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Episode 1 · 8 months ago

Wild Card Sunday: What The Hell Happened


This week we break down the shocking disaster that was Wild Card Sunday and the matchup against the 49ers. The game can be described by one word undisciplined. The Cowboys caused 14 penalties. This highlights a undisciplined Cowboys team. The coaching team is in dire need of teaching discipline. Perhaps its time to fire the staff and bring in new blood. However, Jerry also needs to accept responsibility and end this culture of undiscipline. A disciplined team could have won that game and been one step back to a Super Bowl win. 

As a result of this loss, the Cowboys enter the offseason now with lots of needs and questions. Michael Gallup has been a plague on the team and he can start considering offers from other teams. We will you give you a small taste of what we see the Cowboys need to draft. 


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This episode is powered by pod decks. Pod decks are unique interview questions and episode starting prompts in the palm of your hand. So, whether you're a new podcaster or existing broadcaster looking to grow your audience and have more meaningful conversations, you're going to want to check out pod decks now. If you want to get ten percent off your order right now, you can go to pod dexcom and typing coupon code. What's the code? Larry Twenty One? Yes, that's the code. Check out pod dexcom take your podcast to the next level. Welcome to the big D breakdown, your home for all things down at those news welcome to the big D breakdown, your home all things downs. Can't first would I think, our sponsor, Pundit, sponsoring this episode? You can hid them out today and on nextcom. He's probably good. Larry Twenty one and save ten percent off your next purchase. Is always you can support the show, but buy us a coffee and buy me a coffeecom slush a big D now. Sadly, Dallas Campboys two thousand and twenty one season has finally come to an end. After this pointing performance and a wild card we have to call it a year, but many are wondering where did it go oh so wrong? So let's talk about it. If Dallas cowboys season has come to an end, what was that absolute dumpster fire of a game? Two seventeen lost to the cowboys. Head coach, Mike McCarthy, was completely out coached and it looked like his team was unprepared to play. The can boys continue to commit stupid penalty after stupid penalty and no, in no way they deserved it. When this football game, there needs to be an overall either within the coaching staff or players, to change the culture in Dallas. Too often they play poorly and big games, and it continues to show up year after year. And what was a terrible performance. The cowboys commuted plenty of mistakes. These are three key mistakes that effectively ended their season. Number three, feeding Zeki and Elliott over Tony Pollar. The cowboys have struggled to run the ball consistently for months now, yet they continue to turn around it handed to Zeki and Elliott. It came out after the game that Elliott was playing with a partially torn PCL if that was indeed the case, why would the cowboys keep playing him over Tony Pollar. Does Not make any sense to give Elliott twelve carries and Pollard only for Paul or as much more explosive with the ball. and Oh see, calamore had to do a better job at getting the ball that Pollard in space. Maybe Pollard was still hindered from the foot injury that kept him out of week eighteen, but it was a full participant in practice. Should have been more involved in the offense. Pollard finished the game with six touches, while so you kept thirteen touches. It was just another example of coaching malpractice in this game that Pollard was not more involved. Ellie is a great pass blocker, but when it comes to touches, he should have been behind Pollard in that category. Number two, pre snap penalties haunt the cowboys. Cannis played with such a little discipline on Sunday and it was a big lost. You cannot commit fourteen penalties and expect to win. The ones I heard the most are the dumb pre snap penalties. The cowboys had seven pre snap penalties, including three neutral zone and frictions, two fall starts, a delay a game in illegal shift. I've never seen a team with much with more mental mistakes in such a big game. The fourteen penalties at previously mentioned tied the most ever for a cowboys team in...

