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The Dallas Cowboys Need to Adopt The Game Management Consultant


This week we dive into the latest headlines coming out of AT&T Stadium as well as offer our fix to some of the game management problems that occur during some of the Cowboys games. We are calling it the Game Management Consultant. 

Let me start this off: this idea is not the norm for most NFL staffs. Only two teams do anything like what I am suggesting. Because I think it is where football will trend in the next five years, the Dallas Cowboys would be wise to be at the forefront of getting a game management coach. There is an opportunity here for the Cowboys to make an addition to the existing staff that might just fix some of the biggest issues.


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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code? Larry Twenty One? Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the big D breakdown, your home for all things down cow thows neames. Welcome to the big D breakdown. I'm your host, Larry Lease. Today we're diving into the latest headlines from around atnt stadium, but first we'd like to thank our sponsor, Pun decks, for sponsoring this episode. You can check them out today Pon dexcom. Use the Promo Code Larry Twenty one for ten percent off your order and, as always, you can buy us a coffee. It buy me a coffeecom the big D and Now let's dive right in. All near their season came to a frustrating close the downas gate boys meet several big turnarounds this year for starters. They went from a six and ten record to a twelve and five record. They also went from having zero pro bowl selections in two thousand and twenty to five official selections in one alternate this year. That alternate was CD lamb, named Monday in place of Rams Receiver Cooper Cup. The other five cowboys to be chosen were Tyron Smith, Zach Martin, Mike a Parsons, treyvon digs and Brian Anger. However, Dallas will not be sending all six of their men to Las Vegas for the League's Allstar game. This week, Smith revealed that he is backing out, who would be is eighth the pro bowl, in order to help further heal his ankle injury. Cardinals of offensive tackle DJ Humphries will take Smith's place. This is the first pro bowl game in the cardinals seventy year career. But Smith wasn't the only member of America's team who was offered a chance to play in decline. It was reported that quarterback Dak Prescott was given a chance to be an alternate thrower for the game and just declined in order to get some much needed rest. The cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and offensive tackle Tyron Smith both opt out of the pro bowl to increase wrist and heel from injuries. When looking for players to replace Aaron Roonders and Tom Brady, Prescott turned down the chance to appear and his third pro bowl in order to have a full offseason of rest. The cowboys quarterback earned pro bowl honors in his rookie season and in two thousand and eighteen. Last offseason, he spent the entire tirety of his downtime rehabbing his ankle injury that required two surgeries to repair. This season, Prescott hurt his shoulder and training camp and strained his calf for the week six win against the New England Patriots. Wow, that's fun to take part in the weekend and represent your team. It's understandable that Prescott wants to use the time to continue to rest. Kirk cousins and Russell Wilson will head the biggest to represent the NFC instead. Although only five cowboys will now attend the pro bowl, they still represent an NFL team with one of the most selections, only behind the Tampa Bay buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts. There is a handful of coaches that the cowboys should consider adding to help Mike McCarthy. Now let me start off this. This idea is not the norm for most NFL staffs. Only two teams do anything like when. I'm suggesting because I think this is where football will trend in the next five years. The Dallas cowboys would be wise to be at the forefront of getting a game management coach. There is an opportunity to here for the cowboys to make an addition to the existing staff that might just fix some of the biggest issues. For the sake of this episode, let's go with my gut feeling about the...

