The Big D Breakdown
The Big D Breakdown

Episode 1 · 8 months ago

Wild Card Weekend: Can Dallas Handle the 49ers or Will History Repeat Itself


The Dallas Cowboys have finally reached the playoffs. This Sunday is Wild Card Sunday, today we take a closer look at their matchup against the 49ers. We take a look back at some of the previous matchups and offer our prediction for Sunday.


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...moments. While history can be fun or painful to dredge up, none of it will matter Sunday afternoon. Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman and it's Smith Michael Irvin, while I'll be watching the stars today, the cowboys five and to all time record against San Francisco in the playoffs won't propel them to victory on Sunday. No, this one will come down to the death. PRESCOTTS and Jimmy Garoppolos of two thousand and twenty two. This one is about the forty niners, winners of seven of their last night, and the cowboys, winners of five of their last six. Two hot teams, one conclusion as biggest game and two years approaches. Let's get to know thy enemy a little better. Big Down this match up. Once Dallas lost the Arizona two weeks ago, it seems like a gone conclusion the cowboys would be playing NFC west team and round one, while most rematch was imminent, or possibly even a rerun of the last Dallas playoff aponent in the rams. No one saw San Francisco coming, yet here we are. Most common refrain you'll hear when it comes to the forty niners is a team no one wants to play. They've earned that moniker due to their physical nature of play. San Francisco has no problem whatsoever lining up and running the ball nine or ten plays in row. As such, forty niners finished two thousand and twenty one the seventh best rush offense in the NFL. The niners ran the ball more times than all but five other teams and scored more rushing town touchdowns that all but five of the teams. San Francisco does not rely rely upon just one guy to carry the load. They definitely come at you and waves with auctions to defend. Ali Jah Mitchell, Jeff Wilson Jr, receiver, Devo Samuel and even the Combo Trey sermon and Jamachael hasty could see carries on Sunday. Mitchell is the closest thing to a bell coal that San Francisco has on the roster, with over two hundred carries in two thousand and twenty one. Samuel, however, is probably the their most explosive, averaging over six yards per carry on almost sixty attempts. The forty niners and pulled zone run philosophies made famous by their head coaches, father in his days with the Denver Broncos. Who is running the ball does not matter. In the Ski Denver Back in the day rolled out thousand yards. Are, after thousand year a brusher, no matter the name. San Francisco is not just a running team, however. The forty niners finished twelve overall and passing yards, led by Samuels, one thousand four hundred and five receiving yards, one of the best tight ends flanking him and George Kettle, along with young guys like Brandon, a young can Joan Jennings. They definitely have options. The miners back up their potency on offense with the stellar defense as well. San Francisco possessed the sixth best past defense and seventh best rush defense. Their success offensively as thanks to Defensive Been Nick Bosa. Bosa has fifteen point five sacks, twenty one tackles for us and...

...thirty two quarterback hits in two thousand and twenty one. Suffice to say, he lives in your team's Backfield when he's not reaking havoc. Fellow Lineman Art in K key, excuse me, and Eric Armstead do a fine job of messing up your offensive plans and their own right. All this explains what the forty niners have made it to the term. It why a lot of people think they're going to be up over Dallas. Truth be told, aside from Philadelphia, there is an easy out on the NFC. While I would be extremely shocked to see San Francisco the Super Bowl, they're definitely capable of winning a Gamer two. Every other team could very easily represent the conference in February. So the road downs will be tough regardless. I was coaching the defense for this game in particular, I'd give the niners a five, two and four look Gamer and curse as my linebacker opposite, Mike of Parsons, AD have three quarterbacks on the field at all times, with safety and a cover one scheme. Playing five defensive Lineman should keep their running game under wraps. Also, Daring San Francisco to throw more often, the speed of having a safety at Linebacker, primarily to pay attention to kittle would help neutralize that operationally speed up Garappelo's mental clock. offensively. The cowboys need to get off to get off to a hot start. The offense can out wait till the with quarter to get things going. You've heard me say all year that a faster tempo's key for the teams. Of Rhythm. Getting into a group early would go a long way towards ultimate success. Also goes without saying. Yeah, boys cannot beat themselves. Dallas is a most penalized team. Too many times these penalties killed drives. Forty niners are not particularly good at creating turnovers. In Dallas is pretty good at protecting the ball. Avoiding penalties will go a long way towards tipping the Scales and the cowboys favor. Prior to the season I predicted Dallas going eleven. It antion it just that more win than I foresaw coming. I respect the forty niners a lot, but I don't think they can handle it down handle Dallas. If the countboys play their a game. The cowboys are favored by three points and I think they cover that spread. And now on to Mike a Parsons is week week eighteen absence may have cost him the defensive player of the year award. The Dallas cowboys and their stand out rookie linebacker, Mike a Parson's got some rough news last Wenesday. I had a week a team. He tested positive for covid nineteen and was unable to play against the eagles. Bands would just relieved that former Penn state I could will likely be back in time for start the playoffs. But what they might not realize is that Parson's inability to play in the final get a regular season meant that he would only have sixteen games to stack his stats with...