...a playoff game, but it should not be surprising the cowboys got penalized so much, as they led the NFL and penalties committed to season and not. The example of how brutal is showing this was by Dallas. There have been two hundred sixty two hundred seventy six games county playoffs as n NFL season. Only four teams were assessed fourteen penalties in a game, including the cowboys twice. The cowboys sloppy play was why they led the team penalties, but to me there's no excuse for pre snap penalties other than being undisciplined. The defensive line kept trying to jump the snap on Sunday. Instead they jumped up offside. The dumbest penalty the game was probably after the cowboys successful fake punt, McCarthy decided to lead the special teams earn on the field to try and get the forty niners to waste time out. It was a total disaster. The cowboy was actually considered running a play with their long snapper at center and linebackers at offensive tackles. What on Earth was going on? The most pre snap motion we saw all game was by puncher Brian Inger, or whatever he was doing on this play. Once again, this was coaching ignorance and alied to a cowboys delay of game penalty. They did not even show up for this game. The fact that they even had a chance at the given all the penalties, was incredible. And finally, but number one mistake was the awful fourteen second drop play. I just don't get it. Fourteen seconds left in zero timeouts for the forts forty one yard line, the cowboys decided to run a drop play. At that point in the game. The cowboys were lucky even have a chance to win at the end. They proceeded to kill any and all hope with this curious play call. They could have taken two shots. From the forty one yard line to the end zone was fourteen seconds, but to get no shots at the end zone is despicable. The cowboys did not execute all games, so they think that drop play would be done to perfection is a joke. Mccarthysis, that was the best option then. Just cannot be the case. The best option would be to throw the ball to the end zone. At that point in the game. For better or worse, the ball has to be thrown to the end zone to give your team a chance to time. Overall, this was a terrible game for the cowboys and everyone involved. Front office needs to take a series of look at the coaching staff this season find a way to maximize the potential of their loaded roster next year. To be unable to execute with this level of talent simply unacceptable. And now we're actually going to talk about where it went wrong, not just the mistakes that ended the season. Collapse is an understanding, and what we saw from a Dallas cowboys and there lost the in the wild card game came out castis catastrophe, disorganization, crumbling, you name the synonym and it's likely fitting for how the twenty twenty one season is going to be remembered. It's the harsh reality of the NFL and one that's going to sting for quite a while. Even as I record this, I'm still speechless and numb about what happened in that wild card loss. Even days later, it still hasn't been processed. That is how much of the collapse the conboys provided us. What makes this loss even more frustrating. That's simply being eliminated after twelve and five regular season see lack of accountability coming from the cowboys. It is disheartened, I can say in getting beat and I can deal with losing it a better team. That isn't what we saw. Prescott did not play well. There are no two ways around on it simply wasn't good enough. That's all there is to say. Elliot struggled to get going. Paul was absent from the game playing for reasons I said don't understand. We can dive into the XCE's and I was, and I can live with guys having a bad day. It may have happened at the worst time possible, but if it was just on field issues, I can digest it. Pointing fingers and deferring blamer elsewhere that's never going to sit well with me. The referees did not decide this game. Like I said, the Ken boys had fourteen penalties. You...