...staff. Next year, I think the cowboys will retain Mike McCarthy and Calvin Moore. News also broke Thursday morning that Dan Quinn will be staying in Dallas after the bears and broncos chose other assistants for their head coaching vacancies. The cowboys clearly have suspect coaching decisions going on and Headman in general manager Jerry Jones, is not happy about things. He isn't the keenest of firing coaches after such short stints. But I said, I suspect that I should say he may be open to additions if you can give him an edge. This role is one that I suspect we see become common as the NFL and looks to get specialized in every tiny detail, as we see each game being decided by less and less. So what is this new rule I want the catboys to explore? Well, let's first explain the duties. I think the cowboys could benefit from addition, by substraction, of duties. Hear me out on this and let me explain. What I mean is we should let the coordinator to retain their duties with regard to calling plays, personnel groups and all that. That doesn't go anywhere. Those guys spent countless hours game planning and are the best bet to handle the duties of scheme and groups on the field. What I mean is we should narrow their focus and leave maximizing win probabilities to someone else entirely. How would they do that? Don't they have to make decisions about penalties, for down decisions, time out decisions, clock management calls in this plane? No, no, they don't. All those duties would be delegated to a specific individual task with being what I would title a game management consultant. This individual doesn't dive too deeply in the offensive or defensive game plans. They spend the week studying tendencies of the opponent in every situation on both sides of the ball. They compare success percentages of the opponent against the league standard. Is Consultant Reviews Data and analytics regarding when the cowboys need to go for it or punt. They would handle the cock management and utilize the data showing where the cowboys or their opponent is on the field and make decisions based upon scoring probability. This individual would also be the decision maker on challenge flags, as they would weigh the value of success versus the likeliness of getting the challenge correct. Too often we see, we saw, I should say, this year's cowboys, struggle with clock management, time out decisions and fourth down decisions, and it hurt them. Taking the decisions off the plate of the coordinators opens them up to do what they do best and it puts these critical, cold decisions into the hands of an individual who has spent the week preparing for any scenario and eliminates any questions or hesitation. This consultant likely needs to be a younger coach on the forefront of this new era of football we are seeing, based upon aggressiveness, trends, Data and maximizing your offensive possessions. I would use this role to glure an up and comer with their chance in the NFL, and I have a few candidates in mind. Candidate number one, apologies for saying his name wrong, Joey Halsall, former Oklahoma quarterback and current quarterback coach at the university at Tennessee. I'd begin my search for this coach in the college ranks of former court inter backs that were great in college and have turned to coaching. Joey is working with a superspeed off and a Tennessee that puts up points and understands that they need a maximize efficiency. Prior to Tennessee, he is experienced nothing but success throughout his career. He was at three time big twelve champion as a player. He followed that with two more years as a quality control analyst there and then went to University of Central Florida, where he was an offensive analyst for enough offense that was top fifteen in nearly every major statistical category. He won, and won a lot. His role at Tennessee's to know the value of possessions, as they are in the fastest moving offense in the country. While the cowboys don't need to go that fast, he definitely knows the importance of quick decisions. Next up Nate Sal Hass, former Illinois quarterback and current run game coordinator and Iowa state she'll...

...hoss had one of the more underrated outstanding careers in college. He was a four year starter at the University Illinois, where he's among their top three leaders in every major quarterback statistic and saw bull success. Upon finishing up his playing career Illinois, he spent a few years on their staff before heading to Iowa state. While there he has helped construct some of the best cyclones offenses in school history around current Chicago Bear David Montgomery and future NFL starter breecee hall. He was also ranked on the thirty under thirty list for rising coaches. He's going to be good. She'll haass has a pet degree of playing and understanding the game at a very high level. Pair that with evidence success where he is gone and he instantly becomes a candidate. If he is looking for that NFL shot. These two each excelled at the college level and have shown a clear desire to develop further into their coaching careers. By their quick upward mobility. Each would have the ability to step in this roll and succeed in owning all things game management. As I look at a few young and rising stores, I can't help and continue to think this role could be a trend sitter across the league and give the cowboys a chance to be on the