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Episode 20 · 3 months ago

Top 5 Cowboys Position Battles Heading Into OTAs/Training Camp


It’s officially time to start thinking about 2022 for the Dallas Cowboys. The bulk of free agency is behind us. The 2022 NFL Draft is behind us. Undrafted free agents have been signed. Now, the former players and new Cowboys additions will battle it out in OTAs and training camp to see who earns starting and depth spots.

With several holes to fill after the 2021 season, there will definitely be a lot of positional battles during this offseason programming. While some veterans should feel very secure in their spots, others definitely run the risk of losing their spot to a rookie or UDFA. Plus, the UDFAs will battle it out to see who can earn a spot on the 53-man roster or the practice squad.

We cover this and more on the latest edition of The Big D Breakdown. 


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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code, Larry? Twenty one. Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the big D breakdown, your home for all things down cowboys news. Welcome to the big D breakdown. I'm your host, Larry least. Stay. We're diving into the latest news surrounding Dallas Cowboys. The first one, I think, our sponsoring game time. If you're looking for a place to buy tickets to the cowboys, the Texas Rangers or any major sporting event or concert you want to get, check out game time from there. The great value they offer to their great customer service. Check out game time today. We have a link to the game time in our description. You purchased through them and you can support the show by buying your tickets on game time with our link. And now let's get on today's first topic. Five toughest wide receivers that Treyvon digs will have to face in two thousand and twenty two. D NFL recently release the entirety of the two thousand and twenty two regular season schedule, and cowboys have some pretty interesting matchups throughout week one through seventeen. For instance, they pulled the New York giants on Thanksgiving Day, the packers in November coming up a by, and the Eagles on Christmas Eve. All these are some games to look forward to as fans. How about we look at some games that star quarnerback Treyvon digs has circled on his calendar? Previous games mentioned could be tough to it. The three don't have an established air attack, while the other don't necessarily know who they're number one receiver is. Digs will more than likely shadow new EAGLE RECEIVER AJ Brown, who I would consider a top ten receiver. Jalen hurds is yet to show much of the passing game. Regarding the rest of the schedule, The star corner will have some difficult receivers to face with stars on Cincinnati, Minnesota, Los Angeles, among others. Digs will be put to the test by some of the League's top pass catchers. Starting off at number five we have WHINGTON commander Terry McLaren. Digs will line up line up against him twice this season, in week four and Week E. Team Scary Terry has consistently been... of the best receivers in the NFC east. However, he did struggle against the cowboys last season. In Week Fourteen last year, The Washington star was held without a catch on four targets by digs, and wake sixteen he recorded three catches for forty yards and six targets. But when he lined up against digs, the receiver managed just one catch for fifteen yards. The cowboys quarterback because also came away with an interception early in the game. Despite the Star quarterback success against one of the NFC's best receivers, he is still a tough draw, especially when given a slightly better quarterback in Carson Wentz. The only reason the Ost Ohio state product isn't high on this list is that, depending on how the playoff picture stacks up, digs or McLaren could be set in the regular season finale to avoid injury. And number four, it's an opening day matchup, with my Evans coming in and number forest, Tampa Bay Bucan Years Receiver, Mike Evans. Evans will face off against the cowboys start and week one. In Daves will look to repeat his success against Bucks Pass Catcher last season. Digs held evans to just fifteen yards on two catches, while also recording an interception. He's expected to primarily shadow the star receiver in their matchup in the task could be a little tougher the season, with more targets likely to be on the way for Evans. The bugs have lost some pass catchers over the offseason, including wide receiver Antonio Brown in tight end robber and Krowsky, which, honestly, I believe of Cronkle we turn, I mean you can't leave Brady alone. They did add tight end Kate Oughton and the drafted wide receival Russell Gage and free agency, but only the latter will be considered a legit contributor in year one. For now, with how the receiver room has changed over the offseason, Evans should be expecting even more targets this upcoming season. This may be true, especially in week one, due to receiver Chris Godwin likely not being available. Expect digs versus Evans to be a hot topic leading up to the season, as the ball may be coming their way often. And number three, we have super bowl winner Cooper Cup at week five against Hila Rams. The third player on this list is arguably the best receiver in the NFL. Cooper Cup have one of the best seasons a wide receiver has ever had last season, logging a stunning one hundred and forty five receptions for over one thousand, nineteen hundred yards and sixteen touchdowns, Cup one offensive player of the year finished third in the MVP race. Main reason I have cup at third and not first on the list is because there is uncertainty to how much cup versus digs we will see. This is mostly due to the superstar spending a lot of time in the slot insteady outside, where digs primarily resides. Last season, Cup played sixty four percent of his snaps in the slot, while lining up outside for just thirty four percent. Regardless of who is the best receiver on the field, digs dreenerally shadows the opposing teams best receiver outside the Hashes, which maybe Allen Robinson in the showdown,...