...defensive player and the year award. While the rookie had to stay back in Dallas, he's main competitor for the honor, Tj Watt. The steelers, went to Baltimore and added one sack, three solo tackles, one tackle for us and three quarterback hits to his statistics. This allowed him to tie the all time record set by Michael Strahan for sex in a season just fifteen games play. That brings Wat to twenty two point five sacks, forty eight solo tackles and five four spumbles on the year. If Parsons went to Philly and had a multi sack game and made plays all over the field like it normally does could have been a big boost to his campaign. But even though there's no saying that the rookie playing could have changed anything, his absence, along with wats for record tying showing, definitely didn't help his chances. But less we clear, this doesn't take away anything from Parson's accomplishments this year. As we mentioned a few weeks back, one of the main reasons we felt a rookie deserve the award it's because of his Swiss army knife abilities. Yes, he's got fewer sex than what, but what never successfully floated into the secondary. Like the rookie. Parsons even told the press that he takes pride, and quote, being the most versatile player in the NFL, according to Joy Epstein of USA Today. Parsons also said he sacrificed his individual stats to help the defense as a whole. Right now, the win bet betting odds for defensive player of the year have closed now that the season is over, but we do know that what was still the favorite heading in the week eight team, while we're still polling for Parsons. We sadly think a lot will win this one. Thankfully, the Parsons will easily take home defensive rookie the year and, most importantly for count with, he's just getting started. Hey, there could be more. They could be many more defensive player of the year awards in his future. We won't know anything until NFL honors airs on Thursday February. Ten. Our fingers acrossed, but we sadly think the trophy will be headed to Pittsburgh. And now time for our wild card Sunday, history, projection and key players. Now the real fun starts. Doesn't matter what happened in the regular season and whether it was good or bad. That's all out of the window. Now The Dallas cowboys are in the dance. Welcome to the playoffs, baby, buckle up on this one. It's a bit longer than normal, but it's the playoffs till you right now. I'm throwing the kitchen sinking in this to get you prepared for Sunday and every way imaginable. Finishing twelve and five was good enough to win the NFC east, Secure First Round home playoff game, climb up to the number two seed NFC thanks to a little help. All of that culminates with welcoming the forty niners. Another his dory franchise to town this Sunday on Super Wild Card weekend. Can't waste forty niners NFL playoffs. Doesn't get much more awesome than this. It's...

...a fun match up. EIGHTEENC stadium will be all white out with fans. Now let's get a norm matchup, history, some players that can become postseason legends, and talk about a gut prediction. I'm jacked up for this one. I'm very eager to chat it up you all in the comments. So, yes, we've become a common section below and give us your thoughts on what you think will happen in the game. And now they all time record stands at nineteen wins, seventeen losses. One time and in the postseason, five and two, both in favor of the cowboys. The recent matchup was December, twenty two thousand and twenty. Cowboys Forty One, San Francisco, forty niners thirty three. I don't think you can have much more history in a playoff matchup in this one brings these two teams have met in seven post season games. Look at the s and these teams saw each other three years straight in the playoffs, from nineteen seventy to nineteen seventy two. Move on to the S and we have the infamous pass from Joe Montana to Dwight Clark for the catch for one of the most memorable heights at NFL history. Or look at the nine S, and these two teams, or top dogs, the cowboys and forty niners, meant three straight NFC championship games from ninety two to nineteen ninety four. The cowboys took the first two, with the forty nine ers snatching the third matchup. This decade cemented each of these teams is dynasties. Fast forward twenty plus years and we arrive at a wild cards Sunday. The rival we stalled out for a while and duty each team's inconsistency to make the playoffs like they used to. That freeze ends this Sunday with the teams drawing each other in the wild card game, with the history, the aura and all that comes with this massive matchup. The stay just at for someone to cement a spot. In cowboys, forty nine years a lore with the likes of Troy Hickman, and in Smith, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, someone is going to have a chance to etch themselves in NFL history. All of these teams met last year. This matchup is drastically different. Last year saw that Andy Dalton led cowboys beat the Nick Blinds led forty niners. Now we have deck Prescott and Jimmy Garopplu leading charge. Last year saw the two teams leave the matchup at five and nine each. This year the teams are twelve and five, ten and seven respectively. This playoff matchup checks all the boxes in its history, Star power, tradition, big name quarterbacks. It's going to be a fun one and you don't want to miss it. And then all for our weather report. Obviously, playing it atnt stadium in Arlington, Texas and with a retractable dome on a turf field, high of fifty one, lower thirty six, plenty of sunshine, when five to six miles per hour with gusts up to fifteen to sixty miles per hour. Obviously, whether it's not going to be a factor in this one, roof in...