forefront rather than chasing. Some changes needed Within The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff, and I think this could be one that might not make massive media waves but could pay huge dividends in crunch time. It's no secret that the Dallas Cam was are currently struggling with cap space for two thousand and twenty two, ranking third worst than the NFL. America's team is currently more than twenty one million over the cap, but his teams always do. Jerry Jones and company are making and will make moves to get the cowboys back at even making some changes to quarterback Dak Prescott's will lofty contract is one of them. As you likely remember, Prescott signed a four year, one hundred sixty million dollar contract with the cowboys last year and he's said to earn twenty million for two thousand and twenty two. But the organization is going to restructure it to help the lack of cap space, sources told cowboys sidcom at this maneuverm ever, will get America's team about sixteen million in cap relief. That's huge, considering the cowboys have twenty three players set to hit free agencies, including big names like Randy Gregory and Michael Galant. Of course, you could also get rid of per se Ozeki on Elliott. So what are they doing? If you take a deeper look at Prescott's contract, he's strangely set to earn zero in the final quote void year of his contract, when he's dirty three years old in two thousand and twenty six. Weird right, not anymore. This was all planned ahead of time as a way for Jones and his crew to handle future cap issues. The Front Office is essentially moving some of this money to the final year in order to free up money for two thousand and twenty two. Prescott still gets the money, he just gets it at a later time. I guess those guys upstairs do know what they're doing sometimes. This book keeping trick is incredibly common and he requires no negotiation or approval from Prescott. It's just one of many ways that the team magically get to even when they start the offseason with negative cap space. Of course, the hope is that Prescott is still playing and playing well, in two thousand and twenty six and we'll be earning the money that it's been moved to the future year. But that's a conversation for another day. Right now, the important thing is that how boys have found a way to free up some munch needed money to help secure some of their free agents. This doesn't entirely resolve their financials challenges, but it does help give a boost to where the team is currently at. And now we're going to dive right into four landing spots from Maury Cooper if the cowboys eventually cut him. The Dallas Cowboys have twenty three players set to hit free agency this March, but with a man like Jerry Jones as your owner and another frustrating...

...into the season of the books, anything can happen. They're now talks that the cowboys should consider cutting wide receiver of Maury Cooper, who is not a free agent. After what happened in the wild card game against the forty niners, everyone is looking for someone to point that finger at, and Cooper has been one of those names. The two time pro bowler had one of his worst seasons as a pro. Some blame that on the cowboys not targeting him, but the receiver also had his fair share drops. His stats were all over this year. Than Two thousand and twenty and every single category. He caught just sixty eight passes this season and seem to be absent from the offense. In several games, Cooper was targeted five or fewer times, and seven out of his fifteen games played this season, Cooper even spoke out about his lack of usage when talking to the media this year. With his cut be Jones teaching him a lesson? Is it to help their serious caps based troubles? Who knows, but if the front office really does decide to cut him, there are many teams we would love to give the young receiver a chance for do over with their team. Remember that Dallas is currently struggling with their cap space. Like we just discussed, players like Gallop and Rady Gregory are going to get bigger paychecks and Jones will need to make a lot of changes to keep big names on his rest or. Is Cutting Cooper one of them? In March of two thousand and twenty, the receiver signed a five year, one hundred million dollar contract. Cooper is set to earn twenty million next year, with a two million roster bonus. Those numbers give him the biggest base sellary among all receivers in the NFL. The money simply didn't match the production. The Cowboys Cut Cooper before March twenty, they save sixteen million. If they cut Cooper after the twenty, they owe him all twenty two million. That is this would be quite a bold choice from Jones, but it would be far from surprising. It seems as though the cowboys are going to keep it evaluating him and make a decision in the near future. If he chooses to get rid of Cooper, where could he end up? Now? Let's dive into those four potential lightning spots, shall we? Number for the Chicago bears. Chicago Beers Rookie quarterback justin fields did not have an easy go of it this year. With this available. Receivers often hurt. It was hard for the young player to prove his worth this season. Right now the bears only have one receiver under contract for the next season, Darnell Mooney, and he can't do it alone. Mooney is a young player who showed promise this season and can continue