...since that is of the air couple. Still take the number three spot for the rams, because you will be expected to line up against the cowboys star for at least a third of the game. And number two is a sophomore game changer, Jamar Chase. That's going to be a wild matchup coming in at number two is the week to match up against the Cincinnati Bengals, Jamar Chase. Chase first onto the scene last season with three one hundred plus yard performances in his first seven games, including a two hundred one yard showing against the Baltimore Ravens in week seven. He also log twenty five catches for three hundred sixty eight yards in the playoffs and route to a super bowl performance. Chase had a historic season for a rookie pass catcher and he's around to stay. This will be one of dig's toughest draws and he will be seeing that two thousand and twenty two offensive rookie of the year and whole lot in their matchup. As opposed to cup last season, chase played eighty two percent of his snaps on the outside. Dick spends eighty four percent of his snaps covering the outside receiver, so this matchup will be extremely pivotal for how the game plays out. Coming off of the seasons where each player seemed to get better as the season progressed, they can pick up where they left off. This will be one football fans won't want of them Miss. And finally, and number one, we have a midseason matchup with Justin Jefferson at week eleven. The Minnesota Vikings Dray von Digg's top matchup the season will be against the Minnesota Viking superstar receiver, Justin Jefferson. Digs and Jefferson faced off and week ate last season in a nail battern which the cowboys prevailed without quarterback Dak Prescott. Jefferson has been one of the NFL's Best Er since entering the League in two thousand and twenty, putting up back to back one thus fourteen hundred bus yard it's seven plus touchdown seasons. The duo of Jefferson and the line is one of the best tandems in the NFL. Digs will be tasked with stopping both, but he will be expected to shadow Jefferson primarily, and now last matchup, the Alabama Product at the best of Jefferson, holding to just three yards on one reception. As a matter of fact, the cowboys quarterbacks struggled the land more in the game, allowing the veterans scored touchdown. Despite Dig Success Last Season Against Jefferson, this game will likely be his most difficult task. Maintaining Jefferson on his own is tough, especially on the road. Expect there to be a lot of height bleeding up to this matchup, seeing as two of the league's rising stars meet for a rematch in Minneapolis. Eve your thoughts the comments section below on this topic. What matchup do you think trayvon dig's wall struggle the most in? What do you think his easiest matchup will be? Let us know, and before we move on, please hit that... button, subscribe to the channel, hit the bell notification button be notified a future videos and don't forget to check us out on good pods. And if you want to support the show, you can go to buy me a coffeecom slash the big D and now on to our second topic. Dak Prescott has full confidence in his Dallas cowboys team or hemping to the season. The cowboys are always going to be looked at under a tight microscope. They are America's tea and despite years of trying to make it back to the Super Bowl, they haven't brought a home a Lombardi trophy in over twenty six years. Fans and analysts trying to point fingers each season have what went wrong, whether that be the front office decisions. Yeah, looking at you, Jerry Jones, for certain players not living up to their standards, can we say Zeki and Aliot. Most recently, quarterback Dak Prescott and running back to Zeke you Eliot have been the brunt of a lot of criticism. Both players are currently under massive contracts, ELLIOTT HMM, not worth his money and haven't been performing as well as they used to. Elliott hasn't made a pro bowl since two thousand and nineteen has been dealing with both known and unknown injuries for some time. The quarterback was accused of a slump throughout the latter part of the season and even though he broke Tony romost single season franchise touchdown record, many believe he doesn't have what it takes to be the face of this chize. Despite at all, Prescott continues to do what he can to lead this team, both on and off the field. He remains confident in himself and his players and is ready to prove Nathan air is wrong. Elliott is entering a make or break season in Dallas after this season, and it's ninety million extension from two thousand and nineteen at an out now the words, the cowboys will lose far less money at their star running back by cutting him after the two thousand and twenty two season then they would if they wanted to cut him today. However, Prescott doesn't seem to think that will be necessary at all. A recent quote when the quarterback makes it seem like the former first rounder seventh year could be a big turnaround. He said quote. Nothing ever changes for my expectations of Zeke. Who He is, emily leads his team, how he approaches the game. I expect his best. When Zek is healthy, I don't think there's a better back. Prescott has a point. When Elliot is healthy he's a top running back in the league. Probably he hasn't been that in a while. Hopefully both the quarterback and is running back and stay healthy this season. Do more damage on offense, but the star running back isn't the only person. The cowboys quarterback is defending more. Analyst I've given the cowboys and lower feeling greats for their offseason moves. Most fans we the team has lost more talent than it has gain since February, but press Cott doesn't buy into that mindset. Even though guys like Donalt Mich olds submitted they feel the team has lost some players. The quarterback isn't showing any fear. It's...