...don't win games with that many penalties, let alone many of them being presnap penalties. As for the final play end of the game, the referees followed protocol right down to the letter of the law. They did not steal this game from the cowboys. Can't boys gave this game away to a forty niners on a platter. The way in which they gave it away. It leads to a much larger issue, a cultural issue within the organization. Receiving that many penalties is one of the clearest signs of an undisciplined team. It's doesn't start with mccarth that you had his fair share wrongdoings. It starts all the way at the top of Jerry Jones, for allowing the finger pointing culture to be acceptable. It is I don't winning culture. Prescott is normally a very well spoken, cordial, level headed individual. To see him make a statement such as he did it's disappointing. He knows better and has to know he simply cannot make that statement. I applaud him for finally apologizing. We can argue you about the contracts of Dag Zeek or anyone else until our faces turned blue. That isn't why the cowboys loss. We can criticize referees until next season kicks off. That's not why the cowboys lost. The one thing we can question is the lack of discipline and a lack of EXP and expected standard which we're out follos like. That is exactly why the cowboys lost. Even as I record this, I'm sick to my stomach with a giant Pitt in it. This team should be staring to the dark. We shouldn't be standing here wondering what the Hell went oh so wrong. Here we are. This one stays. Hurts me, her to you and has to hurt everyone in that organization. One can only hope this loss is a one that triggers a long, hard look in the mirror. That as much he did, and long overdue. This offseason is going to be long. I'm probably pretty trying internally, but that may just be exactly what is needed for sweeping cultural reset. Now we're going to take a closer look at some comments Troy Aigman made at following the wild card game. For A guy who about not being able to broadcast at cowboys versus forty nine or even cowboys legend, Troy Aigman seemed even more upset about the performance by his former team, and rightfully so. Like we addressed prior in our last two segments, the cowboys at several key years that kept them from a come a game at the forty niners made winnaball, but agmen nually angry about one aspect of the Gameplan. The hall of Famer was a guest on ninety six point seven, the ticket. It's a local sports radio station and the Dallas Fort Worth area, for those of you that aren't listening in Texas. was, of course, asked his opinion on the loss. Almost people were focused on the situation with Prescott in the final fourteen seconds. Achemen pointed out the puzzling lack of usage of wide receiver set lamb I am, who had more than one hundred total yards in the season, had only five targets and one catch for twenty one yards in a wild card game. Downs knew that the forty nine or secondary was a serious week spot. Why wouldn't there to get more passes to lamp, Short passes, long passes, anything Akemen also noted that the second year, why not? was in single coverage for almost the entirety of the game. Eightmen went on to say that the game just isn't that difficult. He said that if you had a great player wide receiver in a corner, is playing him in single coverage. Throwing the ball he's going to win most of the time. McCarthy and calling more obviously didn't call their best games, but an elite quarterback has every right to read the defense and make a different call if he sees that lamb is continually open. If only the three time super bowl champign could have told Prescott that beforehand. The former Campbelly also said this isn't just an issue in Dallas. He feels many teams focus too much on schemes instead of taking him opponents whose defense is play single coverage on top receivers. Lamb's lack of...

...targets and catches were far from the only issue with this game, but with the majority of people talking about penalties in the final play at been does bring up a valid point is being overshadowed. This offense needs a serious look over before the two thousand and twenty two season, and now we're gonna take a look the biggest draft needs, the two thousand and twenty two NFL draft. After disappointing end they season, it's clear they need to upgrade their roster at certain points. The cowboys hold the twenty four overall pick in the upcoming draft. And they need to elect a surefire starter with that pick. As we saw in the playoffs, the cowboys at plenty of Trouble Keeping Press Got Upright in the pocket, allowing five sacs, sacks, excuse me. The offensive line committed too many penalties. Also, the draft had a hard or the defense, excuse me, and a hard time stopping the run. Glaring holes on this roster need to be replaced during the draft. Without further ADO, here the coup's three biggest position draft needs for the two thousand and twenty two and I fell draft number three. Left tackle, guard, Tyron Smith. That Connor Williams started at left tackle and left Guarbor Dallas in the wild card round, but I think it's time the cowboys look future replacements at those positions. Tyron Smith is still a really good player when you can play that he issued with Smith injured, for Smith has not played at full season since two thousand and fifteen and he has missed fourteen games this year's in two thousand and twenty, excuse me, six games this year. You cannot count on a player at such an important position like left tackle that cannot stay on the field. Smith has been a great cowboy for the duration of his career, but it is time for Dallas to look towards the future. For Connor Williams, he's a penalty machine. Williams committed eleven holding penalties this season, which led the NFL. These penalties derailed several cowboys drives and it costs them once again in the wild coward round. The cowboys must raise the standard amongst the players and not allows someone who commits that many penalties to be a starter. Luckily for Dallas, Williams is a free agent, so getting rid of him could save them money and help them sign someone in another position. Plus, Dallas dance to draft well of the BLINDMAN number two linebacker. The cowboys selected linebacker and Mike a Parson's twelve overall at two thousand and twenty one nfl draft, and he should be awarded defensive rookie of the year in a few weeks. But even with Parsons anchoring the defense for years to kill him, the boys still need another linebacker. Also, cowboys linebacker Layton Vanderishan Keanu Neal are said to become free agents. The team also selected to Brial Cox in last year's draft, but he is recovering from torn acl the cowboys need more game changing linebackers and the draft is the perfect place to find them some names. I think Dalla should be interested in our devil, Lloyd the Kobe Dean. Deans a linebacker from the National Championship winning Georgia bulldogs. Lloyd played for the Utah Utah Youats. Dean was the Butt Kiss Award winner this past year, with which recognizes the best night backer in college football. Is incredibly athletic in his elite speed for a linebacker would make him a great fit next to Parsons. Since the cowboys have virtually no cap space, they're going to have to be creative when adding players to this roster this offseason. They will not be able to sign any big on linebacker free agents, so they must hit in the you know, in the drift. Finally, Number One defensive line. Defensive Line eats major UPGRAAK, especially at the defensive tackle the cowboys were gashed by the forty niners on the ground of the playoffs, giving up a hundred sixty uninite earns Russian. It's about the time they invest in some run stuffers.