to grow with the organization. To mere bird had only one touchdown in three hundred twenty nine yards and seventeen games. The last piece to their starting Wide Receiver Corp is Allen Robinson. Robinson only played in eleven games this year due to covid and a hamstring injury. The twenty eight year old played on the franchise tag, earning himself a massive one year, seventeen million dollar contract. Like with Cooper, Robinson turned out not to be worth the money. He finished with only thirty eight catches for four hundred and ten yards in a single touchdown. Although Robinson didn't have a great season, he has shown his clear potential in years past. But there have been rumors swirling that since he is now a free agent, Robinson may not be back with the bears. The Bear's biggest hope for keeping Robinson is that the team got rid of head coach Matt Maggie. Robinson said he didn't talk to the coach for several months during the season. Not a good sign, because he proved his worth in two thousand and twenty, and he will likely sign a contract that gets him about fifteen million annually. If Robinson is ready to part ways with Chicago, Cooper is a great option. Cooper could bring fresh blood at Justin fields and help the bears have it turn around the year. With a new coach and a new GM, Chicago will look to make a blockbuster. You're signing to help revamp through a team. If they don't want to spend big bucks on names like Davante Adams and Chris Cogwin, Cooper's a solid... if available. Number three the dog pound, CLEVELAND Browns. The browns also had many struggles this season. The Wide Receiver Corps was a continual issue. Most say it's due to Baker Mayfield's poor play, which isn't untrue, but it's not like he had a great list of people to work with. Cleveland Ring Twenty seven in the NFL and receiving yards and thirty in receptions. That's not going to cut it. Given mayfields Rocky Situation Ohio, there's a good chance he doesn't play with the browns next year. This team will need a big time refresh and getting better wide receivers from both the drafting free agency will help. Right now, Cleveland has Jarvis Landry, Chard Higgins and Donovan People's Jones, and they all battled injuries throughout the year. N Andrey hasn't been the stellar receiver he used to be in many years, playing in only twelve games that season with only two touchdowns. Higgins, who is on a one year deal with Cleveland, also struggled through the year. It was even a healthy scratch in one contest. As a free agent, higgins is unlikely to return anyway. Second Year player People's Jones had no k season but definitely wasn't the receiver people thought he would be. The point is Cleveland needs help, whether Mayfield is gone or not. Cleveland currently has twenty eight million in cap space and they need to use it wisely. They may even drop landry to free up or cap space. Securing a big name like Cooper could give the dog pounds some hope. There's going to be a lot of movement in that organization this offseason. In number two, the Washington commanders, it's a toss up between what is sat her how poling Washington did this year as an organization or the name that's not really approved by the fans. Well, you never want to see a player on your team go to arrival. Washington could use a serious boost. Luckily for them, they have over thirty seven million to spend in cap space. First of all, we have no idea who the quarterback of this team will be. There's four different players who's steed it up for Washington this year. Ryan Fitzpatrick is running out of Fitz magic at his age. Taylor Heiney. Heine key wasn't reliable. Washington will likely draft a new quarterback and hope to sign someone relatively cheap in the meantime. Regardless whoever is that, the helm will need people to throw too. Right now it seems like Terry McLaren is the only guy of Washington can count on. Even so, he had a better twenty twenty than he did in twenty twenty one in all major stack categories. Regardless, you will be a big piece of the pine next season. For the commander's Curtis Samuel signed a lofty three year, thirty four point five million deal in March. Twenty twenty one and was a complete and total disappointment. Thanks to being on the IR for most of the year, Samuel had zero touchdowns in twenty seventy yards and five games played. Right now the franchise doesn't even know if he is worth what they paid because they barely got to see him play. Adam Humphries is a free agent and likely once at a Washington Badley organization cannot have one decent wide receiver, but if you throw about, if you throw both McLaren and Cooper out there, you'd give this team some power it desperately needs, and they can afford him. Plus, Washington was one of the only teams besides Dallas who was interested in Cooper when he became a free agent two thousand and twenty. Well, they see on the deal if they get another chance. And finally, Number One, the Indianapolis Colts. If there's a team out there with a more frustrating and heartbreaking end of the year than the cowboys, it's the colts. All they had to do was be Jacksonville to make it to the playoffs and they got embarrassed. Teams who suffered disappointing losses like this usually are usually prone to making big offseason moves to build momentum going into the next season. Signing Cooper could be that move. The colts are in need of a...