...or windows open, it's going to be a beautiful day down in the big D for some playoff football. The tail gets you to get going Brighton early, toss the ball around, fire up the grill and enjoy it inside will be rocking and a sight to see, as the cowboys are going with a whiteout game. All of that said, this one has ideal conditions. I suspect they may leave the roof open at eighteen t for the sunlight and a little fall feel in the air. Players should not see any issues cramping due to warm temperatures and there shouldn't be any factor of cool ear slowing down passing attacks the weather in the fact that the games indoors makes it feel like we are setting up for points, lightning up to score board. The can was been very successful indoors this season. They sit with a record of eight, three games that have been played within dome. I know most teams play in a dome and it likely is an indifferent stand, but it's the playoffs and I'm going to use anything I can to trick my brain into an edge. Plus this year, be green baying round one or two, which the cowboys will avoid. Give me all the Dome Games to eliminate whether we're isn't just play football. And now let's take a look at some of the under the radar players. So starting off, for the Dallas Cowboys, I give you Tony Pollard and forty niners. I give you Joan Jennings. The choice to rest Tony Pollen during a week eighteen trouncing the eagles didn't make many waves to the significant amount of other starters out with covid and other injuries, but it might just be the most important choice the cowboys made. Paula Pollard is known for his quick cuts, his versus speed when it gets even a sliver of a secrease, and it's doing all ability to run catch passes. You could be called upon a lot of the afternoon. The forty niners have the seventh best run defense in the league and only allow one hundred three point five yards per game. Now they do allow four yards per carrying. Due to that, there's some room for Zeke to keep them honest. That pairs exceptionally well with the rested partner, who has had ample time off. Paula will be fully rested and should have his pop back. Trying to consistently run against the forty niners begging to put yourself in tout situations. That is why I think Pollard's versatility comes into play in a big way. I'd still try and run the ball, but I'd give the forty niners a taste of their own medicine, using paular and tosses and even jet sweeps with him lining up in the Swat sneak in two to three screen passes, manipulate a few matchups with pollar and one on one with a linebacker in space. Get funky with it and I think he can create a hundred place of yard day for him to be the difference maker, Poulard celiberating. He has an extra gear them. Not many backs in the NFL have. That isn't just due to watching him. That is due to the number of carries he has that go for five plus yards. His ability to get chunk runs could propel the cowboys offense and make...