Current Cowboys Defensive Line consists of zero first round draft picks and most of their defensive tackles are day two and three selections. The only true defensive tackles on the roster are Osa, Tristan Hill, lle Gallimar Quinton Bojana. None of those names are players Dallas should feel thrilled about. His starters next season also looks like he can be a very good player in this leading also in Gallamoor, was good for the five games that he played, but neither guy is a true game changer. One name the cowboysh target in the first round. It is Jordan Davis, defensive tackle from Georgia. Davis is six six, three hundred forty pounds and it is very difficult to move inside. You can eat up blockers in the middle, helping to free up the linebackers. I mentioned a few players at cowboys should be interested in drafting, but keep a look out for another episode going more in depth with which players Dallas should look for and why they would be good fit. And now on to Dak press cut apologizes for the comments he made after receiving Pakla backlash after the cowboys brutal ust to the forty niners and one card weekend. Dallas fans were understandably pissed. Wasn't understandable. It was their choice to begin throwing trash and beer bottles on the field its players and personnel walking with the tunnel. Whether you believe the fans are throwing trash of players or reps doesn't really matter. Performance of the players was embarrassing enough. Fans didn't need to bring further shame the franchise. The most shocking part of this was how court cowboys quarterback Presscott responded when you heard about the situation. When he was first told the fans were throwing trash of players, he expresses his disappointment. Then, when he was told it may have been directed into the referees who called fourteen penalties on Dallas, the quarterback said, quote, good for them then. This was a surprisingly cringey look for a guy who's often seen as a leader, even keeled man. Furthermore, when asked to clarify the press comments, he didn't immediately regret his words. The backlash from the NFL community and many others quickly ensued. Whatever is because of the backlash he received or was because he truly felt sorry, both we will never know, but Prescott did issue like the apology on social media just two days after the game quarterbacks of the emotions after the loss caused him to say what he said. He also recognized that his words were uncalled for, these comments about the right, rare or low life the quarterback who's also the team's Walter Peyton Man of the year award nominee. Hopefully the apologies will received. And now let's take a look at five places Michael Gallop could end in free agency. With the Dallas Cowboy season coming to a heartbreak close, it's time to start looking at there twenty two, twenty one, excuse me, and Comboy Ares, who are unrestricted free agents. We seever, Michael Gallop is one of them. The twenty five year old is an acrobatic receiver who had several showstopping catches this season. The problem with the guide this athletic and Agile and said he has prone to injury. Ellup, only played in nine Games for Dallas this season and angle injury and week one side light him till week nine. Then Gallop towards ACL on a touch that grab a week seventeen. That knocked them out of the remainder of the season and beyond of course, likely past week one of next season. On the year, the Colorado State Alumnus had thirty five receptions for four hundred forty five yards, two touchdowns, but twelve point seven yards per reception. We expect gall up to be playing at a very high caliber next season. ACL surgery does require quite a lengthy recovery. Most players take about nine months to a full year recover. Its free agency looming, the receiver will have a ton of incentive to get healthy as soon as possible. We certainly hope that the cowboys...