...nice to have a glowing review from the team's leader. Let's hope that Twe it was right. You shall see in our next topic, the top five position battles hitting in Otia's training camp. It's officially time to start thinking about two thousand and twenty two for the Dallas Cowboy was the bulk of free agency is behind us. The two thousand and twenty two NFL draft is behind us. UNDRAFTED free agents have been signed. Now the former players and new cowboys will battle it out in Otia's and training camp to see who earns starting in depth spots with several holes to film. After the two thousand and twenty one season there will definitely be a lot of position battles. While some veterans should feel very secure in their spots, others definitely run the risk of losing their spot to a rookie or undrafted free agent. Plus, the UNDRAFTED free agents will battle it out to see who can earn a spot on the fifty three man roster or in the product is squad. With all that being said, let's take a look at which positions to keep an eye on during Otia's in camp, starting a number five battle at center. You would think that this would be a position that could see a change to beginning this season. The comments from Stephen Jones meeting up to the two thousand and twenty two NFL draft put Matt Farnie O's name out. There is competition. The Tyler be end's going to camp. We know at the end of the season that we sought better play out of Tyler. And then how is reason begin? But it seems like damage was done in a mind of upper management. The cowboys even went so far as hunt as to take time to look at centers in the draft and unsigned, or sorry, signed undrafted free agent I like Lyndstrom out of Boston College. This was seen as a good pic coming around the league. Who Thought Lyndstrom had the ability to be drafted in the later rounds? By adding Lyndstrom, Dallas now has three players have the ability to play center. Tyler has the experience after starting the past two seasons. VARNIAC has a season under his belt, but we'll have to show blocking improvement in order being out. Tyler and Lyndstrom is the wild charge. Could surprise all of us. And when the job on a week one and before we move on, give us your thoughts in the common section below. Who Do you think will win these battles? But now on two number four linebacker opposite Michael Parsons, Layton vanderish versus Jabril Cox. There was so much potential shown from lighten vanderish after his first season in the league, but after a few disappointing seasons and nagging injuries, the cowboys made the move to find themselves linebackers that would be the future for them. They took Michael Parsons and Gib Real Cox. Cock started to take snaps from vanderish till he went down with a knee injury that sidelined him midseason. Both are back and ready to play in with vanderish on a one year deal, he's going to be hard pressed to beat. Now Cocks both have the ability to play well next to Parsons, but we have... assume that bannernish will have the leg up on Cox thanks to his experience. However, Cox is the more athletic of the two and that works in his favor. So what this will come down ultimately is their health and if the cowboys coaches want to speed or experience playing next to Parsons. And number three is all about filling the hole and left by Randy Gregory. Number three the right defensive and Doran's Armstrong versus Dante Fowler junior versus Sam Leniams. This might be the battle that most of us will be focusing on, and for good reason. Dallas lost a very good pass rusher and Randy Gregory, and they've done a lot of work on finding someone to replace him quickly. DORIAN's are the team since being drafted twenty eighteen. So the cowboys no they are getting from him. He also showed a lot of improvement last season with which led to a new contract with the team. Don'te Fowler Junior has a history with been some coordinator, Dan Quinn, going back to college and during his time with the Elana Falcons. Then you have second round pick. See leniames, who is personally worked at the Quinn, someone who Quinn fought for the comboys to take all three in a different set of pass rush scales. Armstrong has been seen as a backup, but there are signs that he's taking the next step and is worthy of taking over the starting position. Fellow junior has the most experience in the league and it's time with Quinn. Overall can't be over and left. Williams looks and plays like a freaking nature and it's someone who some believes wasn't wasn't allowed to show his full potential in college thanks to the scheme he was in and how they use them. This one is as real toss up and one that we all need to keep a very close eyeland number two. WHO's taken the number two quarterback, starting cornerback opposite treyvon digs? Anthony Brown versus Calvin Joseph Versus Nation Right? Anthony Brown did a good job playing the outside last season with Treyvon digs, but he's more of a slot cornerback in would great if the cowboys were able to move in back to the natural position. This that the cowboys, to me, move it a Kelvin. Joseph or right into the spot opposite digs showed a lot of promise last season. Bitch was nagged by a growing injury that kept him out most of the season, and right just couldn't be down Brown at the time. Now, with Boweth having the season under the belts, this is going to be a good competition between the two and one that could help solidifying the Dallas Secondary. You still have to see if anything will one with Joseph regarding his off the field situation, but until then we should see them battling all of a camp. The only way that Brown should keep is fut on the outside... if neither the quarterbacks are able to show improvement, which would leave the cowboy was no other option than to give Brown at spot again. And now let's take a look at the cowboys twenty two point five million dollar cap space and what they could do with it. So they got two choices. He go shopping now or save it for a rainy day. The cowboys gained an extra ten million dollars in cap seller cap space on Wednesday when they released layl Collins. That brings them to twenty two point five million and available cap space for this year, and almost unimaginably large sum for the cowboys. Many observers and one front offs the executive continue to insist our cap hell. The cowboys one of the offseason about twenty three point five million over the CAP, the third worst value in the NFL. Just twelve weeks later the cowboys are sitting pretty twenty two point five million and available cap space, the fourth highest value in the league. That's a swing of forty six million. Still buying what Cap Truth or Stephen Jones is selling you? The final cap figure will change lately for technical reasons, over the next month. Rule fifty one, Ripe Pool, etcetera, Etcetera. But the cowboys find themselves suddenly flush with cash. So what, if anything, should they do with all that cap space? These are five options that I think the cowboys should consider. Number One, sign Dalton shots to a long term contract extension. The cowboys have until mid July assigned Scholtz to a long term deal. Otherwise he will play the two thousand and twenty two NFL season under the franchise tag. which currently runs at ten point eight million, with a continuously rising salary cap, and always makes sense to resign players early as a surprize will inviolably increase a year later. If you want to resign a guy, waiting the next year to do so, it's pretty much the dumbest thing you can do from a cap perspective. But the cowboys have yet to read the memo about this. They went badly on Prescott's contract extension and they did the same thing again with Schultz, because between the time they could have resign him and the time that you will resign them, fellow tight end, David the JOE coup signed a four year contract extension in Cleveland Worth Fifty six point eight million. Consider that the new floor for any negotiation. Which SCHOLTZA's agents number to sign a big name free agent, or any other free agent for that matter? Frankly, the time to sign free agents is long gone, unless you're willing to pick up the scraps left over after Free Agency party in March. But maybe there's a journeyman nobody has ever heard of that could be head on the cheap cowboys style. There's also a couple of big name free agents left, such as signing would be a guaranteed crowd of pleaser for that part of the cowboys fan base that has been clamoring for a big name addition to the team for years. Regardless...