...the forty niner stay honest, giving the cowboys favorable matchups with their star studied receiving group. Last week, the forty niners resolve against the rams was nothing short of impressive. Cowboys, fans and players alike, we're rooting for them, as they propelled us to the number three seat and guarantee to the trip to Green Bay. Couldn't happen in the first two rounds. Everyone knows forty niners offense goes through dboot De boot. Samuel, while listed is a wide receiver. My opinion he's the best all around football player in the NFL. Oulong shot. He can clearly produce as a wide receiver, runs the ball more than any of the receiver in the League and even toss the touchdown last week the cowboys and defensive coordinator Dank Wuin knows Debo is the forty niners guy. Treyvon diggs will likely get him when he lines up out wide inside. We getting even better matchup. Gives us the best all round offensive player going against the best all around defensive player in the League, Michael Parsons. That matchup is the cream of the crop. You don't see that often and should be enjoyed. With Samuel Garnering all end attention, cowboys need to be gun the ascent or receiver, Jowan Jennings, hurting them. It is clear that Jimmy G Trust Jennings, as he put up a career game in a pseudo playoff game against the rams. Jennings also has an in factored to his game. He may not put up the biggest numbers or got stand lines, but he seems to step up when it matters most in crunch time. He's can stick constantly delivered for the forty nine ers on third downs and in finding the end zone. Garoppolo will to Jennings on third downs late in the game if it's close, any time he needs a big play. DEVOT was taken away. Jennings isn't a national name, but if not treated with care, he could propel himself to a prominent level with a clutch performance on Sunday. But before anything can be said, there's a cowboys step. That proves a path to victory of or forty niners could be rather difficult. While the Dallas can always ended the season in the NFL on both total yards and yards per game, there's no denying that the run game has had issue since the middle of season. Even though Zeken paular and have both dealt with injuries, have a baked an excuse. The pair hasn't been producing though a way they were at the beginning of the season. Nevertheless, the cowboys have continued to emphasize the importance of the run and route to the playoffs. The problem is that their first round opponent as one of the best rushing defenses in the league. The niners, are seventh best and told me yards allowed. The bigger problem is that forty nine ers swarming run D has gotten better towards the end of the season. The forty niners average rushing yards per game allowed in two thousand and twenty one is one hundred three point five, but no less. Three games the average was eighty yards. Against the rams it was just sixty four yarns. That doesn't bode well for a cowboys team trying to figure out the run... this specific stat doesn't help. Dallas is nine of the season when the team has outed at least thirty rushing attempts. When they rush less than thirty times, they are three and five. So what is it? So what does all this mean? Means that the cowboys can't slowly rely on Dak Prescott in his arm, even if San Francisco stay staunch, staunch, early keyboard. Slowly. Yes, Prescott should take advantage of a struggling forty nine or secondary to get some deep shots or high up touchdown grabs. However, if the run game can't find a rhythm, the team is only relying on Prescott's arm, and numbers show it won't go well for America's team. The cowboys offense can have versatility by creating success on the ground and in the air. San Francisco will have a lot of trouble Dallas goes out there and tries only rusher only through not going in well, forty niners are certainly helped on making Dallas one dimensional. Strong, ECLECTIC game plan from killing Moore in the face of this challenge is imperative. Thankfully, like we've mentioned before, Paul and had some extra rest in week a team, which means he and his foot are ready to go. Elliott also told press that is knee feels solid and it isn't stiff anymore, which is also a great sign. Both of these rushers need to have stellar games in order to allow for the run game to work. Getting all parts of the offense working is clearly a crucial key to cowboys victories. The question remains, will they be able to execute it all Sunday and that excuse me, and now we're going to take it and look five of the most insane wild card weekend games in cowboys history. Wild card weekend is here else. Camboys are hosting the forty niners at home in Texas. This rivalry is filled with lots of playoff history in this matchup should be an exciting one. Since the start of the Angel Round Playoff Games in the NFL, the boys have played at twelve wild card games, going seven and five. Although Dallas and forty niners I've met seven times in the postseason, none of them were in wild guard games. Last time these two teams faced off in the playoffs was in twenty five season, making the third Figo teams competed in postseason. The result was the thirty eight twenty eight loss. Dallas is hoping for a different result over twenty five years later. To get ready for the big game, let's take a look at some of the most well, I guess you could call it wild, Wild Card Games in Dallas history. As some football fans, a few of these Games are an insane memory. To others, some of these are heartbreaking moments. Number Five, Prescott's first playoff win. The two thousand and Nineteen Wild Card game against the seahawks mark the first big win of the Zeek and Prescott era. Was the pit.