...big wide receiver threat. Aside from Second Year Wide Receiver Michael Pittman, who had a stellarish season with over onezero yards, the rest of the receiver coral was lackluster. Paris, Campbell, ty Hilton and I pass coal all had under four hundred receiving yards this season. Part of this may be because of Carson's wentz clear struggle with passing, but the colds would be ignorant to think Campbell and passcal can help carry the team next year. Plus, Hilton is a free agent. Hilton's NFL future is still unclear. He may retire or he may play another year. But even if Hilton does come back to the colts, his production is nowhere near where it used to be. Adding a big name, talented receiver to the roster would be a great move by Jim Rsey. You're saying his teams are also lucky that have a lot of money to spend to make those big, flashy offseason moves. Indie rinks ninth best in the NFL with over forty two million in cap space, Cooper could be in blue and white again next year, but in a different state. Now let's talk why the cowboys should keep Tyron Smith. It's definitely not been easy, but, like the Dallas Cowboys Front Office, the time has come to move on and start embracing the offseason. From a valuating prospects to thinking about free agents, the offseason is a pond cowboys nation. The Dallas brass definitely have a few things to think about, but one of the items on the agenda that should not be a problem is the offensive tackle situation. The calls are allowed enough to warn a response, but the situation shouldn't even be an issue. The cowboys find themselves in a position where they have to decide on two of the three interior line positions. Right Guard Zach Parton is the only person inside who should feel comfortable, but their future and Dallas free agent left guard Connor Williams and center Tyler B Ed's will no doubt here. Criticism from the FAN base calling for Dallas to replace Tyron Smith is silly. Well, let's get it out of the way. There are multiple reasons floating around why people want to move on from him, but I cannot find one that I can get on board with. Since I cannot find a tyron train I'm willing to cruise on, I decided to build my own ride. Addressing the tyron mystery reveals very interesting facts. Here are three reasons why the Dallas cowboys should keep Tyron Smith. Number three is level of play on the field. Smith is still one of the premier left tackles in the game today. Is Ninety one point four PFF grade. Is Only behind San Francisco Forty niners left tackle Trent Williams. If you are not aware, Williams received the highest grade PFF has ever issued this season. That means Smith was ranked as a second best left left tackle, only behind the best graded player ever at the position in PF's relatively short grading history. I couldn't imagine being one of the best in the world. That's something. Also having a fan base that is supposed to support you but once to casually toss you aside for the unknown. Don't forget how many times that cat was changed offensive line strategies. Smith only allowed two sacks and seven hundred thirty eight snaps this season. He did register seven penalties, which isn't great, but it's not like Smith had a roller coaster of a season. Tyron Smith has been consistent on the field since his arrival from USC but is it consistency and staying on the field? is where I see much of the abandonment talk. I hear you and I have listened. I just don't understand the theory. Getting better by moving on from your best players is not an ideal strategy for me. And come on, we all want to go to the Super Bowl. Number two, looking at his injury history, the biggest reason fans want Smith to be replaced has to be centered around his health. In eleven season, tyrone has started all one hundred forty four games he has been active for and only missed one game in his first five...