...can make room in our cap to keep gallop, but PFF suspects that this high flying receiver will get somewhere around a four year, fifty five million dollar deal next season. There are plenty of teams would love to sign a guy with great route running ability, high level footwork and good separation. Jerry Jones and Dallas should watch out for these five teams, starting with number five, the New England patriots. Patriots got absolutely upliver up libertery, AH, cannot say that word right now, literated by the buffalo bills in super wild card weekend. Despite the prowess of head coach Bill Belichick, it didn't seem like much went right for the pats towards the end of the year. They went from the number one seed in November to falling apart during the regular season. New England was seventeen in the NFL and receptions. Maybe that's because their wide receiver cord just didn't seem to be consistently to consistently cause any excitement of season. Nelson Agal or had just three receiving touchdowns at four hundred seventy three receiving yards. Jacobe Myers had only two touchdowns, but I had a much more impressive eight hundred sixty six receiving yards. Keep born and that wide receivers with five touchdowns. The pats just don't have a player who can provide consistent down field range and go for contested catches as Gallop can. New England tried to do that, but developing Harry after drafting him in two thousand and nineteen first round, but is zero touchdowns on the year, show you how well that went. According to spoke track, the patriots have about seventeen million to use in cap space signing guy that a growing Mac Jones can consistently count on. It's a good idea. Seeing that throughout the season. Bilichick and Josh mcdaniels were at times. Hasn't it to have joanes send the ball down the field? Maybe having a guy like gallop to trust, or an at least by Midway through two thousand and twenty two, when he recovers, what help give the pants offense more versatility? Two Thousand and twenty two, Jones has the potential to be a great quarterback starter. He just needs better Tup targets. So number four the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons continue to struggle. They haven't had a winning season since two thousand and seventeen, although this year was a record of seven in ten, but's an improvement from last year's four hundred and twelve doesn't seem like firing day and Quinn did all that much. Sad thing with the dirty birds is that they seemed to always have the talent. It just can't seem to get that talent to perform in Atlanta. Julie of Jones was off injured in his final seasons with Atlanta and left for Tennessee for power house and todd. Really couldn't see him to do anything for the Falcons right now. They're starting wide receivers are small names. Will haven't helped quarterback my Mount Ryan do much of anything, while at Atlanta had high hopes for Calvin Ridley personally. Shoot mental health the sadly kept him out of a majority of the season. There are now rumors that Brittily and the Falcons may have part ways, leaving another vacancy. Atlanta does have a great talent in Kyle pits, but even though you might mistake him for a white out of first sight, he's still a tight end. Adding a great receiver and like Gallop would be an excellent choice for the Falcons that are currently two million over the CAP, but releasing certain guys and making big trades will get them where they need to be. Gallop can make leak contested catches over tough corners and that NFC west, considering the Falcons likely can't afford big names like the Ponte Adams and Chris Godwin, a solid young player like gallop could be a long term choice. Pretty got to look out for a big spender in the NFC with the Las Vegas Raiders. Las Vegas seems to be great location for the raiders,...

