind you, but he had does his job however, with Connor Williams leaving for Miami, the issues that tackle discussed and the Dwayne Brown section, there are multiple needs the conboys need to fill up front and it is unclear how these needs will progress after the draft. Most likely outcome is Dallas uses pick number twenty four to select a guard, but circumstances change. So if you have multiple needs up front and it is unclear what you will fit them during the draft, wouldn't the stand the reason that the perfect fit right now would be alignman that can do anything, Las Daryl Williams? Over the past three seasons, Williams, it's play a one thousand three hundred snaps at guard over two thousand snaps at tackle, and it is not as if the bills moved him from tackle to guard over this stretch and realized he was better at guard or vice versa. You frequently move positions for the bills based on need. In two thousand and nineteen he put played both tackle and guard and even rate. In Two thousand and twenty he only played tackle, and then in two thousand and twenty one it was once again a somewhat even split. Over the last three years, Williams has more than a hundred seventy snaps at left guard, right guard, left tackle...

...and right tackle. You can fill in any position on the offensive line outside of center, which is a perfect fit for what palace needs right now. Because, says say, the cowboys surprisingly, say, signed Dwayne Brown, who almost exclusively plays tackle, but during the draft of guards are unexpectedly drafted early. In this case, Dallas might have to reach on a guard when a tackle would be the better pick. With Steven Jones apparently interested in adding more free agents, there are plenty of players that can still be signed, whether that be based on talent or need. The pool of starter quality players has shrunk, but it still exists. However, every day there are fewer options to choose from. That means Jerry and Stephen Jones have to decide whether they want to sign based on fit or talent, and start now, because these are two entirely different notions, but there are options at each as long as they were willing to do something about it. Ay, let us know the common section below. Who Do you think they should sign right now and, as always, can tweet us the answer, your your thoughts at Big d breakdown on twitter or find us on facebook. And now our next topic. McCarthy's been skipping NFLM meetings this week. The Frenzy Free Agency has pretty much subsided, but that hardly means that there isn't any NFL business to tend to. There is actual and legitimate business for the NFL to discuss, which is the point of the League meetings that we be taking place this week in Florida. is expected that it's just one example. The League will figure out if they want to change the rules to overtime again. More than anything, this week will provide microphones for NFL and dignitaries to speak into in order to talk about the moves that their franchises have made over the last few weeks. While boys brass hardly ever passes up the opportunity to speak on the state of the team, there will be no such opportunity for Mike McCarthy this week, and it's seemingly his own choice. McCarthy will not be among those in attendance for the NFL's annual meetings this week in Florida. It's reported that he's instead...