I'm big. Fourth score was as follows. I went three, Dallas, three and thirty six and three Seattle, six and ten. Dallas fourteen ten, Seattle, one thousand fourteen, Seventeen, Dallas Fourteen, twenty four, Dallas, twenty two, twenty four, Dallas, contest and everything gorgeous. Prescott to Gallop, who, sadly he's missing this game, this weekends game, I should say, love and yard touchdown pass, where young gallop found the way to make the catch despite intense pressure from Richard Shuman and impressive toe tapping cut catch by Doug Baldwin right at the sideline. Zeke sitting Sherman Down with a gorgeous stiff arm on a run, of course, Prescott putting it all in one with its aerial flip to eventually get a touchdown. Prescott's two hundred and twenty six passing yards is that game remain the most passing yards throne in a rookie playoff debut. Unfortunately, the cowboys loose and the divisional round to the rams. This wild card game against the seahawks with a thrilling cowboys have it made it the playoffs since that two thousand and eighteen, two thousand and nineteen season. Well, this wild card matchup be just as exciting. NUMBER FOUR COWBOYS LOSE TO MINNESOTA. And two thousand. This is one of those games that isn't a pleasant memory for cowboys fans. The loss was significant for many reasons. Starters was the final playoff appearance for both joy Akman and Emmett Smith and also marked the end of the Dallas Dynasty in the S. on January ninth two thousand and the Hebrew h Humphrey Metrodome sixty four thousand plus van saw the comboys get their butts kicked. All Time NFL greats like Chris Carter, Rainy Moss, Eightman and Smith all played in this match up. Cowboys had an early lead. The Vikings offense took off light by rainy Moss, who was previously snouted by one Jerry Jones in the NFL draft. Moss's fifty eight yard touchdown catch from Jeff George marked the start of twenty four unanswered points from Minnesota. Eightman would retire after the next season. Smith would retire three years after that. And number three cowboys beat the bucks in one thousand nine hundred and eighty three. This was another back and fourth game. The cowboys came out victorious in this one, beating Tampa thirty to seventeen. The lead changed the whopping four times in this contest. Dallas was down in seventeen sixteen heading to the fourth quarter. From there it was all cowboys, similar to today's Dallas team. A lot of the victory was thanks to the defense. Monty hunter had a night in yard pick six to put the cowboys up tree seventeen cowboys. Great Everson walls, also had an interception in the matchup. quarterback Danny way like Dallas, with over three hundred throwing yards. His ten yard passed it Timmy newsim sealed the deal in the game. Twenty doorset also had over a hundred yards of rushing. The cowboys impressibly held down...

...a feature Super Bowl and BP Doug Williams to help secure the victory. Dallas would go on to beat the Green Bay packers and divisional round, but lose to the Washington Redskins, missing a shot at the Super Bowl. Number two. Romo and the boys deep the lines in two thousand and fifteen. We know that Tony Romo is often criticized for his inability to perform in the playoffs. This game showed the opposite. This was arguably one of his best games as a cowboy. It wasn't looking optimistic for the cowboys when the lines quickly one one thousand four hundred and the first quarter. Beautiful seventy six yard touchdown by terrence Williams brought it to the fourteen seven. The lions scored two field goals that made it twenty seven. The cowboys went under the fourth quarter down two thousand and fourteen. Then, with just over two minutes ago in the game, Romo found Williams in the back of the end zone to put the cowboys on top first time in the game. Romo clause way back in this one, even converting a crucial fourth down to keep Dallas alive. He ended the day with two hundred and ninety three passing yards and a quarterback garating of one hundred and fourteen. Although Romo was a highlight, rookie then rookie to marcus laurence sealed the deal for the cowboys. He had to strip sacks in the final two minutes to keep the hinds were coming back. Maybe we'll see more of those from him on Sunday, but at number one. Sorry Romo, we had to do it. The Tony Romo fumbled snap. Cowboys, fans, you knew this one was coming. On the extreme often end of the spectrum by far, one of the most upsetting and memorable moments in cowboys playoff history was Romo watching the snap in two thousand and seven to keep Dallas from beating the seahawks. It's a heartbreaking memory for Dallas fans. This crumbled snaps forever at linked with Romo for the entire football universe. Let's set the scene, shall we, throughout the game to two teams balland each other for scoring. The cowboys were winning the game. With six minutes left, twenty to thirteen, seahawks seat safety may to score. Two Thousand and fifteen, the late Matt hasselback touchdown to Jeremy Stevens made a twenty. One to twenty, seattle their second lead to the game. The cowboys got the ball back and drove it all the way down the field. With a fourth and one in the Red Zone, Dallas was forced to kick a field goal, but a field goal that should have led to a victory. Unfortunately, it's not what happened. Romo, who was both the starting quarterback and the placeholder, took the snap and the ball seemed to just fall out of his hands, Romo try to pick the ball up and run it into the end zone. It was tackle from behind and stop short the goal. I Seattle would go on to miraculously win two thousand, one hundred and twenty, and Romo will go on to have nightmares about this play for the rest of his life. We can only hope that this season the wild card game doesn't come down to a heartbreaking moment like this one. The Dallas cowboys are and should be focused...