...given how much their fun office loves to spend money recklessly. Luckily, this year they have about thirty million cap space to work with, but will use it wisely. Raiders have a long struggled with the right receiver position. With the sudden and permanent departure Henry Rugs, third young players like say Jones and Brian Edwards had to step up with very little experience. The absence of Darren Waller, who is out for several weeks due to knee and backsisues, didn't help either. One good thing vegas was that Hunter Renfro had arguably his best season yet. But one man can't do it alone. Throwing one year contracts at guys liked Sean Jackson to patch up holes doesn't really help. He's an older player who's worn down those short term contracts, either bringing guys who either aren't a great fit or who won't have longevity. Gallop, on the other hand, should have many years ahead of after the loss of rugs, the raiders could truly use a deep threat to add to the Receiver Corp. quarterback Derek Carr, if he stays, can always use some additional help, and Gallop may just be that missing piece. Number two. Going to take a look a team, but many, many questions and not many answers. Number two Miami Dolphins. I think it's safe to say that the entire NFL world was shot when the dolphins chose I fire and Brian Floor is. You have no idea what their planes are for the coaching staff, but we do know they currently are at the number one team the NFL in terms of money to spend in cap space. This means they can make big moves to help their future team. Miami got incredibly lucky with rookie jellen Wood wattle. He broke the rookie record for receptions in a season end of the year with a hundred four receptions for onezero yards. This kid has big time potential. Already has a season with quarterback to a hunder his belt. But a team needs a wide receiver corps, not just one right wide receiver. Dolphins got royally screwed over with wide receiver will fuller. They paid him ten million for one year contract. His final stent line for the season was four catches for twenty six yards. Only played in two games. Since waddle is still on his rookie contract, dolphins don't have to worry about big spending to keep the rookie around. If Miami can't get a big name like Adam's, Goblin, gallops is a great option. Are Tongue of other wide receivers and free agency who aren't as good of a value as a cowboy and come with it even worst injury or history. Gallop could be a piece of a big turn and your for the dolphins next scene season, and you know they love to spend on talent rather than develop it typically. Hey, if you want to support the show, you can buy us a coffee. Buy me a Coffeecom the big D your support helps the channel grow upgrade our equipment, bring in new hosts and now to reach number one, the Indian NAPOLIS colts. Anyone had a more embarrassing last game of the season than the cowboys was the Indianapolis Colts. All they had to do was beat the Jaguars and they'd be in the playoffs. The colds choked. However, there's no denying this team has promise. Running back Jonathan Taylor took the League by storm this year with a record breaking season. Michael Pittman Junr, who still has two more years on his Riki rookie deal, did well for Indie. The defense was one of the best at creating Turner rose turnovers. They really do have many pieces of a puzzle. Their quarterback, Carson once however, was a letdown on the team needed him to be a leader. To be fair, T Y Hilton, who is also said to be a free agent, was dealing tons of injuries this year. He's also apparently considering retirement. Paris Campbell dealing with consistent cuts and bruises, and Ashton Dueling. Entering restricted free agency would be wise for indeed, you saved up cat money on a big offensive threat. Adding a playmaker like...

Gallop who can make game changing place could help them secure victories or their toughest AFC opponents. The likelihood is that, even though wince didn't perform well enough this year, the colds probably don't want to go out and pay another big quarterback contract whence will need help. If we learned anything, it's that wild Taylor is a amazing running the ball every play simply didn't cut it for the colts. Gallop can be that instant impact and help boost receiving corn that may be losing a lot of people at the end of the day. Steven Jones sit on the radio. The cowboys hope to have gallant back next year, but if they can't figure out their cellary cap situation, the receiver main land but a big paycheck from one of those teams. Let us know the comment section below, who you think is most likely to take calip if the cowboys are not able to keep him. And then also, let us know what do you see is the biggest need for the cowboys? Do we need a complete overhaul coaching staff? Is Jerry Jones need to go away? Okay, obviously that's a nod, but let us know. Would you get rid of Jones? Is it time for him just fade in the sunset? Let us know the common section below before we go. Hit that thumbs up button. pulease subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching and listening. See you next time. It's been a big D breakdown, your host Ley. Thank you for listening and watching. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown, twitter, facebook, you big D breakdown, instagram. Just search the big D breakdown. Thank you for joining. See you next time.

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