...choosing the focus on the upcoming draft. To be clear, these aren't these are just league meeting, so they hardened me. So they are hardly anything to really scratch your channet. However, within the report that McCarthy would not attend was specific nugget from the Dallas Morning News that it is uncommon for a head coach to not attend the League's annual meetings. We have heard McCarthy speak on two occasions so far this off season. He spoke at the combine, like every other head coach, but the more notable instants came when he surprisingly joined the rich eyes and show and discussed Jon's comments about Dan Quinn, his own future, so on and so forth. We are now about a month away from the twenty twenty two NFL draft, so McCarthy locking in on that process. It's hardly strange. He has been a bit hands off as far as the draft in a normal way throughout his time as the cowboys head coach. Is generally left that process to will mc clay in the team's scouting department. That does not appear to be the case this year, as evidenced by the report, as well as last week's report, that this is the most involved he has ever been throughout a pre draft process. This offseason has hardly been short on story lines for the cowboys, so there will certainly some who look to read into this. Merely seems to be McCarthy understanding that the draft is the most important part of this offseason for the cowboys and ensuring that the team handles it as best as they can. While it is uncommon for head coaches to miss these meetings, it has happened before. This is going back aways, but considering the way it was phrased when Patriots head coach Bill Billichick missed in two thousand and nine, not to say that mccarthey is Belichick, but the draft was highlighted as the reason for the latter missing out. It was also noted that there was extensive turnover with the New England coaching staff at the time, which isn't the case for the cowboys. But the point is that this has happened before. And now please hit that like button, subscribe... the PODCAST, subscribe to our Youtube Channel, which we hope to have running in a short couple days, and let us know your thoughts on social media. And now on to our next topic. All the cowboys first round draft pick will almost certainly be either Kenyan Green or Zion Johnson. All things are pointing to the cowboys using their top draft resource on a big man in the middle. Dallas cowboys are going to select an offensive lineman with the first round pick. More specifically, they're going to draft one of the top guards in this year's class. Now, is this an absolute certainty? Of course not, but the way things have been going, sure seems to be shaping out that way. For starters, the cowboys need a new left guard as starter. Over the last four years, Connor Williams left and free agency and if it and flash year showed anything, it's a parent that Connor mcgoverned is not the answer. Even if he was. Mcgoverned is entering the final year of it's rookie deal. So they're going to need some someone new, sooner or later. And let's not forget team just released betteran right tackle. They all Collins, a player somewhat some hoped would slide over to left guard. Since terrence steele has marked his territory at right tackle. That leaves the cowboys a little light along the offensive line. So they will be looking at the upcoming draft to help prepare the damage. Of course, you don't want to prioritize need or talent, like we previously said. But as luck would have it, they might not have to but lay on the draft. Just so happens that two of the top college guards projected to go from right around where the cowboys were picking. It's fate now. If a premier talent and a more valued position falls on their lap, by all means take the guy in fact, Jerry Jones. Read read that exact message earlier this week when asked of the cowboys will select an offensive lineman early next month's draft. If leading luck doesn't grace the cowboys this year, they should be able to calmly select... of these talented guards. Would pick twenty four, and we should be perfectly okay with that. There's two big men who could find themselves hearing the cowboys call their name on draft day. Sion Johnson from Boston College. There's so much to love about Zion Johnson. His tape is sensational to where he was already regarded as one of the top cards in this year's draft, but then he went out and just killed it as columbine. The combination of pure athleticism with high level production in college makes him a continuous climber on draft boards. He's also a really smart player. The way he processes the play pre snap, as well as reacts after the snap, is super impressive. This is a scale that has sorely been lacking and left guard for the cowboys. Too many times that two connors are caught off balance and end up five yards down the field blocking air. This won't happen with Zion. He has the ability to know where he needs to be, as well as the physical ability to get there quickly. He seals well and consistently holds his blocks, and you will never find this guy picking daisies, as he's always looking for work. Johnson is like one of those cars with lane tracing assist. He comes standard with great awareness and smart hands. Without hesitation, he'll strike his opponent, feel out his positioning and then self correct himself to put him square where he needs to be to create leverage for his next block. It S as if his body is always read calculating to where he's always right where he needs to be. That is a safety feature any team would love to have to protect their cornerback. And then we have Canyon Green, regarded as a top interior offensive Limon prior to the combine Greens tape is just exceptional. He is such a strong history of fending off some of the most powerful defensive tackle competition in college, to where it's hard not to be impressed with his ability. But then came the combine, after looking horrible and essentially every testing metric,... stock has suddenly taken a hit. What people should love about green is that he's such a reliable wall. He's not overly nimble. You won't see him flying in space, but you will see him winning on just about every play. He's got such great balance, as he plays with a wide Basse, quick to engage in contact and has the strength push defenders off their spots. Green has a really good sense of war to place his feet, as he will constantly re anchor to set himself. Plays with great pat level to maintain leverage and does a fantastic job using his hands to get full extension against the Rushier, lifting him enough to throw off his balance. For as big as unathletic as he is, green does a great job keeping his feet like to mirror the movement of the defender. He's packing some extra mass around his midsection, but he has excellent knee been enabling him to anchor down and create a wall. He also does a great job with o getting defenders and shows good mobility to get to his spot in time, and when he gets there it's going to move people. Green does a very good job covering up defenders in creating running lines. Green is equally effective and past protection. While his hand placement can be a little insistent of time, his meat hooks are vice gripts and he will use his hands to drive his man back. He is not exempt for the occasional holding penalty, and that's not what cowboy fans want to hear. So improved hand work is still needed. By the way, Canyan Green was the cowboys pick during the latest mock draft that was run previously by blogging the boys. You can check them out on Youtube. And our final topic, the cowboys have addressed all but one in their major needs is offensive line. Hermy, excuse me, their major needs this offseason. Hope along the offensive line for cowboys would be night ONS are you've not been surprised by how the Dallas Camboys have approached this offseason, and that is all we...

...have for this episode of the Big d breakdown. Thank you so much for watching and listening. Let us know your thoughts on twitter at Big d breakdown or on facebook at the big D breakdown. If you want to support the show help grow our channel, you can buy us a coffee and buy me a coffeecom big D breakdown. Your support helps the channel grow, hire new hosts, upgrade equipment and take our show on the road possibly. Thanks so much for watching and listening. We'll see you next time. It's been a big D breakdown with your host, Larry Weeks. Thank you for listening and watching. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown, on twitter, facebook you big D breakdown. Instagram, just search the big D breakdown. Thank you for joining. See you next time.

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