...on the playoffs in continuing to play as many games as possible. A chaineer in February. However, the list of their home and road opponents for the two thousand and twenty two twenty three season was released this week and it's making us think ahead. The actual schedule and order the Games won't be revealed until March, but you can already start to consider which games you may want to travel to, or hint, they stadium for at least. The cowboys will face their NFC east rivals, Eagles, giants and the soon to be named Washington team, once at home and once on the road. But there is some new variation and the other teams they will be facing next season. Spoiler. Next season brings some much tougher opponents in this year. This season, Dallas had quite an easy schedule. Aside from it, disgraceful NFC east easily allowed the cowboys to go six and Oh, the cowboys got to face an injured covid riddled since team, Falcons, the panthers and the Broncos, all teams that ended up with losing records. That's ten out of seventeen and we will walk in the Park Games, even though they embarrassingly lost to the broncos and many other winnable matchups. To next year won't be as simple. So let's break it down. There are a lot of unknown scheduling. Coaching changes and roster differences will play a big role. The cowboys themselves also have a done a free agents who may not be on the team anymore next season. Until then, let's see which game should be a breeze which will be a tornado. So first off, Tampa Bay buccaneers at home. Brady is going to throw the football until he is ninety still, then he's always a threat. This is a rematch, but a close week one game and will be intense. Cincinnati Bengals at home. The bangles have had a stellar come back season thanks to their young stars Joe Barrol and Jamar Chase, and next year they should be only be another season better. And we got the colts at home. Carson Wentz hasn't been the quarterback that indie needs them to be. There are plenty of other weapons on that team. The colts have a great coach, stellar defense and stand out running back in Jonathan Taylor. Then away we got the La Ramps. The Rams are always a tricky and if SC opponent. With an experience quarterback, excellent head coach in a terrific defense. They are a strong team. Then cowboys are headed to the frozen thunder at a face to Green Bay packers. This is probably the scariest. The cowboys heading to the frozen Tundra of face likely back to back MVP and potential super bowl champs will be a big challenge. Ideally this takes place in September. The NFL would never help us out right. The AFC South Champs may not be talked about as much as other elite teams, they deserve recognition for gunnering the number one seat. Plus a healthy Derrick Henry is always a threat.

Then Minnesota Vikings away. This one brings a lot of unknowns, a new coach and possibly a new quarterback. The cowboys biggest hope is if kirk cousins stays and they play in primetime. So Primetime Kirk can blow it. And then Chicago bears at home with a new head coach and a growing justin fields the cowboys are. This could be a surprising tricky these two teams lass based off. In two thousand and nineteen, the cowboys lost, and now the official twenty two cowboys homes and road opponents that the team should be happy about. Philadelphia Eagles. They may be the strongest NFC East opponent, but that doesn't mean they're strong enough to beat the cowboys. I need a turf Washington fill in the bank. Unless a new name magically changes everything for this team, you can expect to easy w's here and the giants. It's going to take a lot more than getting ready to Joe Judge to get this team back on track. And then Houston, Texas at home. The Governor's Cup is always a fun one. It will be a more fun for Dallas, since it's hard to imagine them losing to a team that went for thirteen in two thousand and twenty one. And then Jacksonville Jaguars. The only chance to Jaguars have it winning this game as if Kellen Moore is our head coach. Even then down the jacks can pull it off, and the Lions at home. The lions are perpetually a team that struggles. I'm on rass seeing Brown had a stellar season, but one man isn't enough. And now that is all we have for this episode. Thank you so much for watching and listening. If you want to support the show, you can buys a copy and buy a coffeecom slash. The big D link will be in the description. If you want to support us, check us out on good pots, give us a thumbs up and, like subscribe to the Youtube Channel and leave us a review. Let us know your thoughts on the topics we covered and comment section below, and let us know. How far do you think the cowboys will make in the playoffs. Do you think we have a super bowl coming, super bowl victory, I should say coming? Let us know. Thanks for watching and listening and we'll see you next time. It's been a big D breakdown with your host lay week. Thank you for listening and watching. Follow us on social media at big D breakdown. Twitter, facebook, you big D breakdown. INSTAGRAM. Just search the big D breakdown. Thank you for joining. SEE YOU NEXT TIME.

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