...seasons. Through the next four seasons, tyron started in thirteen games each season. That means he had missed three games for the last four seasons. Prior to the two thousand and twenty season, we saw the offensive tackle miss almost the entire two thousand and twenty season due to a surgical procedure that would reduce his neck and shoulder stingers. But he said he felt better than before. Hitting into training camp, Smith missed in additional six games this season, but none reportedly due to will concern me the most. I hope you're not forgetting, at the NFL and in an additional game this season. He did have a precautionary MRI before the road game against New England, but some of the know considered it just a precautionary move. So out of the one hundred seventy seven available regular season games, Tyron has missed thirty three games and eleven season curiosity got the best of me, so I compared tyron to who the numbers and I TESTA is the best left tackle on the game. Trent Williams came into the league a year before Tyron was drafted. I'll come and throw over all by Dallas. He'd be hard pressed to find talk about replacing Williams in the bay area. And even with the one year hit start, Williams has played in a hundred forty nine games, starting one hundred forty eight of them. That means Williams has only started four more games that Smith, even though Williams was drafted a year before Williams. I'm not going to get into why Williams has missed so many games, but the majority of games that Smith missed or does Stinger problem before the season? Tyron Miss Games the season due to covid and ankle injuries. Saying as a ankle injury can happen to anyone at any time, given in this sport, I'm not overly concerned with Tyron's overall health moving forward. With the Stinger issue does return, then the replacement talks would be warranted. Until then, I'm still a team Smith. Should the Dallas gutboys be thinking about eventually starting the grooming process behind Smith? Absolutely? Replacing him now, though, would place the spotlight on the tackle situation in Dallas, and not in a good way. And Number One, Dallas isn't spending all their money on him. Williams is the best tackle in the NFL and his salary reflects that of his play. Williams will turn thirty four this offseason and with the salary of just over twenty three million a year, he's also deserving of that money. If production equals monetary compensation, thirty one year old Smith should be paid amongst the highest as well. Correct should be noted that his average annual salary is not among the top five tackles in the game. You might ask. What about the top ten? The answer would be a surprising no. Smith's contract averages twelve point two million a year, which places him seventeenth on the list. Severely underpaid is an understatement. He also haven't heard a peep about him complaining about his salary. His book in Y all Collins makes an an annual average salary of ten million a year, making this tandem a colossal deal in terms of average annual salary. That means the Dallas Cowboys Roughly Pay Smith, Collins and terrance steel less money than the foreign ners. Due to Williams alone, the Saints Offensive Tackle Tandem is considered one of the best in the NFL and together their average salary is roughly thirty two point two million. That's almost ten million more per year than the top three cowboys players. Moving on from Smith to make room for steel its pure fantasy. At this point for me forget the fact that Dallas can create around eight point two millions simply by restructuring his deal the Colt. The point comes from his replacement if traded or released. The best the cowboys can do with Smith is to eat just over four million and dead money. Other than a restructure letting him go gives you zero cap space. Dallas spent valuable cap space in the past on a swing tackle, so eating up four million while having to find enough to find and pay another swing tackle through the free agency is ridiculous.

While we're at it, so is the notion of spending a first round pick on a position the cowboys are especially rich at. I'm not in favor of letting go of a mainstay for the unknown. Drafting offensive tackles in the first round is no longer a guarantee. Dallas Paid Cam Fleming three point five million for one year to be their swing tackle for the two thousand and eighteen season. Cam Irving came to Dallas on a two point five million deal for the same role. That means Dallas would have to spend more cap space on the position. To get worse, there are going to be major changes that come to this organization this offseason, but no what manner, what type of scheme to cowboys want to run? Having three tackles on your roster that can not only compete but are also versatile enough to multi for multiple schemes is rare. Replacing high price players with cheaper options because the dropoff isn't as deep as something I'm almost always in favor of, but not in this case. There are some linemen who get better with age. The top fifteen highest paid left tackles in the game have combined age average of twenty nine years old. Some of those same players have contracts that run through the two thousand and twenty seven season. Smith won't turn thirty two, so calls for him to be replaced ranks towards the bottom of things to even consider looking into this offseason. Yes, it would be nice to get Capri relief down the road, but with a salary cap expected to spike, I cannot agree with fans on this topic. Smith should be celebrated by this franchise and it's Fran base, and anything else should be cast out its troll food. Thank you so much for listening to this episode of the big D breakdown. Let us know your thoughts on the topics we covered. You can just send us a tweet at the big D breakdown or leave us a comment on facebook the big D breakdown. If you want to support the show, you can buy us a coffee and buy me a coffeecom slash the big d thanks so much for listening. Join US next week if we dive into even more headlines from around Eighteen T stadium. It's been a big D breakdown your host, Larry Weeks. Thank you for listening and watching. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown, twitter, facebook, big D breakdown, instagram. Just searched the big D breakdown. Thank you for joining. SEE YOU NEXT DOWN.

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