...of whether such a move make any sense in any case, the players left on the market now are not going to be particularly expensive, so if the Camboys had been interested in any the remaining free agents, they'd have likely already signed one of them. Next up, trade for wide receiver. In Key, all hearing the Patriots declined Harry's fifth year option, they traded for wide receiver Davante Parker from Miami, and Harry himself had previously requested a trade. Harry would count one point nine million against the cap for the cowboys and in Dallas he could be a stop gap until Gallup is healthy again. It might conceivably show some upside beyond that. Next up, go shopping in the trade deadline. Depending on how the season goes, the comeboys could be looking for a light addition to bolster their postseason chances. Such a move would not be without precedent. In Dallas, the cowboys traded for Receiver Roy Williams and October, two thousand and eight I move. That backfire, and spectacularly, but shouldn't roll out all future trades on principle. The last big move the cameos made close to the deadline was the Amari Cooper trade in light October twenty eighteen. The issue here will likely be the high price in terms of draft picks for a quality pick, not so much the cap impact. And then you also have the simple option of rolling over the money in the next season. Last year teams averaged around four million and roll over cap space. The can't boys carried over exactly three million, three point nine million, but that number likely be a lot bigger next year. Rolling over the money the next season when all the cowboys to be more active and free agency more active than they've been in the past, though they're reluctance to spend big, and free agency doesn't have much to do with the cap of the first place. For once, though, they could try and get ahead of the curve and resigned to their draft picks to early extensions. Two twenty draft to use become eligible in the sign extensions after the two thousand and twenty two season ends, and they can't. Boys have both seating lamp travelon digs that qualify for an early extension. The cowboys can also invest in Eagles and packers logos at the good place in their urinals at a TENC stadium, but unfortunately they can't use a cap space for this and other similarly brilliant ideas. Now I leave it up to you which the cowboys do with all their cap space. Let us know in the comments below, and there's no on the common section below, if there's any topics we missed, any stories we should have covered. And, as always, he can support the show by as coffee and buy me a coffeecom slash the big D and don't forget to hit that thumbs up, hit the subscribe button and, as always, thank you so much for watching and listening. We will see you next time. It's been in a big D breakdown with your host. Really thank you for listening and watching. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown, on twitter, facebook if you need big...

...d breakdown, and instagram just search the big D breakdown. Thank you for joining us. See you next time.

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